Finding a mountain bike to hit the trails with is a difficult process. Our expert riders have shared some things to be aware of to make it easier.
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Mountain bikes

Choosing the right mountain bike can be confusing. Mountain bikes come in different sizes and styles. If it is your first MTB, you need to know the things to consider before you make a purchase. You need a good understanding and accurate knowledge about the type of MTB you want to ride to choose one that meets your specific needs.

You may want a mountain bike for commuting, touring, training, or riding around town. You may also want a more rugged bike designed for harsh terrain and the grass, rocks, roots, dirt, and bumps that come with it. This is why it is important to conduct adequate research before buying a mountain bike.

If you are trying to figure out the right MTB for you, you need to consider certain things, such as:

  • Riding Style: People have different riding styles. Each style of riding requires you to have a specific type of bike. Therefore, before you purchase a mountain bike, you need to consider how and where you plan to ride.
  • Fit: It is important to choose a bike that fits you well. To get the perfect fit, you need to visit a bicycle shop in person.
  • Features: some of the most important features to consider include the braking system, gearing, frame material, wheel size, and suspension.

For example, if you plan to do some serious cycling, you need one with MTB full suspension. With such a bike, you will be more comfortable over rough terrain, in addition to keeping you in control. Such a bike will push your cycling skills to the next level.


Types of Mountainbikes

Trail Bikes

This is one of the most popular types of mountain bikes. This is because you can use it to do many different types of racing. If you want to ride a mixture of descends and climbs or meet up with a group of riding friends, this is the perfect bike for you. Trail bikes place an equal emphasis on efficiency, fun, and practical overall weight.

This type of mountain bike provides 120mm to 140mm of suspension travel, as well as 67 degrees to 69 degrees head-tube angle. The amount of movement the bike’s rear and front suspension offers is the suspension travel. A steep head-tube angle, on the other hand, means that the bike climbs better and turns faster. A lower angle, however, means that the bike will have better stability, but it will not climb as well.

Fat-Tire Mountain Bikes

Some mountain bikes come with oversized tires. They can range from 3.7 inches to 5 inches in width. Such bines offer great traction, especially in snow or sand, which is an important factor to consider before making a purchase. They are also great for beginners since the wide tires allow riders to pick a lone through rugged terrain.

Cross-Country Mountain Bikes

This type of mountain bike is ideal for riding fast. It has an emphasis on climbing skills. Manufacturers of cross-country mountain bikes focus on low weight and efficiency. If you are planning to get more competitive, this is the MTB for you.

All-Mountain MTBs

You should think of this type of bike as an MTB on steroids. It is ideal for bigger and longer leg-burning ascents, natural and artificial features, and scarier descents. In addition to performing well on different types of terrains, this type of bike is also nimble and light enough to pedal uphill.

Park or Downhill Mountain Bikes

Most people prefer to ride this type of mountain bike at lift-service parks. Most park bikes are tough and big, and riders often wear body armor and full-face helmets as they tackle rock gardens, berms, jumps, and other types of obstacles.


Features to Look Out for When Choosing a Mountain Bike

Some of the most important features to look out for when choosing a mountain bike are the diameter of the wheel and the type of suspension. These features determine the type of terrain your bike will be able to handle. Other features you need to consider include the number of gears, frame material, and braking system. You also need to think about the following:


Most factors are secondary to the frame size of the bike. Nowadays, most bike manufacturing companies are focusing on large, small, and medium-sized frames. However, such factory-sized sizes do not suit all cyclists. For instance, there is no standard size for a medium-sized or large mountain bike.

One brand’s opinion of a large frame size will differ from another one’s. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the MTB you choose is fit for you. To determine the right size, think about the following:

Distance from bars and saddle

Distance from the mid-head tube to the center of the crank

Flashy Additions

As you look for a mountainbike, do not let an attractive rear mesh or other trinkets fool you. It is common for bike manufacturers to up-sell their products. A good-quality mesh, for example, is a good thing. Cranksets and shifters are also good. If you are looking for a mountain bike with such features, you need to do adequate research.

However, you need to understand one important thing. Low-spec bike components tend to break-down faster, in addition to being heavier than high-quality components. While choosing a mountain bike, therefore, you need to consider the quality of its components. The last thing you want to do is to use your hard-earned money for rudimentary additions.


You should think about buying a mountain bike with a popular or current design. Some modern designs come with great features such as a headset, internal routing for stealth droppers, and headpost with a small diameter.


If you are planning to purchase a mountain bike, you also need to think about the cost of a trail helmet, glasses, clothing, and other accessories. These expenses, however, are necessary for your safety. They will also make you look cool.

There are many types of mountain bikes to choose from; however, the tips outlined above will help you choose a bike that will suit your needs.

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