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A phone mount helps keep your phone secure when riding your bike. Velomio can help you find the ideal phone mounts and covers.
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RideCase | iPhone X | phone mount and cover Topeak RideCase
from: 37 usd
Ridecase | iPhone 6/7 Plus | phone mount and cover Topeak Ridecase 7 Plus
from: 22 usd
Ridecase w/ Mount | iPhone 13 | phone mount and cover Topeak Ridecase w Mount 13
from: 66 usd
X Mount Pro Phone Holder | phone mount and cover Delta Mount Pro Holder
from: 37 usd
Evoc PHONE POUCH (Black) 2023 | phone mount and cover Giant Evoc POUCH 2023
from: 45 usd
Evoc, Phone Pouch, Black | phone mount and cover Giant Evoc Pouch
from: 45 usd
Omni Holder Pro Phone Case | phone mount and cover Delta Omni Holder Pro Case
from: 44 usd
RideCase | iPhone Xs Max | phone mount and cover Topeak RideCase Max
from: 62 usd
F3 Form Mount Phone Mount | phone mount and cover F3 Form Mount
from: 60 usd
Topeak Smartphone Drybag (5") 2015 | phone mount and cover Topeak Smartphone Drybag
from: 40 usd
Weatherproof Ridecase iPhone 6+ | phone mount and cover Topeak Weatherproof Ridecase
from: 24 usd
Weatherproof Ridecase for Iphone 6 / 6S | phone mount and cover Topeak Weatherproof Ridecase 6
from: 22 usd
Caddy II Smart Phone Holder | phone mount and cover Delta Caddy II Smart Holder
from: 37 usd

Phone Mounts and Covers

A phone mount is better than keeping your phone in the pocket. The phone mount can either sit on the handlebar or stem of your bike as you ride along. Phone covers, on the other hand, fulfill the role of both protectors and cases.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Phone Cover

If you need a phone covers bike there are some factors to consider before settling on one.  These are:

  • Back Protection – Helps to prevent chips and dents on the sides and corners of your phone
  • Screen Protection – Protects against fingerprints and scratches on your phone’s screen
  • Colors – Choose a color that best suits your phone and bike
  • Mountability – Apart from protection, the cover should also connect with your phone mount bike.

Weather changes every time and for this reason, you may need to get a phone covers bike from Velomio that is waterproof. These not only protect your phone from rain but dust and snow too.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bike Phone Mount

An ideal phone mount bike holds your phone steady as you ride in bad weather, bumpy roads, and fast descents. Your phone mount must be strong, light, and secure to enable the use of your phone while riding. An ideal phone mount bike is the Lezyne vice plus lifeline phone case from Velomio. This comes with waterproof protection for your smartphone.

Bike Stem Phone Mounts

The stem or gooseneck is part of the bike that connects the handlebars of the bike to the steer tube. Stem mount designs come in various types. You connect the phone mount bike to the stem of the bike by removing the stem cap and replacing it with the one that comes with it. This is just one of the many styles of stem phone mounts available at Velomio. 

Handlebar Phone Mounts

The handlebars are an ideal place to fix a phone mount. Just like stem mounts, they come in various designs. 

Developments in Phone Mounts

Current developments in technology have also come to the biking industry especially concerning phone mounts. For instance, you can now get a rotating phone mount that can work both as a stem and handlebar mount. 

You can now find a phone mount that can also charge your phone. This is an advantage when going on long rides. Some of the phone chargers available have wireless charging capabilities. If you have a smartphone with that capability, then you are in luck.

Visit Velomio for these and more bicycle accessories.

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