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Are you out looking for a BMX bike? If you are, then you need to learn how to choose the right one for you. Follow these guides and find a great bike!
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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes have always been popular among all ages, and they are some of the best bikes out there. The demand for BMX bikes has been steadily growing since its inception in the early 1970s. During these early years, kids were placing number stickers on their bikes while riding them. This was their way of copying what they were seeing in motocross races. This is the root of the BMX culture. Owning a BMX bike is now common in most neighborhoods.

Riding the bikes now includes competitions and stunt riding among many other concepts.

Different Categories of BMX Bikes

The simple design of a BMX bike makes it ideal for handling huge loads which other bike brands cannot. BMX or Bicycle Motor Cross bikes come in 3 major categories.

These categories are:

  • BMX (Standard)
  • Dirt Jumper
  • Freestyle

Standard BMX

This is BMX is rough and dirt ready. It has good handling and is also race-worthy. The bike’s frame is relatively light as well as its parts. These comprise knobby tires with a strong rear braking system to match. It is ideal for all kinds of terrain. You can ride it around your neighborhood, off-road, and on a full-on dirt track. For these reasons this an ideal BMX for kids and all age groups.

Dirt Jumper

The dirt jumper BMX bike has a sturdy frame built for racing. It has pads on the seat and frame to protect you while riding it. The sturdy lengthy frame also helps stabilize the bike. The knobby tires come with double or triple walls for additional strength for rough terrain.

Freestyle BMX

The freestyle bike is super sturdy since it is a stunt or tricks bike. This type of bike usually comes with twenty-inch wheels and a lengthy high tube at between twenty to twenty-two inches in length. They normally do not come with ready-made brakes. Those that do have straight cable brakes. The intention behind the bike is to do stunts and tricks. For this reason, the grips on its knobby tires come without flanges.

BMX Sizes and their Appropriate Age Group

BMX bikes come in a variety of sizes that can be ideal for anyone of any age. The small kind is ideal for kids with the sizes increasing with age group. For instance, the ideal BMX for kids is the balance bikes. These bikes help your kids to learn balancing at a very young age. They have no chains or pedals. All your child does is straddle it and scoot along without the need for stabilizers. When your child learns to ride using this bike, it will boost his or her confidence.

Once you are confident that your child can ride a pavement bike, their height will dictate the size of the wheel cycle to choose. Children grow differently so there is no way to say what size of bike fits a particular age. When choosing the ideal BMX for kids, their age category and average size dictate the bike size. This especially affects kids who do not need stabilizers and are confident at handling a bike on their own.

BMX bikes come in different sizes which is dependent on the size of the wheel. BMX wheel sizes range from 16 – 24 inches. The most common size is 20 inches which accounts for almost 97 percent of BMX owners. This is because it is suitable for persons of all age groups apart from toddlers. BMX has a reputation as a bike that is trendy and sports-worthy.

What to Look for When Buying a BMX Bike

Contrary to popular belief, BMX bikes are not all the same. When you want to purchase a BMX bike, you need to have your intentions for the bike clear in your mind. Each design of BMX is for a certain purpose. A certain type of riding has different requirements from another. If you are a potential new owner and have no idea where to start, consult a friend who owns one. You can also ask to borrow theirs to have a taste or feel to know what to look for.

There are two main ways of buying a BMX. You can opt to buy a new one which is fully built with all the necessary parts in the box. This one comes ready to ride once testing is complete at the vendor’s premises. If you are a BMX enthusiast, you can build your own. This is more expensive and is not ideal for first-time owners.

Be careful when choosing your ideal bike size. This is because a seemingly insignificant difference in size can completely change your riding experience. To avoid this, take a test ride outside to see if the bike feels comfortable to you.

When buying a bike, check to see if the components that come with it are of good quality and value depending on the price. The components are important being that they affect the price of the bike. Some of the components to look out for are the brakes, pegs, rims, bearings, and small sprockets.

If you are a new buyer and unsure of what to look out for, go with a friend who owns a BMX. A lightweight complete BMX bike usually means that it has good parts and is made of good materials. Do not shy away from heavier bikes if you are a new owner. Riding that one for a while may help you learn the benefit of a lighter one.

Finding Affordable BMX Bikes

If you are looking for a way to get BMX bikes cheap, your best bet is online. This is because buying online eliminates the cost of middlemen. Usually, the manufacture will include the cost of a middleman in the overall cost of the bike. Despite this being a cheap option, you should be cautious. This is because the bike you select online may not be the one you receive.

Another option of getting BMX bikes cheap is buying during a special offer. Some of these offers may come during holidays like Christmas. This is usually a busy time for many shoppers and retailers may give offers to clear old stock.

Buying second-hand can be an ideal way of getting BMX bikes cheap but you must be cautious. An ideal second-hand bike must be in good condition and at a reasonable price. Do not be in a hurry to buy the cheapest one. Instead, take time to browse around and if you find it, give it a once over.

Buying a BMX from a shop is usually the best option. This is because some shops offer after-sales service free of charge for a set period. To keep your bike running smoothly, take it for routine maintenance. This in time helps you learn a lot about your bike to an extent that you can work on it on your own.

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