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CE Certification
Setting the course. In your head and on the road. - The Effektor footbed works effectively with every step to keep your performance levels up. It does so by specifically stimulating the soles of your feet. The brain reacts by sending out more messengers, resulting inacceleration of the metabolism and improved circulation. Apatented system of cooling channels ensures that your foot remains at the perfect working temperature mile after mile.

Technical details

Air-Conditioning Channel®
This uses the energy created in every step. The cushioning around the arch of the foot acts like an air pump. When you place your foot on the ground, it pumps moist, overheated air out of your shoe. During the rolling movement, this creates a vacuum into which fresh air then streams. The Air-Conditioning Channel® is a fine woven mesh that starts under the arch of the foot and ensures permanent air circulation, even in a firmly secured shoe. For dry, fresh feet, step by step.

Anatomically shaped Effektor footbed
The anatomically shaped Effektor footbed, tailored to the "R" (right) and "L" (left) foot, and with an integral Air-Conditioning Channel®, protects and supports the foot even in situations of sustained stress. Ensuring that the feet remain individually supported and padded according to their anatomical shape at the areas subject to the greatest stress, such as the front of the foot. At the same time, the partial compression stimulates the foot's natural reactions: circulation is activated and the supply of nutrients is enhanced. Your feet gain in performance, support and stability and are ideally ventilated without losing contact with the shoe as a result of superfluous and constricting cushioning.

X-Cross® Bandage
Our feet rely on a sensitive interaction of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. And just one careless step is all it takes to upset this finely tuned balance. The unique, patented cross-ankle bandage acts to cushion and stabilise the sensitive ankle area without restricting freedom of movement.

AirFlow Ankle Pad
The ankle often rubs on footwear and after a fall which causes a foot injury, it is generally the ankle that suffersmost. AirFlow Ankle Pads cushion and protect the ankle, keep it a safe distance from the shoe and thus help to ensure continuous air circulation.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector
This consists of two pieces and is made of highly wear-resistant, shock-absorbing material. It provides protection from pressure points and chafing caused by footwear. The sensitive Achilles tendon is relieved from pressure.

Instep Protector with AirDuct Structur
The three-dimensional chamber structure relieves pressure on the instep while at the same time ensuring effective air circulation in this area.

Extensor Protector
The three-piece Protector relieves pressure on two cord - like tendons.

ToeTip Protector
Protects tips of toes.

Self-adjusting cuff
The highly elastic cuff ensures perfect fit without constricting.

Heel Protector
Guards against pressure and friction.

Traverse AirFlow Channel System
This three-section traverse ventilation system also supports exchanges of air under the sole of your foot.

Toe Protector
Guards against blisters and chafing.

Triple Air Guide®
Additional air direction system.

88% polyamide, 7% polypropylene, 5% elastane

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14 GBP
14 GBP

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