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Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, or a physical fitness enthusiast, taking energy gels can keep your nutrition optimal. Velomio can help you compare all current products!
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HIGH5 Energy Gel Electrolyte (20 x 60g) | energy gel High5 Energy Gel
from: 9 usd
Science In Sport Go Energy + Electrolyte Gels 30 x 60ml | energy gel SIS Go Energy
from: 74 usd
Honey Stinger Fruit Smoothie Organic Chew 2017 | energy gel Giant Honey Stinger Fruit Organic Chew 2017
from: 29 usd
Honey Stinger Organic Gel Fruit Smoothie 2017 | energy gel Giant Honey Stinger Organic Gel Fruit 2017
from: 42 usd
Science In Sport GO Isotonic Energy Gel Mixed Pack 30x60m | energy gel SIS GO Isotonic Mixed
from: 59 usd
Energy Gel 15 Serving Pouch | energy gel GU Pouch
from: 10 usd
Science In Sport GO Isotonic Energy Gel Mixed 10 Pack | energy gel SIS GO Isotonic Mixed 10
from: 21 usd
Torq Energy Gels Sachets 45g x 15 | energy gel Torq Sachets 15
from: 34 usd
HIGH5 Energy Gels Plus Caffeine 38g x 20 | energy gel High5 Plus
from: 36 usd
Science In Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gels 60ml x 30 | energy gel SIS Go Isotonic 30
from: 47 usd
Torq Energy Gels with Guarana 45g x 15 | energy gel Torq 15
from: 44 usd

Energy Gels

Energy gels are designed to replenish your glycogen reserves that get depleted when going through rigorous activities such as workouts, running, and cycling, to name a few. All of Velomio’s listed gels pack a healthy dose of carbohydrates that give you an energy boost.

Active athletes occasionally need energy gels for a quick source of instant energy to achieve their goals. They are a convenient source of energy while on the go. Although all the carbs are stored in your body, demanding activities can use up all your reserves. 


Typically, energy gels have a syrupy sweetness and pastiness. To avoid the nasty effects that they can bring to your taste buds, Velomio finds gels that have different flavors. This makes ingesting them a bit easier. Such flavors include strawberry, orange, vanilla, cherry, chocolate, caramel, and others. There are also other assortments of coffee flavors.

What do They Provide?

The best energy gels bike enthusiasts prefer to consume provide energy through carbohydrates and fats. While your body holds significant amounts of fats in its reserves, turning them into energy takes quite a longer time than carbohydrates. To perform at your best, you need an optimal amount of carbs in your body.

However, your muscles can only hold so much at a time. Your carb levels usually begin dwindling after riding for about 90 minutes. At this point, you need to replenish your carbs, and energy gels do just that. Failure to do so can result in what bikers call bonking. Your energy gels cycle of intake should be moderate.

How Many Should You Take?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that you should replenish your carbs intake at the rate of 30 to 65 grams per hour when doing a ride that is over 90 minutes. While it is important to replace them, overdoing it can cause stomach upsets. Check the label to find out how many grams the energy gel contains to determine how much you should ingest.

What are Their Ingredients?

Always check the label to find out what the gel contains. Confirm that it has potassium and sodium to replace the electrolytes lost when you sweat. Also, some contain caffeine which provides a sizable energy boost. However, caffeine can present addiction issues. Ingredients such as leucine and valine help in muscle repair and recovery after a long ride.

We have an assortment of some of the best energy gels at Velomio for you to compare and consider.

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