Whether you call it a handheld mixer, or protein shaker, Velomio can help you to get the best shaker to fit your needs and style.
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BioTechUSA Wave Shaker (3x) | shaker BioTechUSA Wave
from: 6 gbp
SmartShake Slim 500ml | shaker SmartShake Slim
from: 8 gbp
SmartShake DC Comics 800ml-Harley Quinn | shaker SmartShake DC Comics Harley Quinn
from: 17 gbp
SmartShake DC Comics 800ml-Justice League | shaker SmartShake DC Comics Justice League
from: 17 gbp
SmartShake DC Comics 800ml-Wonderwoman | shaker SmartShake DC Comics Wonderwoman
from: 17 gbp
SmartShake One 800ml | shaker SmartShake One
from: 11 gbp
SmartShake One 800ml-Deep Rose | shaker SmartShake One Deep Rose
from: 11 gbp
SmartShake Revive 750ml-Black | shaker SmartShake Revive
from: 11 gbp
SmartShake Revive 750ml-Houndstooth | shaker SmartShake Revive Houndstooth
from: 11 gbp
Shaker 500ml m. beholder | shaker SmartShake beholder
from: 7 gbp
SiS Shaker Bottle For Mixing Powdered Drinks | shaker SIS Mixing Powdered Drinks
from: 5 gbp
Enervit Sport Shaker 700ml | shaker Enervit Sport
from: 2 gbp
BodyLab Shaker Bottle PLUS (BPA-fri) Sort - Kvalitets shaker | shaker Bodylab PLUS
from: 4 gbp
Bodylab Bamboo Shaker 275ml | shaker Bodylab Bamboo
from: 11 gbp
Smartshake Original2go 600ml Neon Pink | shaker SmartShake Original2go
from: 10 gbp
SmartShake DC Comics 800ml-Supergirl | shaker SmartShake DC Comics Supergirl
from: 17 gbp
SmartShake Lite 1000ml-Lavender | shaker SmartShake Lite
from: 9 gbp
Smartshake Double Wall 750ml Splash | shaker SmartShake Double Wall Splash
from: 11 gbp
Smartshake Revive 750ml Camo White | shaker SmartShake Revive Camo White
from: 11 gbp
Smartshake Slim 500 ml Pure White | shaker SmartShake Slim Pure White
from: 9 gbp
CNP Professional Shaker 700 ml | shaker CNP Professional
from: 4 gbp
SmartShake DC Comics 800ml | shaker SmartShake DC Comics
from: 17 gbp
SmartShake Lite 1000ml-Forrest Grey | shaker SmartShake Lite Forrest
from: 9 gbp
SmartShake One 800ml-Grey Mist | shaker SmartShake One Mist
from: 11 gbp


At Velomio, a shaker is a container for holding liquids but is essentially different from standard lidded cups or water bottles. The most distinctive feature of the shaker bottle is its mixing mechanism. It has a unique way of breaking up and blending the ingredients into a smooth shake. 

The mixing mechanism is also known as a shaker ball, agitator, or whisk ball, just to name a few. In addition to this mechanism, there are other distinguishing features that you should know about when buying a shaker.

Distinguishing Features

There are three distinct components that a shaker has – the lid, the bottle material, and the mixing mechanism. All shakers at Velomio meet these features.

The Bottle Lid

With all the shaking involved, the shaker’s lid is an important component. It needs to stay in place when shaking. You do want milk and protein powder spilling all over the place. The perfect shaker should have a tight lid and come with a leak-proof guarantee. 

The Shaker Bottle Material

The material that makes the shaker is also important since it makes a difference aesthetically, controls the temperature of the contents, and impacts the shake's taste. Some of them include:

  • Insulated Shakers – These shakers have double-walls made of stainless steel and are vacuum insulated. They can keep your drink cold or hot for many hours while preserving the freshness.
  • Plastic Shakers – These are the most common types of shakers. However, not all plastics are similar. Ensure to look out for a shaker that is phthalate and BPA-free so that harmful compounds do not get to your drink. Plastic shakers are also light, meaning they do not add unnecessary weight to your bike.
  • Glass Shakers – This is another viable option since glass is resistant to odor and stains. Many people consider it cleaner and purer. To protect the glass from breaking, these shakers are usually encased in a protective sleeve.

The Mixing Mechanism

The mixing mechanism is what differentiates a shaker from a traditional bottle. Some of the different mixing mechanisms include built-in screens, built-in mini motors, strainers, and ball or propeller-shaped agitators, among others. 

It is important to get a shaker with a high-performance mixing mechanism that whips inside the entire bottle to reach every last bit of the mixture. 

Other factors to consider include the purpose of the shaker, the size, and the style. Whether you are looking for a shaker for work out sessions or for your daily bike riding, we at Velomio have the best shakers for you to compare.

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