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Investing in bike tyre tools means having things such as bike tyre pliers, a pump, patch kit, tyre levers, and more. Shop at Velomio to stay up to date.
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Bike Tyre Tools

Patch Kit and Spare Tube 

If you are new to biking, you can start with the most basic bike repair and maintenance tools. With time, however, you need to add more tools as you gain experience and tackle more difficult rides. One of the most common problems that cyclists face is a flat tyre. If you do not have a patch kit or spare tube, you will have a difficult time before you reach your destination. 

In case of a large blowout or puncture, for instance, you will need to replace the tube in the affected wheel. For tips and ideas for replacing a flat bike tube or patching one, you will find great ideas at Velomio. You will even find different comparisons of tools to suit your needs. 

Tyre Levers

You use this bike tool to get your bike’s tyres off the wheel. Interestingly, they are one of the most essential and cheapest bits of biking tools. Therefore, if you are a serious cyclist, you need to invest in a set of tyre levers. They will prevent you from getting stuck in the event of a tyre puncture.

You will find tons of designs and types of levers out at Velomio; however, they all work the same. Most have a thin edge designed to fit between your bike’s rim and the tyre, which allows you to pop off the tyre. Most levers come in sets of three; however, when it comes to extremely tight tyres, you only need the third lever. The other end of a tyre lever usually has a hook, which allows cyclists to hook the first lever onto a spoke to hold it in place while they put the second one in. 

Air Pump

This device fits on your bike’s inner tubes. If you want a convenient pump to carry, you should go for a mini-pump. You can clip it to your steed’s frame or fit it in a bag on your bike. If you are worried about theft, a small bike pump is your best option. However, a larger one will pump your bike’s wheels faster. 

Other accessories you should consider buying include bike tyre pliers, adjustable wrench, valve adaptor, carbon dioxide cartridges, compressor, and duct tape. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right bike tyre tools, The Velomio page should give you some great options and ideas about all the different kinds of accessories you need.

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