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Your saddle is a very important component on your bike. See our guide and all the saddles below. Find the product that matches your need at the best price.
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Brooks B17 Standard S Saddle | bike saddle Brooks England B17
from: 135 usd
Power Comp Saddle | bike saddle Specialized Power Comp
from: 140 usd
Romin EVO Comp Saddle with MIMIC | bike saddle Specialized Comp
from: 105 usd
Fizik Terra Argo X3 Saddle | bike saddle Fizik Terra Argo
from: 150 usd
Phenom Comp Saddle | bike saddle Specialized Phenom Comp
from: 105 usd
S-Works Power Saddle | bike saddle Specialized S-Works Power
from: 325 usd
Selle Italia Model X Superflow Road Saddle | bike saddle Selle Italia Superflow
from: 51 usd
Flyer Saddle | bike saddle Brooks England Flyer
from: 107 usd
Verse Comp Saddle | bike saddle Bontrager Verse Comp
from: 100 usd
Arione R1 Saddle | bike saddle Fizik Arione R1
from: 146 usd
Bridge Sport Saddle | bike saddle Specialized Bridge Sport
from: 60 usd
Power Expert Saddle with Mirror | bike saddle Specialized Power Expert
from: 200 usd
Selle SMP Glider Pro Saddle with Carbon Rails, Yellow | bike saddle Giant Selle SMP Glider Pro Rails
from: 269 usd
Serfas Rx Ladies Saddle - Vinyl 2016 | bike saddle Giant Serfas Rx Vinyl
from: 56 usd
Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow Bike Saddle | bike saddle Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow
from: 250 usd
Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle | bike saddle Fizik Tempo Argo R1
from: 210 usd
Selle Royal Freeway Fit Moderate Women's 2018 | bike saddle Giant Selle Royal Freeway Fit Moderate
from: 29 usd
Selle SMP Well Gel Bicycle Saddle, Black | bike saddle Giant Selle SMP Well Gel
from: 154 usd
Ultracycle Road Comfort 270 | bike saddle Giant Ultracycle Comfort
from: 25 usd
WTB Volt Steel Mountain Bike Saddle | bike saddle WTB Volt
from: 29 usd
Lookin Saddle | Moderate | bike saddle Selle Royal Lookin Moderate
from: 59 usd
Fizik Tempo Argo R5 Saddle | bike saddle Fizik Tempo Argo R5
from: 110 usd
Fizik Vento Argo R5 Saddle | bike saddle Fizik Vento Argo R5
from: 119 usd
Selle Italia SLR Boost Saddle | bike saddle Selle Italia SLR Boost
from: 300 usd

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Brooks B17 Standard S Saddle | bike saddle Brooks England B17
from: 135 usd

In case your bike fits you simply fine, the following bicycle saddle fit faults can be the origin of bicycle saddle sore: A wrong saddle is the most typical cause of bicycle saddle sore. 

Some bicycle seats are cushy and some are hard. Some saddles will make you sink from the weight of your bones, which causes your bicycle seat under pressure. More often than not, a firmer saddle might be better specifically for longer rides. A bicycle seat for females should have cushioning for your sit bones. 

Having a groove or a split is said to provide comfort as it enhances blood circulation and alleviates pressure. It is essential for the cut to expand forward to move pressure on the area that is right. A female specific saddle is essential for nearly all women. Bicycles which aren't specific for women comes with men's saddles, that aren't designed for the female anatomy. For riders, a saddle that is padded, is perfect because it can give support and comfort. 

A saddle that's too wide chafe the thighs and will rub, which may place uncomfortable vibrations. Petite women with narrower pelvises usually benefits from narrow saddles for males. Your anatomy, weight, and riding style are all important when you choose the right saddle.

Poor Saddle Tilt

When the bicycle seat is too titled upward, this will increase the pressure on the front soft tissues. This also makes the rider slouch which isn't a perfect or comfortable position. Saddles that are too tilted downward will induce the rider to slide forward in the seat and induce him to sit on the wrong places in the saddle. His sit bone won't be capable to give sufficient support and more body weight will be put in his hands which might lead to wrist pain and hand numbness or pain. The saddle of a road bicycle should be either slightly nose down or level. The saddle of a time trial bike should be additional nose down since the pelvis is rotated additional forward in the front of the bike.

Bike Saddle Buying Tips

Genitals, burning pain on bruised buttocks, your crotch sores and raw, inflamed skin are numerous of the issues cyclists might have with their saddles. The issues can get so badly that it keeps you off the bike- particularly for cyclists. No problem attracts the quantity of concern that comfort does. Every cyclist undergoes some degree of distress with a saddle. The wrong bike seat can be a bad idea: It places wrong weights on bodyparts which causes soreness.

Be aware of of 3 factors: HEAT from air that was trapped creates pain and from friction between shorts, skin and saddle. PRESSURE from road shock and of the weight of the entire body on the saddle. MOISTURE from sweat. If you can manage those 3 factors you'll be capable to spend additional time in the saddle more comfortably.

Lets take a detailed look at each one of the 3 factors that will help you get most used to sitting on a bicycle seat. Allow adequate time for adapt to the saddle. This is the main problem for new cyclists. They simply aren't used to sit on a bicycle seat. This implies allowing sufficient time for the density and sensitivity of the tissues that contact of the saddle to aren't acclimated to support a significant amount of your bodyweight. These tissues are usually soft and sensitive. This means allowing sufficient time for of the density and sensitivity of the tissues that contact of the saddle to progressively adapt to the load.

Cyclists usually begins to adapt moderate. For very new cyclists, each ride should be under an hour in duration and include all the good habits of saddle comfort such as excellent quality shorts, no underwear and use of chamois lubricant/anti bacterial cream. There are no shortcuts to adaptation your seat. Overweight cyclists are especially exposed on the skin which makes it more delicate and vulnerable. Don't drive to or from events wearing biking shorts. Wearing shorts for a prolonged time under street garments environment on the skin which makes it more delicate and vulnerable to damp irritation.

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