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Buy a Bike

There are many various reasons to ride a bike nowadays. It is a healthy way of tranporting yourself and is much better for the environment. Then there is the family aspect, bike riding with the family is a good way of working out together and a great bonding experience. So why aren't more individuals riding on bikes? One reason could be that they do not know, how to choose the right bicycle.

One thing is to make your purchase based on a bicycle appearance. The most shiny bike on earth will tarnish and rust unused, in your garage, if you doesn't maintain it. Here are five suggestions on how to choose the right bike:

A beginner guide for buying a bike

The former professional bike rider, Brian Holm, is showing his bike.

1. Where are you going to be bike riding the most?

This query is a good place to start. Although lots of types of stores carry specialty bicycle shops, like fitness stores, department stores, and bikes, there are just a few types of bicycles: road bicycles, cruising bicycles, mountainbike, electric bikes, urban bikes and hybrid bikes. Deciding where you will ride most frequently and the types of paths you may take, will help out with choosing the right kind of bike for you. 

2. How tall are you?

When bicycle shopping, the response to this question is important to have in mind. If you're a short person, you do not want a bicycle made for somebody tall because each time you attempt to stop, you will hit the crossbar. If you are tall, but on a bicycle made for a shorter person, your legs will not attain the expansion. So make certain whenever you sit on a possible purchase, you have in mind the way it feels in regards to your height.

3. Ride the bike before buying.

Try to test drive as many bicycles as possible to get a feel on how they each fits you. In case the store you're going to buy from won't allow you to do that, try to find buddies with the models you're interested in.

4. Do not be cheap.

This is one purchase you do not want to skimp on. You do not have to find the most expensive bicycle in the world with lots of features you do not need, but have in mind that you might ride with your loved ones. Perhaps you will add a young kid carrier to it some day. You would like to receive a bike you can depend on and that's safe for everybody involved.

5. Ask experts.

Do not feel bad to go to a bike store to do some research, even when you are not ready to purchase from them. An employee in a specialty bicycle shop ought to be capable to answer your questions, like the kind of bike you need to get for your style of riding, the way to get correct size for the bike, etc.

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