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Balance bikes are extremely good for teaching balancing to kids. This allows them to skip tricycles and stabilizers and directly switch to pedals later
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Puky LR M Plus - Løbecykel - 30 cm - Grøn | learner bike PUKY LR M
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Puky LR 1L fra 90 cm Løbecykel, Rosé/Pink | learner bike PUKY LR 1L
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Specialized Hotwalk 2021 Kids Balance Bike Gloss Acid Kiwi | learner bike Specialized Hotwalk
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Puky - Wutsch - Løbecykel - fra 1,5 år / 80 cm - Grå | learner bike PUKY Wutsch
save: 16 % from: 45 gbp
Puky PUKYlino fra 75 cm Løbecykel, Rosé | learner bike PUKY Pukylino
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Puky LR 1 fra 90cm Løbecykel, Red | learner bike PUKY LR 1
save: 12 % from: 67 gbp
Cruzee Superlight Balance Bike 12 | learner bike Cruzee Superlight 12
from: 98 gbp
Part Exchange Frog Tadpole Kids Balance Bike Orange | learner bike Frog Tadpole
from: 110 gbp
Puky Pukymoto - Løbecykel fra 1 1/2 år/85 cm - Blå/grå | learner bike PUKY Pukymoto
from: 49 gbp
Velogo - Løbecykel - Mat Sennep | learner bike Velogo Running Bike
from: 23 gbp
AGU PEXKIDS LØBECYKEL - GRØN | learner bike AGU Pexkids
from: 45 gbp
Puky LR Light Kids Balance Bike - 2021 | learner bike PUKY LR Light
from: 140 gbp
Puky - Ceety Comfort - Trehjulet med lad og skubbestang - Sort | learner bike PUKY Ceety Comfort
from: 143 gbp
Cube Cubie 120 12" Løbecykel, Lightblue | learner bike Cube Cubie 120
from: 114 gbp
Puky LR Ride Splash fra 90cm Løbecykel, Orange | learner bike PUKY LR
from: 56 gbp
Early Rider Spherovelo Løbecykel, Blue | learner bike Early Rider Spherovelo
from: 114 gbp
Fitsch Trehjulet cykel Børn, grå | learner bike PUKY Fitsch
from: 49 gbp
SCOTT Contessa Walker | learner bike Scott Contessa Walker
from: 149 gbp
Kinderline - Løbecykel i træ - Med EVA foam dæk - Lyseblå | learner bike Kinderline EVA foam
from: 28 gbp
BoBike Balance Løbecykel, Black/Blue | learner bike BoBike Balance
from: 57 gbp
Ridgeback Scoot 2022 - Kids Balance Bike | learner bike Ridgeback Scoot
from: 150 gbp
Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike - Red | learner bike Kiddimoto Super
from: 50 gbp
2021 Puky LR XL CLASSIC retro | learner bike PUKY LR XL
from: 120 gbp
Subrosa Altus 2021 Balance BMX Bike | learner bike Subrosa Altus
from: 196 gbp

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Puky LR M Plus - Løbecykel - 30 cm - Grøn | learner bike PUKY LR M
save: 21 % from: 58 gbp
Puky - Wutsch - Løbecykel - fra 1,5 år / 80 cm - Grå | learner bike PUKY Wutsch
save: 16 % from: 45 gbp
Puky LR 1L fra 90 cm Løbecykel, Rosé/Pink | learner bike PUKY LR 1L
save: 15 % from: 76 gbp
Puky LR 1 fra 90cm Løbecykel, Red | learner bike PUKY LR 1
save: 12 % from: 67 gbp

What Is a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are meant for kids. They are also called dandy horses, no-pedal bikes, or run bikes. Essentially, a balance bike is outdoor training equipment for kids to help them learn balancing and steering. This makes them transition to bikes later on easier.

A balance bike is powered by running with feet. There is a seat and steering but no pedals, drivetrain, chain, gears, gear shifting mechanism, derailleurs, or freewheel.

