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Oakley Sutro Clear Photochromic Sunglasses | cycling glasses Oakley Sutro
save: 14 % from: 153 usd
Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Dual Lens Sunglasses | cycling glasses Oakley Jawbreaker
save: 32 % from: 150 usd
Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic Sunglasses | cycling glasses Oakley Radar EV Path
save: 37 % from: 127 usd
Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Golf 2022 | cycling glasses Oakley Flak 2.0
save: 11 % from: 170 usd
100% Accuri 2 Goggles | cycling glasses 100% Accuri
from: 32 usd
Crave Sunglasses | Epidote Green Translucent | cycling glasses POC Crave
save: 28 % from: 157 usd
POC Do Half Blade Sunglasses - Hydrogen White Violet/Silver-Mirror Lens | cycling glasses POC DO Half Blade
save: 30 % from: 130 usd
Fox Main Stray Mountain Bike Goggles - Black/Yellow | cycling glasses FOX Main Stray
save: 15 % from: 28 usd
POC AIM Sunglasses - Uranium Black Brown/Silver-Mirror Lens | cycling glasses POC AIM
from: 176 usd
100% Racecraft 2 Goggles Mirror Lens | cycling glasses 100% Racecraft 2
from: 45 usd
Encoder Sunglasses | Matte Carbon | cycling glasses Oakley Encoder
save: 10 % from: 217 usd
Tifosi Swank XL Sunglasses | cycling glasses Tifosi Swank
from: 22 usd
OAKLEY HOLBROOK TI SUNGLASSES | cycling glasses Oakley Holbrook
from: 162 usd
Oakley Flight Jacket Road 2022 | cycling glasses Oakley Flight Jacket
from: 223 usd
Oakley EVZero Blades Polished Black Sunglasses | cycling glasses Oakley EVZero Blades
save: 11 % from: 162 usd
KOO Demos Sunglasses (Green Mirror Lens) | cycling glasses KOO Demos
from: 168 usd
POC Aspire Sunglasses Road 2022 | cycling glasses POC Aspire
save: 34 % from: 101 usd
Will Glasses | cycling glasses POC Will
from: 88 usd
POC Define Sunglasses - Hydrogen White Brown/Silver-Mirror Lens | cycling glasses POC Define
save: 16 % from: 118 usd
SpeedCraft Sunglasses | Matte Black | cycling glasses 100% SpeedCraft
from: 163 usd
100% Strata 2 Goggles Clear Lens | cycling glasses 100% Strata 2
from: 18 usd
KOO Spectro Sunglasses (Green Mirror Lens) | cycling glasses KOO Spectro
from: 189 usd
Corridor Sunglasses | Matte Celeste | cycling glasses Oakley Corridor
from: 153 usd
Require Sunglasses | Uranium Black | cycling glasses POC Require
from: 153 usd

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Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic Sunglasses | cycling glasses Oakley Radar EV Path
save: 37 % from: 127 usd
Crave Sunglasses | Epidote Green Translucent | cycling glasses POC Crave
save: 28 % from: 157 usd
Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Golf 2022 | cycling glasses Oakley Flak 2.0
save: 11 % from: 170 usd

Cycling Glasses and Accessories

The sheer range of cycling glasses and accessories available can be bewildering. Even when using Velomio, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need to purchase.

If you cycle regularly or are considering engaging in some serious biking, you should consider investing in some accessories that will make your time on your bike more comfortable, safer, and easier.

The accessories you choose to buy will depend on how often you ride, where you ride, and where you plan to store your bike. If you think the process of choosing your first bike was difficult, finding the right accessories for your specific needs will make you want to scream with frustration. 

Fortunately, you simply need to do some research to determine the type of accessories that will enhance your riding experience. At Velomio, for instance, you will find tons of comparisons for cycling glasses and accessories to help you roll away with your two-wheeled steed. Some of the cycling accessories you should consider buying include:

Cycling Glasses

If you are looking for road-tested cycling glasses Oakley is one of the best brands to consider. Many serious cyclists prefer Oakley sunglasses for a good reason. Although they are a bit costly, there is no denying that they are distinctive and well-designed. Their range of high-quality shades comes in a wide range of frames to suit all face shapes and tastes. 

