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Buying a kid’s bike is a huge purchase. Make sure you follow these expert tips to stay safe and comfortable. We know the best purchase!
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Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 625 | kids bike Cube Reaction
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16 tommer Winther 150 - Pink 16" | kids bike Winther 150
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12" Kildemoes Bikerz. | kids bike Kildemoes Bikerz
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Centurion Basic Urban+ | kids bike Centurion Basic Urban
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24" Winther 250 Granny - Sort | kids bike Winther 250
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24" MBK Mud XP - Orange | kids bike MBK Mud XP
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Norden Clara | kids bike Norden Clara
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26" MBK Mud DNA - Grå | kids bike MBK Mud DNA
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Kildemoes Intruder 3 gear 20" | kids bike Kildemoes Intruder
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26" Winther 300 - Sort 26" | kids bike Winther 300
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20" Winther R2 - Sort 20" | kids bike Winther R2
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Orbea MX 20 Dirt | kids bike Orbea MX 20 Dirt
from: 333 gbp
Puky LS-PRO | kids bike PUKY LS-PRO
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Orbea MX 24 Dirt | kids bike Orbea MX 24 Dirt
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Orbea MX 24 Team | kids bike Orbea MX 24 Team
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Orbea Laufey 24 H30 | kids bike Orbea Laufey 24 H30
from: 542 gbp
Specialized RipRock | kids bike Specialized RipRock
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24" Centurion Basic Outback - Grøn 24" | kids bike Centurion Basic Outback
save: 13 % from: 487 gbp
Scott Scale | kids bike Scott Scale
from: 364 gbp
Specialized Jett | kids bike Specialized Jett
from: 350 gbp
Kildemoes Bikerz Retro 3g | kids bike Kildemoes Bikerz Retro
save: 9 % from: 630 gbp
26" Winther R1 - Sølv 26" | kids bike Winther R1
save: 12 % from: 475 gbp
Orbea MX 24 Park - Nearly New 2021 - Junior Bike | kids bike Orbea MX 24 Park
from: 319 gbp
Cube Acid 240 24w 2022 - Kids Bike | kids bike Cube Acid 240
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16 tommer Winther 150 - Pink 16" | kids bike Winther 150
save: 12 % from: 238 gbp

Kids Bikes

Buying kids are a major purchase, both in terms of the excitement that comes with them and the cost. Choosing a good bike for your child is a serious undertaking. If it is your kid’s first bike, you should ensure that his/her riding experience is enjoyable and safe.

Shopping for a kids’ bike is not as easy as it sounds. Kids’ bike sizes, for instance, are strangely sized. Additionally, many of the best kids’ bike brands out there are not the same as those in the adult market. If you are having a hard time choosing a good bike for your kid, take a deep breath and relax. This article will provide you with tips on how to choose the best bicycle for your little one. Some of the most helpful tips include the following:

Understand the Different Sizes

Kids’ bikes come in different sizes, for example, kids bike 20 inch, kids bike 24 inch, kids bike 12 inch, kids bike 14 inch, kids bike 16 inch, and kids bike 18 inch. These sizes reference the tire/wheel size of the bike. With adult bikes, however, the size quoted references the frame of the bicycle.

The typical wheel sizes for kids’ bikes are 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. The best way to determine the right wheel size for your kid is to measure his/her inseam.

Measure your Kid’s Inseam

A bike recommended for a five-year-old, for example, may fit one child at six years and another at four years. This is because kids grow differently, and each one deserves a bicycle that will fit him/her. Many kids’ bike manufacturers disclose the right inseam length for each bike. To measure your child’s inseam, simply grab a tape measure, pencil, book, and your little one.

Have your child stand against a wall barefoot and have him/her hold a book between his/her legs, as close to his/her crotch as possible. Use your pencil to mark the wall at the top of the book and then measure the distance from the floor to the mark. It is wise to choose a bicycle that is within the low end of the recommended range of inseam to give your kid some room to grow. You do not want to buy a kids’ bicycle that is a size up. Riding such a bike is both dangerous and frustrating.

Check the Brakes

It is important to do some research on the safest brakes for a kids’ bike. A bike with low-quality brakes will endanger your little one. A well-made kids’ bike will have lever brakes specially-designed for weak, small hands. You should be able to squeeze the brake lever of your child’s bike with your pinky finger.

Many people believe that coaster brakes are the safest option for children. However, you need to understand that you cannot back-pedal a bike with a coaster brake. For a kid just learning to ride a bike, this can be very difficult and frustrating. For children moving to a pedal bike from a balance bike, they can stop suddenly and fall over when they try to backpedal.

Also, there is no modulation with coaster brakes. They are either off or on. If you do some serious riding with your family, this can be a real problem. It is easy to lock-up or skid when coaster brakes are in the off position. If you still insist on buying a bike with coaster brakes, consider choosing one with both hand and coaster brakes. Most kids’ bikes with wheels larger than 20 inches have hand brakes.

Choose a Lightweight Bike

As ridiculous as it sounds, many kids’ bikes on the market are absurdly heavy. It is common for some to weigh as much as half of the kid’s body weight. Others are even heavier than an adult bike. If you are going to choose a bike for your child, you need to consider its weight. If it is too heavy, your child will have a difficult time maneuvering it.

Besides, he/she will be unable to ride it too far. A titanium or aluminum frame is quite light. You can also choose one with a steel frame, as long as other components of the bike, such as the wheels, are light enough.

Research the best Brands on the Market

Certain brands are heads and shoulders above the rest. If you want an awesome bike for your child, consider going for the best brands on the market. The best brands are those that develop and design their bicycles specifically for kids. This ensures child-appropriate weight and height, in addition to having high-quality components that will last longer.

Such bikes feature prominently on resale websites, which is something you should remember. If you buy a high-quality bike for your child, you will be able to sell it once he/she outgrows it for a good price.

Purchase from a Bicycle Shop

If you are looking for a good bike for your child, the last thing you want to do is go to a supermarket chain. Buying from any big box store is like purchasing scuba gear and skis from such stores. That said, it is important to understand that some bike shops sell crappy bikes as well. Therefore, you need to do some research on the type of bike you want before you go shopping.

If you are worried that buying from a bike shop is too expensive, you need to remember that a high-quality bike is more economical in the long run. Several siblings might end up using it before it breaks down completely. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, you can sell it and get a fair price on certain sites, such as Craigslist.

Also, instead of buying an expensive bike from a bicycle shop, you can browse Craigslist for a good-quality used kids’ bike. If you choose to buy a new bike, however, look for one from manufacturers who provide a lifetime warranty to original owners. This is extremely important in case something happens, such as a cracked frame.

If you are still having trouble choosing the right kids’ bike for your child, you will find some of the best options here at Velomio.

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