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Bottle cages are among some of the important accessories any bike should have. Velomio can help you to get your hands on some of the best bottle cages in the market.
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Custom Race Bottle Cage | bottle cage Elite Custom Race
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Elite Custom Race Plus Skin | bottle cage Elite Custom Race Plus
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Elite Cannibal | bottle cage Elite Cannibal
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Tacx Deva Bottle Cage | bottle cage Tacx Deva
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Tacx Ciro Water Bottle Cage | bottle cage Tacx Ciro
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Elite Rocko Carbon Cage | bottle cage Elite Rocko
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Airway bottle cage | bottle cage Giant Airway
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Elite Vico Carbon Water Bottle Cage | bottle cage Elite Vico
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Fly Ano Bottle Cage | bottle cage Supacaz Fly Ano
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Pro Bottle Cage | bottle cage Bontrager Pro
from: 63 usd
Sidetrack Bottle Cage - Right | bottle cage Blackburn Sidetrack
from: 33 usd
Zipp SL Speed Carbon Bottle Cage | bottle cage Zipp SL Speed
from: 88 usd
SILCA Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage | bottle cage Silca Sicuro
from: 70 usd
Zipp Alumina Bottle Cage | bottle cage Zipp Alumina
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Cannondale ReGrip Bottle Cage | bottle cage Cannondale ReGrip
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FSA K-Force Water Bottle Cage | bottle cage Giant FSA K-Force
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Elite Ciussi Inox Stainless | bottle cage Elite Ciussi Inox
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Elite Ciussi Cage | bottle cage Elite Ciussi
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SILCA Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage - Cerakote Black | bottle cage Silca Sicuro Cerakote
from: 85 usd
Supacaz Fly Cage Poly | bottle cage Supacaz Fly
from: 26 usd
Radar Bottle Cage | bottle cage Tacx Radar
from: 26 usd
XLAB Raptor Bottle Cage | bottle cage XLAB Raptor
from: 40 usd
Flow SL bottle cage (left entry) | bottle cage Lezyne Flow SL
from: 18 usd
HPP Bottle Cage | bottle cage Cube HPP
from: 20 usd

Bottle Cages

Among the most important things for any biker to factor in, is their body’s hydration level. This is because you not only lose a lot of essential electrolytes such as sodium, but you also lose much water through sweating. For this reason, having a bottle containing water or an energy drink on your bike when riding is important. A bottle cage is a component on your bike that holds this bottle in place.

Factor to Consider in a Bottle Cage

  • Weight – While the weight of the bottle cage is not much of a big deal for most ordinary riders, lightweight cages are preferable. However, if it is too light, it may fail you sooner rather than later. Do not settle for a lightweight cage if it compromises its quality.
  • Ease of Use – Struggling to get your bottle in or out of the cage can be quite dangerous when riding. Go for a bottle cage that allows you to slip your bottle in and out with ease. Additionally, you can opt for models that are aligned to the bike’s frame or others designed to pull the bottle off the side. This is important if you have frame clearance issues.
  • Classic Bottle Cages – Sometimes, going classic is not only efficient but also functional. Traditional bottle cages are known to hold a wide variety of common cylindrical bottles and are easily bolted to the frame.
  • Rattle-Free – Good bottle cages for bikes tend to hold the bottle firmly in position, avoiding rattling. Although not dangerous, it can be distracting and irritating after a while.
  • Style – A mismatched bottle cage can not only create odd aerodynamics but also tampers with the aesthetic of your bike. Just try finding a good match for your bike.

Types of Bottle Cages

Here are a few different types of bottle cages for your consideration:

Specialist Bottle Cages

These types of cages are slightly atypical. They are useful for different types and sizes of bottles such as stainless-steel ones.

Oversized Bottle Cages

In some cases, instead of using multiple bottle cages, you can opt for these oversized models that can hold bigger bottles.

Other Factors to Consider

When looking for a perfect bottle cage for your bike, you should also keep in mind what materials they are made from, their versatility, and durability, to name a few.

Here at Velomio, we have an assortment of some awesome bottle cages for you to consider.

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