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When it is time to replace your pulley wheels, Velomio can help you find the best price on the internet. We find and compare products, so you do not have to!
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Shopping Settings | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed Shopping Settings
from: 130 gbp
Pulleyhjul CeramicSpeed SRAM Eagle | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed SRAM Eagle
from: 198 gbp
Shimano 105 RD-R7000 pulleyhjul sæt | pulley wheel Shimano 105 RD-R7000
from: 9 gbp
CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for SRAM 11 speed, Aluminium pulleyhjul | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed SRAM
from: 142 gbp
Pulleyhjul Shimano 105/Deore/Sora | pulley wheel Shimano 105 Deore Sora
from: 9 gbp
Shimano RD-M9000 XTR 11 Speed Jockey Wheels | pulley wheel Shimano RD- XTR
from: 38 gbp
Shimano RD-M430 Alivio 9 Speed Jockey Wheels | pulley wheel Shimano RD- Alivio
from: 6 gbp
Pulleyhjul og Cage kit SRAM Eagle XX1 12 speed Sort | pulley wheel SRAM Cage kit Eagle XX1
from: 71 gbp
Tension & Guide Pulley Set | pulley wheel Shimano Tension & Guide
from: 9 gbp
BBB AluBoys Jockey Wheel | pulley wheel BBB AluBoys
from: 26 gbp
CeramicSpeed OSPW System SRAM Mechanical | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed OSPW System SRAM
from: 366 gbp
CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley hjul system (belægning) | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed system
from: 360 gbp
Pulleyhjul og Cage kit SRAM XX1 11 speed Sort | pulley wheel SRAM Cage kit XX1
from: 71 gbp
CeramicSpeed OSPW System Shimano 9000-6800 | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed OSPW System Shimano 9000-6800
from: 334 gbp
CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for Shimano 11 speed, Aluminium Pulleyhjul | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed Shimano
from: 154 gbp
Shimano XTR M9100 - Pulleyhjul sæt - 2 stk. - 13 tands | pulley wheel Shimano PD-M9100
from: 28 gbp
BBB Rollerboys Ceramic Jockey Wheels | pulley wheel BBB Rollerboys
from: 11 gbp
Shimano Deore - Pulleyhjul - 1 sæt - Til bagskifter - RD-M5100 | pulley wheel Shimano Deore 1 RD-
from: 6 gbp
BBB BDP-11 RollerBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels | pulley wheel BBB BDP-11 RollerBoys
from: 26 gbp
Shimano RD-6700 Ultegra 10 Speed Jockey Wheels | pulley wheel Shimano RD-6700 Ultegra
from: 16 gbp
SRAM RED X-SYNC Ceramic Bearing Pulleys | pulley wheel SRAM SYNC
from: 112 gbp
BBB BDP-22 - AluBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels 11T | pulley wheel BBB BDP-22 AluBoys 11T
from: 40 gbp
Shimano Pulleyhjul RD-RX810 | pulley wheel Shimano RD-RX810
from: 18 gbp
CeramicSpeed OSPW System Shimano R9200-R8100 | pulley wheel CeramicSpeed OSPW System Shimano R9200-R8100
from: 411 gbp

Pulley Wheel

A pulley wheel from Velomio is a wheel-based motorized system that guides or steers your bike. Pulley wheels usually work as a pair to drive, hold, locate and add pressure to the chain which connects the moving parts, sprockets, or cogs. 

Velomio can help you find the perfect pulley wheel.

Types of Pulley Wheels

Pulley Wheels Nylon

Most pulley wheels are made of nylon or plastic parts because the material is less expensive to make. Aside from that, the functional advantage of nylon pulley wheels is that the nylon is resistant to wear and gives quality mechanical strength to the wheels. The material’s self-oiling properties and low amount of friction make the wheels useful during high-speed operations. Nylon pulley wheels also have good sliding qualities, great thermal stability, and high collision strength.

Pulley Wheels Aluminum

Are aluminum pulley wheels worth the extra money for the change from nylon pulley wheels? Aluminum pulley wheels are made of metal to improve a bike’s performance by decreasing friction and saving the bike’s life. Aluminum gives the pulley wheels a smooth and accurate shifting, and the wheels are fashioned to operate with less drag.

Choosing the Right Type of Pulley Wheel

Both nylon and aluminum pulley wheels are great picks for your bike. However, when it comes to choosing the right fit, consider the cost, durability, lifespan, and resistance.

  • Cost: Based on your budget, which option is cheaper for you?
  • Resilience/durability: Which material causes less damage on the chain or is less likely to stop working completely?
  • Lifespan: Which material is likely to last longer?
  • Resistance: Which material can work in various weather conditions?

Does Pulley Wheel Size Matter?

The common pulley wheel sizes are 10T, 11T, 13T, and 15T. In friction matters, larger pulleys are more efficient because they have a lower rotational speed and chain tension. Larger pulley wheels also translate into larger circumference, therefore reduced wear, and tear. 

When to Replace A Pulley Wheel

You can know when to change your pulley wheels by examining the wheels first. If the cogs on the pulley wheel are sharp and rough or worn and smooth-edged it is usually a sign that the wheels need replacing. Replacing your pulley wheels on time will protect the life of your cog set, derailleur, and chain, which are more costly pieces. If you want to find the best pulley wheels for your bike, consider the quality options from Velomio and buy yourself a superior one.

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