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Chain Guards

Also known as a gear case or chain case, this bike accessory serves to protect a bike’s chain. Most of them are plastic-made, and they enclose a bike’s chain to protect it as it cycles. Additionally, it prevents you from trapping yourself in your bike’s chainrings. You will find a wide range of chain guards on the market.

Some only cover the upper part of your bike’s chain while others cover both the lower and upper sides of the chain. Many fully enclosed chain guards come in the shape of a tube, which covers the chain and leaves the gears uncovered. Others come in the shape of a lid that leaves nothing in sight. It hides both the gears and chain. 

You will even find some that lubricate a bike’s chain using an oil bath. Therefore, while shopping for a chain guard, bike owners have tons of options to choose from. Fortunately, a Velomio, you will find comparisons of chain guards that are perfect for you.

Do you need a Bike Chain Guard?

To Velomio, a chain guard is important because it protects you and your bike’s chain as well. When something gets in the way of your bike’s chain, it may suffer damages that will force you to spend a lot of money to fix the problem. Also, when you are cycling at high speeds, your bike’s chain may come off its ring and start scratching the frame. 

When it comes to determining whether you need a chain guard, the decision depends on the bike owner. For example, according to some bikers, chain guards are not very aesthetic. Also, if you are looking for ways to make your bike lighter, you will not want to add more weight to it. Whether you need to purchase a chain guard, therefore, is a somewhat personal matter. 

However, if your bike tends to drop its chain when there is nothing wrong with it, a chain guard may be your perfect solution. It will also protect you from injury when you accidentally touch it. Given the different types and models of chain guards available, finding one that is perfect for you can be quite challenging. Therefore, you need to be careful while shopping for a chain guard as you might choose one that does not fit your bike or your needs. 

If you do not know where to look for the perfect chain guard for your bike, Velomio will give you some great ideas and options.

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