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A waist bag is a pouch that you wear around your waist like a belt. Velomio can help you find the ideal waist bag.  
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Evoc Hip Pouch 1L Waist Pack | waist bag Evoc 1
from: 34 gbp
Evoc Hip Pack 3L | waist bag Evoc 3
from: 52 gbp
Fox Clothing Hip Pack Slim Waist Bag | waist bag FOX Slim
from: 30 gbp
Osprey Talon 6 Waist Bag | waist bag Osprey Talon 6
from: 64 gbp
Evoc Hip Pack Hydration Bladder 1.5L | waist bag Evoc Hydration Bladder 1.5
from: 25 gbp
Osprey Transporter Waist Bag | waist bag Osprey Transporter
from: 24 gbp
Osprey Daylite Waist Bag | waist bag Osprey Daylite
from: 25 gbp
Deuter Pulse 3 | waist bag Deuter Pulse 3
from: 42 gbp
Osprey Savu 2 Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey Savu 2
from: 33 gbp
Osprey Savu 5 Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey Savu 5
from: 46 gbp
Nike Slim Waistpack 3.0 | waist bag Nike Slim 3.0
from: 19 gbp
Evoc Hip Pack Pro 3L with 1.5L Bladder | waist bag Evoc Pro 31.5Bladder
from: 108 gbp
Camelbak Podium Flow Belt Waist Bag (620ml/21oz) | waist bag Camelbak Podium Flow
from: 35 gbp
Osprey Seral 7 Hydration Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey Seral 7 Hydration
from: 58 gbp
Osprey Ultralight Stuff Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey Ultralight Stuff
from: 27 gbp
Jack Wolfskin Hokus Pokus Waist Bag | waist bag Jack Wolfskin Hokus Pokus
from: 19 gbp
Osprey Seral 4 Hydration Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey Seral 4 Hydration
from: 44 gbp
Osprey UL Stuff Waist Pack | waist bag Osprey UL Stuff
from: 25 gbp
Polaris Aquanought Bumbag | waist bag Polaris Aquanought
from: 35 gbp
Evoc Pro E-Ride 3L Hip Waist Pack | waist bag Evoc Pro E-Ride 3Hip
from: 95 gbp
SPIbelt Sport Duel Pocket | waist bag SPIbelt Sport Duel Pocket
from: 27 gbp
Trespass Dax - Bæltetaske 2,5 liter - Sort | waist bag Trespass Dax liter
from: 24 gbp
CamelBak Podium Flow Belt Hydrering Hip Pack, turkis/sort | waist bag Camelbak Podium Flow Hydrering
from: 36 gbp
EVOC Hip Pack Pro medium, sort | waist bag Evoc Pro
from: 81 gbp

Waist Bags

A waist bag has adjustable straps with a buckle on the end to help in securing it above your hips. It has many names depending on the region you are from. For instance, in some parts of America, it is a fanny pack, in Britain, it is a bumbag, and so forth. It is currently trending with new designers calling them hands-free bags and belted satchels.

Types of Waist Bags

There are numerous different waist bag designs available in the market. Some of the waist bags available:

  • Waterproof waist bags – These are waist bags with a waterproof lining to protect your stuff. The waist bag waterproof has several zip pockets to allow easy access to whatever you put inside. 
  • Convertible clutch waist bag – This waist bag comes with a detachable strap that changes it to a clutch bag. It is made of natural leather with a variety of colors.
  • Multi-functional waist bag – This waist bag comes in two distinct designs. You can either carry it as a cross-body, shoulder bag, or a top handle add-on.
  • Unisex fanny pack – This fanny pack is ideal for both women and men who like darker hues with simple designs.
  • Monogram waist bag – This is a classic-style waist bag with a vintage feel. 
  • Sporty spice fanny pack – This fanny pack is ideal for sporting activities like jogging, bike riding, skateboarding, hiking, and many more.
  • Card slots fanny pack – This waist bag is an ideal replacement for your wallet. It has slots for your credit and business cards.

Tactical Waist Bags

These are waist bags with Velcro that are mainly for military purposes. It is also a valuable accessory for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts. It comes in various prints and is an ideal everyday carry bag. Most tactical waist bags have Velcro in their lining that allows you to add extra stuff on your trip outdoors. 

How to Choose Waist Bag Materials

Among the things to consider when selecting a waist bag from Velomio is the material or fabric is made of. The fabric or materials dictates your waist bag’s durability, shape, price, aesthetic value, and many more. Some of the fabrics include canvas, Velcro, leather, nylon, vegan leather, denim, and many more.

How to Get the Best Waist Bags

If you are looking for a wide range of designs to select from, visit Velomio.com and choose what you like. There are numerous other sites for you to check out. Do as much research as you need to find what is ideal for you.

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