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Arm and leg warmers are great for cyclist who decide to ride when it is cold outside. Follow this guide to stay warm year-round!
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Nano Flex 3G armwarmer | Unisex | arm & legwarmers Castelli Nano Flex 3G
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Spring Fall Leg Warmer | arm & legwarmers Assos Spring Fall
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Thermoflex 2 Kneewarmer | arm & legwarmers Castelli Thermoflex 2
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Thermal Arm Warmers | arm & legwarmers Bontrager Thermal
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Thermal Arm Warmers | arm & legwarmers Specialized Thermal
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Spring Fall Arm Warmers Evo | arm & legwarmers Assos Spring Fall Evo
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Arm warmers 2 | arm & legwarmers Louis Garneau 2
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MidZero Leg Warmers | arm & legwarmers Sugoi MidZero
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UPF 50 Light Arm Sleeves | arm & legwarmers Castelli UPF 50 Light
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Zap Arm Warmers | arm & legwarmers Sugoi Zap
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Pro Seamless Leg Warmer | arm & legwarmers Castelli Pro Seamless
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Therminal Engineered Arm Warmers | arm & legwarmers Specialized Therminal Engineered
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Q36.5 Woolf Knee Warmers | arm & legwarmers Q36.5 Woolf
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Assos RS Leg Warmers Targa | arm & legwarmers Assos RS Targa
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Super Roubaix Arm Warmers | arm & legwarmers Giordana Super Roubaix
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Pro Seamless 2 Arm Warmer | arm & legwarmers Castelli Pro Seamless 2
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Pearl Izumi Select Thermal Lite Arm Warmer... 2022 | arm & legwarmers Giant Pearl Izumi Select Thermal Lite .
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Moeben Arm Sleeves, Plaid | arm & legwarmers Giant Moeben Plaid
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Bontrager Halo Thermal Leg Warmer 2022 | arm & legwarmers Giant Bontrager Halo Thermal
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Leg Warmer GT C2 | arm & legwarmers Assos GT C2
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TARGA RS Leg Warmer | arm & legwarmers Assos TARGA RS
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Thermal Leg Warmers | arm & legwarmers POC Thermal
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Arm and Leg Warmers

Cycling is one of those sporting activities you can take part in regardless of the weather. However, you as the rider must do your best to protect yourself from the elements as much as possible, especially extreme cold. Therefore, arm and leg warmers from Velomio are worth looking into

Ideal leg warmers fit from the mid-point of your thigh to the ankle. They have silicone grippers that keep them in place when you are cycling. Knee warmers on the other hand are shorter than leg warmers. They help keep you warm by covering your knees. They are not as popular as legwarmers although they are ideal in certain conditions. Knee, leg, and arm warmers allow you to keep warm while riding in cold weather. You can easily peel them off once the temperature gets warmer.

Why Wear Leg and Arm Warmers?

You may be wondering why you should wear leg warmers while tights can keep you warm as well. They can both keep you warm in chilly weather but are still quite different. If you live in an area with changeable weather, leg warmers are a better option. This is because you can easily remove leg warmers once the temperature gets warmer.

Leg and arm warmers are ideal when riding in the mountains especially before riding down a long descent. You can pair arm and leg warmers with heavier clothing during the very cold winters. Velomio has all shapes and sizes for pairing with other clothes.

The Ideal Temperature for Leg and Arm Warmers

While riding, you expose your knees to cool air which stings as you increase speed. Riding enthusiasts agree that you should wear arm, knee, and leg warmers when the temperature is eighteen degrees Celsius, or lower.

This kind of covering helps keep your muscles warm. If your thermometer shows that it is warm, but you can still see snowbanks on the streets, wear your knee and leg warmers. This is because the little snow left on the street creates a micro-climate of cold air at the level of your knees.

What to Look for When Buying Arm and Leg Warmers

Like other cycling clothing that you own, it is important to choose arm, knee, and leg warmers that fit. The material you choose should be able to draw sweat from your skin to evaporate. Leg, knee, and arm warmers from Velomio comprise either polypropylene, polyester, or polyamide. Our leg and arm warmers have the ideal balance of durability, lightweight and technical performance.

You should choose leg and arm warmers that can keep you warm even during the rainy season. High-end leg and arm warmers have several panel constructions. If you cannot afford this, you can go for single-piece warmers that are much cheaper. Ideal knee warmers should offer sun protection. This is so that it is breathable and comfortable during long hot rides.

Find Good Arm and Leg Warmers at Velomio

More people are going green and prefer cycling to work instead of driving. For this reason, you need to find the ideal place to buy good warmers. At, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of arm, knee, and leg warmers.

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