If you are wondering whether you need cycling glasses, the answer is a resounding yes. Besides a cycling helmet, cycling glasses are one of the most essential bits of accessories to consider when you purchase a bike, regardless of whether you are a regular glasses wearer or not. Better yet, you will find the type of cycling glasses women, men, and kids should wear. 

Some of the reasons why cycling glasses are important include:

  • They help to protect your eyes from the wind while you are moving fast. You do not want to shoot down a hill at speed with your eyes streaming with tears and losing visibility. When you are charging into a headwind or moving fast, your eyes can take quite a battering. Cycling glasses can help save you from the discomfort and pain associated with such a situation. 
  • Riding glasses can also protect your eyes from the sun. If you spend money on sun cream to protect your skin, there is no reason why you should not invest in cycling glasses to protect your eyes. Even those with clear lenses will provide some UV protection. Even a little protection is better than no protection at all. For really bright days, using darker riding glasses will help reduce the glare and keep your eyes safe, in addition to helping you have a safer ride. However, when using darker glasses, you should be careful when riding through the shade. 
  • Cycling glasses will protect you from bugs and road debris. The last thing you want is to suffer an eye injury from debris or a bug while speeding along a busy road. In addition to dealing with an eye injury, you might also crash your bike and suffer more serious physical injuries. It can be difficult to hold a straight line or pull over quickly enough when something hits or enters your eye. This is why you should consider buying shatterproof cycling glasses. Some of the debris thrown off the road will surprise you; therefore, while biking anywhere, ensure your eyes are well-protected.

Features to Look for When Choosing Cycling Glasses

  • UV protection
  • Fit and comfort
  • Anti-chatter lenses
  • Interchangeable lenses

Another thing you need to understand when choosing riding glasses is that you do not need to purchase an expensive pair. If you are a serious biking enthusiast, you probably see many bikers with expensive Oakley glasses. If you have the money to purchase the same brand, nothing should stop you from doing so. 

If you are just starting or lack the money to purchase expensive shades, start cheap and see how things go. You can find a perfectly good pair for less than ten pounds. Some of the reasons professional cyclists go for expensive cycling glasses include:

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Increased visibility
  • Better fit
  • They look cool

So, if you can find an affordable pair that provides all of that, consider it a win. At Velomio we have loads of products offering that at an affordable cost.

Bike Accessories

At Velomio, we always recommend that every bike owner have lights and a bike lock.

Bike Lock

If you will have to leave your bike out on the street at any time, then you need to purchase a good lock to help keep your bike safe. When it comes to choosing a bike lock, however, you will get what you pay for. A good lock will cost a pretty penny; however, it will resist many types of risks. 

A thief will probably need some sort of a power tool to steal your bike, and few thieves are willing to go into so much trouble for a bike. That said, it is difficult to determine just how strong a lock is by simply looking at it. Therefore, you need to do some serious research to find the best locks on the market. 

Front and Rear Lights

If you intend to cycle at night, front, and rear lights are essential accessories to purchase. You should consider buying them if there is even the smallest chance of having to ride your bike after dark. In addition to illuminating your path, they will make you visible to other people as well, which will help keep you safer.

If you live or bike in a city where there is adequate ambient light, you just need small, bright lighting units to allow other road users to see you clearly. You should combine them with reflectors to increase your visibility profile. If you plan to ride on unlit roads, however, you will need to choose something more powerful. 

Other cycling accessories provided by Velomio that bike owners should look into are:

  • Cycling luggage for transporting things on your bike
  • Pump, tools, and spares
  • Fenders and mudguards
  • Bottle and bottle cage
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Cycling shoes
  • Clipless pedals
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling bell

There are plenty more accessories you can deck your new bike out with. What you choose to buy will depend on your specific riding requirements. If you want to know where to start looking for biking accessories check out Velomio for all the top products.

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