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Shoe Covers

If you want to purchase shoe covers, then you should be informed about what a high-quality shoe cover looks like. That is why we at Velomio have created this detailed guide to make your search easier and faster.

What is a Shoe Cover?

Shoe covers are used for protection, temperature control, or as general precautionary measures against stains. They can be worn over your shoes for any reason. For example, you may want to avoid staining the floor when you get indoors after a hard day’s ride. It may be to keep your shoes from getting wet, cold, hot, or in other conditions.

Whatever the reason may be, this is an especially useful product that you may have a reason to purchase in the near or far future—if you are not already thinking about getting one now. The next thing that may come to mind after understanding what you need this product for is your budget for shopping.

Choosing the Right Shoe Cover

If you were to just look at an online product catalog (e.g., Velomio) now, you might get confused when you see all the options available to you. That is because without knowing what to look for, how can you make a choice? At Velomio we focus on making sure that you get the right product. The criteria to consider when thinking of which shoe cover to buy includes the following.

Shoe Cover Material

Most disposable shoe covers are made from woven polypropylene. This is because the material is easy to source in large quantities. It is also cheaper to purchase. However, due to how cheap they are, disposable shoe cover can only be worn for a few hours due to their low durability.

PVC or plastic shoe covers last longer than polypropylene. They are water-resistant which means that they are great for wet conditions.

Foam is another good material that shoe covers are made from. You can use them to prevent your shoes from causing damage to some types of floor surfaces. Nylon shoe covers have high durability, making them good for outdoor use. Owners can also use them indoors.


The size of shoe covers you want to buy should match your shoe size. However, make sure that you check the size guide of the manufacturer to make a smart decision. Take this seriously, especially if you are shopping for the types of shoe covers cycling enthusiasts’ wear. Wearing one that is well-suited for your shoes will minimize the intrusion of drafts—making pedaling comfortable while cycling.

Once you are ready to begin to shop for shoe covers, then your search for top quality products can start on the Velomio comparison site.

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