Many ask what the point of a balance bike is. Well, the primary purpose of a balance bike is to train a kid in balancing and steering.

Why Go for a Balance Bike?

The hardest part in learning to ride a bike for any kid is balancing it. Essentially, when someone starts riding a bike for the first time, the training wheels actively prevent them from even attempting to balance.

They will be off to a bad, off-balance start if they learn it this way.

If a kid learns to balance and steer beforehand, the transition to a normal kid’s bike becomes much easier. No training wheels are required either.

Balancing while sitting and in motion is a great way to learn to ride a bike.

The best balance bikes are exceptionally light, lower to the ground, and easy to maneuver. Consequently, they provide a great method of learning balance and steering early on. Your child will most probably not require training wheels or stabilizers when you get them a kid's bike later.

Who Is a Balance Bike Ideal For?

Balance bikes are good for kids from 18 months of age to 7 years old. If your child can walk, they can use a balance bike.

Usually, balance bikes are grouped as for toddlers 1-5 years old and 5+ years. However, it is better to search for balance bikes for your kid based on their exact age. For example, balance bikes for a 1-year-old are slightly different from balance bikes for 2 years old toddlers.

The major difference is the height and weight of the frame. When your child outgrows the balance bike you can always replace it with another or go with a kid’s bike with pedals.

Best Balance Bikes: What to Look Out for?

There are not a lot of considerations while buying a balance bike for your kid. They are fairly straightforward. The first thing you need to look out for is the frame height. The weight comes a close second.

If you get the right height and weight, it will be more than enough.

A comfortable seat is also important. To develop the skill of balancing without pedaling, it is particularly important that kids can walk with the balance bikes for longer durations.

The frame, fork, wheels, and handlebars are the only other parts in a balance bike. So that is all you need to look out for.

Some balance bikes might also have brakes. It’s not really important to get your kid to start paying attention to brakes this early but can help nonetheless. Braking can be reserved for the pedaling experience.

How to Help Your Child Learn a Balance Bike?

There are a few methods you can try so that kids have a better time on a balance bike.

Striding and gliding are both techniques that you should ideally start with. Providing support is also important in the beginning until your child is completely confident in walking with the balance bike on their own.

Striding slowly leads to gliding by itself so there is not much work needed on that front.

Once they are good with a balance bike for several months, you can get a kid’s bicycle for them. When pedals are introduced, things are bound to get a little difficult but nothing uncontrollable as they would already know balancing and steering.

When to Start Riding a Balance Bike?

The ideal age for starting with a balance bike is typically 12-18 months. Do not worry if those little legs feel out of proportion with the bike’s frame. It is perfectly alright for the balance bike to feel proportionally bigger. With some practice, moving around on the balance bike will become smoother and effortless.

Do not push it if they scare your child. Wait a couple more months and then try again.

Balance bikes also come in various sizes. It might help to go for a smaller bike early on if your child is not physically strong enough to handle a bigger one. This happens more often with one year old kids. Balance bikes for 1-year old can be hard to handle. In this case, you can go for small ones. The only problem is that once they have learned maneuvering it, the bike will be too small. It is generally a good idea to get balance bikes for 2 years old toddlers when your child is 2, replacing the smaller one, before moving to a kid’s bike with pedals directly.

Wrapping Up

It is a general consensus that balance bikes are much better than training wheels. They make for a much smoother transition to learning to ride a bike. Steering and balancing are key aspects of riding a bike and if your child knows it beforehand, it makes for a much better experience.

Starting directly to pedal means your child will learn to ride a bike off-balance or on a tilt (as is the case with training wheels and stabilizers). That is not the ideal way and takes way more time to effectively learn the important skill.

A balance bike early on takes care of that problem.

Conflicted between different balance bikes? Do not fret. We have handpicked the best ones for you to choose from. Our product comparisons will help you find the best balance bike for your kid.

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