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The different types of derailleur hangers out there make the process of choosing the right one quite difficult. Velomio can make it simple, however.
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Derailleur Hanger

The derailleur hanger is a replaceable bike component designed to connect your bike’s rear derailleur to its frame. You attach the rear mesh hanger to your bike using screws, bolts, or lock nuts before you bolt the rear derailleur to the mesh hanger. If your bike has gears, it probably has a derailleur hanger as well. 
If you need to replace your bike’s derailleur hanger, you should visit an authorized dealer, such as Velomio. Here, you will find comparisons of derailleur hangers to suit your specific needs.

Purpose of a Derailleur Hanger

The purpose of a derailleur hanger from Velomio is to bend or break to limit or prevent damage to a bike’s frame or drivetrain component in case of a crash or accident. Many cyclists do not give this bike component a second thought; however, it is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Therefore, it is important to inspect and replace your bike’s derailleur hanger when necessary. 

Why Derailleur Hangers Bend or Break?

This bike part usually bends or breaks when you accidentally hit the derailleur to a surrounding object while cycling. It can also happen when you try to align a bent gear hanger or in the aftermath of a bike crash. Sometimes, the derailleur hanger can bend or break when you try to change gears with a lot of force on the pedals. For example, this can happen when you try to quickly change gears or while climbing a steep hill.

What is a Derailleur Hanger Extender?

This is a unique device designed to offset your road derailleur’s position. This allows riders to run wide-range MTB-style cassettes. If you are looking to convert your cyclocross, gravel, commuter, or road drivetrain bike to achieve reduced weight and simplicity, this is the ideal solution for you. It is also good for cyclists with double chainring bicycles and those that require lower gearing on their bikes for steeper climbs.

Ways to Classify Types of Derailleur Hangers

There are different types of derailleur hangers on the market. Many frame manufacturers even have different hanger designs for each frame model and generation. When looking for a replacement hanger, therefore, you need to choose one that is the same as the original. 
Some of the ways to classify derailleur hanger types include:

  • By mounting side
  • By mounting method
  • By the number of fasteners
  • By the axle diameter

If you are still finding it difficult to find the right derailleur hanger for your bike, you will find some great options here at Velomio.

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