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Gear Cables are some of the most important components of any bike. With the help of Velomio, you can find and compare all cables until you find the one you want.
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SRAM 1.1 Stainless Shift Cable 3100mm Single for TT & Tandem 2022 | gear cable Giant SRAM 1.1 Stainless 3100mm Single TT & Tandem
from: 9 usd
Ciclovation Stainless Slick Shift 1.1 Shift cable Stainless Steel 2019 | gear cable Giant Ciclovation Stainless Slick Shift 1.1 Stainless
from: 4 usd
Ciclovation Nano Slick Shift cable 1.1mm Stainless Steel Slick 2019 | gear cable Giant Ciclovation Nano Slick 1.1mm Stainless Slick
from: 10 usd
Optislik Shift Cable | gear cable Shimano Optislik
from: 12 usd
Shimano Mtb Derailleur Cable Set 2017 | gear cable Giant Shimano
from: 25 usd
Dura-Ace Road shift cable set | gear cable Shimano Dura-Ace
from: 52 usd
SRAM 1.1 Stainless Shift Cable 2200mm Single 2022 | gear cable Giant SRAM 1.1 Stainless 2200mm Single
from: 6 usd
Ciclovation Viperlink Shift cable & housing set 2019 | gear cable Giant Ciclovation Viperlink & housing set
from: 55 usd
Ciclovation Advanced Shift Universal Shift cable & housing set 2019 | gear cable Giant Ciclovation Advanced Shift Universal & housing set
from: 21 usd
Shimano Y-Split Rooting E-Tube Wires 520 2017 | gear cable Giant Shimano Y-Split Rooting 520
from: 76 usd
Road Pro Shift Cable Kit | gear cable Jagwire Pro Kit
from: 35 usd
SRAM SlickWire Road and MTB Shift Cable Kit Black 4mm 2022 | gear cable Giant SRAM SlickWire and Kit 4mm
from: 28 usd
Dura-Ace R9100 Shift Cable Set | gear cable Shimano PD-R9100
from: 49 usd
LifeLine Brake + Gear Cable Connectors (10 Pack) | gear cable LifeLine Brake Connectors
from: 1 usd
SRAM SlickWire Shift Cable - 1.1mm, 2300mm Length, Silver 2022 | gear cable Giant SRAM SlickWire 1.1mm 2300mm
from: 22 usd
OT-SIS40 Shift Cable Set | gear cable Shimano OT-SIS Set
from: 15 usd
Shift Cable/Housing OptiSlick Road set | gear cable Shimano Housing OptiSlick set
from: 39 usd
Stainless Shift Cable 1.1mm | Unit | gear cable SRAM Stainless 1.1mm Unit
from: 2 usd
Stainless Steel Shift Cable | gear cable Shimano Stainless
from: 7 usd
Dura-Ace Polymer Shift Cable | 2100mm | gear cable Shimano Dura-Ace Polymer 2100mm
from: 24 usd
OptiSlick R7000 Shift Cable/Hose Set | gear cable Shimano PD-R7000
from: 39 usd
Polymer Coated Shift Cable | gear cable Shimano Polymer Coated
from: 18 usd
Campagnolo Ultra and Power Shift Ergo Gear Cables | gear cable Campagnolo Ultra and Power Shift Ergo
from: 39 usd
Transfil Over Gear Cable Frame Protectors | gear cable Transfil Over
from: 10 usd

Gear Cables

Gear cables from Velomio allow cyclists to put their bike gear mechanism into the proper gear. They are the key to smoother, slicker, and more accurate shifting. If you do not want to ensure a difficult cycling experience, you need to take care of your bike’s gear cables.

How Gear Cables Work

Often, you will see some cyclists spinning their bike pedals laboriously or manically, with the bike barely moving along. If such people were using their bike gears properly, cycling would be much easier for them. Even the best bike gears, however, will not work properly if you have the wrong or damaged gear cables and wires.

On the face of it, there is not much to a gear cable or gear wire. You simply need to dig into it and you will find a carefully designed mechanism with low-friction materials and fine tolerances to allow other components to work seamlessly. Loaded in compression, the outer housing, which is one part of the cable arrangement, should not get shorter.

There has to be little friction between the two. The combination of the two also needs to pass around your bike’s tight corners. Any failing in any of the components will affect your shifting, causing it to lose accuracy. Therefore, you need to take good care of your gear cables and wire. If you are looking for sharper shifting, Velomio offers a wide range of comparison of gear cables to suit your specific needs.

Fixing Loose or Untidy Bike Gear Cables

Whether you have external or internal routed gear cables on your bike, untidy cabling will rub against your bike, it will also ruin your bike’s look, which can be annoying as well. If your gear cables and wire are fouling one another or looking messy, the first thing you need to do is determine the ideal cable routing for your bicycle. 

You also need to ensure that your cables take the most sensible route to your bike’s shifting mechanism. If they are crossing over one another unnecessarily or are too long, you should consider cutting them down to size. However, if you choose to do this, you should ensure that they are still long enough to allow the handlebar of your bike to turn easily through 180 degrees. 

When riding varying gradients, bike gears and gear cables are important mechanisms. If you are having a difficult time choosing the right gear cables for your bike, Velomio should give you some great ideas.

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