Finding mudguards is a breeze with Velomio. We list all of the top products so you can find the one that will keep your butt dry.
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Cube ACID 53 Skærm sæt 28 ", sort | mudguard Cube Acid
from: 3 gbp
RockShox - Stumpskærm til MTB - Front - Sort/Grøn | mudguard RockShox Front
from: 8 gbp
BBB Grandprotect bagskærm MTB | mudguard BBB GrandProtect
save: 20 % from: 14 gbp
Zefal Shield Lite M Skærm Baghjul, hvid/sort | mudguard Zefal Shield Lite
save: 10 % from: 7 gbp
Topeak TetraRack M2 bagskærm | mudguard Topeak TetraRack
from: 16 gbp
SKS Stumpskærm Mudrocker | mudguard SKS Mudrocker
from: 26 gbp
SKS S Blade Fixed Bagskærm (racercykel) | mudguard SKS Blade
from: 18 gbp
SKS X-blade MTB bagskærm 29" | mudguard SKS blade 29
from: 23 gbp
SKS Nightblade Mudguard With Integrated Light | mudguard SKS Nightblade Integrated Light
from: 32 gbp
SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguard Set | mudguard SKS Raceblade Pro
from: 37 gbp
SKS Shockboard Forskærm | mudguard SKS Shockboard
from: 15 gbp
SKS Speedrocker. | mudguard SKS Speedrocker
from: 48 gbp
SKS Shockblade forskærm 29" | mudguard SKS Shockblade 29
from: 24 gbp
Canyon CLLCTV Mudguard XL | mudguard Canyon CLLCTV
from: 9 gbp
SKS Raceblade Pro Stealth Series Mudguard | mudguard SKS Raceblade Pro Stealth
from: 48 gbp
Topeak DeFender RC11 Rear Mudguard | mudguard Topeak RC11
from: 15 gbp
Zefal Deflector RM60 Rear Mudguard | mudguard Zefal Deflector RM60
from: 9 gbp
SKS S-Board Forskærm (racercykel) | mudguard SKS Board
from: 12 gbp
SKS Stumpskærm Shockblade | mudguard SKS Shockblade
from: 18 gbp
Topeak Defender XC11 Bagskærm 27,5", sort/grå | mudguard Topeak 27 5
from: 24 gbp
Topeak DeFender M1 & XC11 Set - Skærm køb online | mudguard Topeak & Set
from: 38 gbp
Topeak DeFender RC1/RC11 Set - Skærm køb online | mudguard Topeak RC1 RC11 Set
from: 29 gbp
Topeak DeFender RX 279er - Skærm køb online | mudguard Topeak RX 279er
from: 15 gbp
Topeak Tetrafender M2 - Skærm køb online | mudguard Topeak Tetrafender
from: 31 gbp


Finding the perfect bike mudguard can be difficult. However, the right bike mudguard from Velomio will be an invaluable accessory that will protect your bike from stuff thrown up by your bike’s wheels. 

Do you Need Mudguards for your Bike?

A good set of mudguards will provide good coverage on your bike’s wheels. This is important if you need to keep yourself and your clothes clean and dry, especially if you cycle to work. They will also protect mud, grit, and abrasive water from getting into your bike’s moving components where they can cause damage. 

If you engage in sportive or competitive cycling, bike mudguards will prevent dirty water or debris from splashing into the face of the cyclist behind you. Essentially, purchasing a set of mudguards for your bike is a matter of courtesy. If you are looking for good mudguards for your metal steed, you will find tons of comparisons that are perfect for you at Velomio. 

Choosing the Right Mudguards

For some bikers, bike mudguards can be somewhat of a love-hate component. It can be like wearing a chubby anorak over your best suit. Some competitive bike racers hate to drape their costly bikes in bulky aluminum or plastic mudguards. However, if you want to get to your destination as dry and clean as possible, you should think about much more than your bike’s aesthetics.  

Traditional Mudguards

This type of bike mudguard offers maximum wheel coverage. You will find them on road racers, city bikes, commuter bikes, and touring bikes. They offer great protection against mud, water, and debris; however, you cannot fit this type of mudguard on some types of bicycles that require quick removal. 

Traditional mudguards will offer a high level of protection to you, your bike, and your riding companions. This is because they catch most of the spray your bike’s wheels throw up. If you choose to purchase this type of bike mudguards, you need to understand that they come as standard on touring, city, and hybrid bikes where aesthetics and weight are less important than practicality and comfort.

Clip-On Bike Mudguards

This type of mudguard addresses the requirements of cyclists who want the option of taking them off or those who cannot fit regular or traditional mudguards on their bikes. They are a good option for bikers who do not want to disassemble half of their machines in the process of installing mudguards.

If you are thinking about purchasing a set of bike mudguards, you will find some great ideas and options at Velomio. 

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