ROSE High Comfort stem

ROSE High Comfort stem | item_misc
For kids
Due to its slightly v-shaped handlebar clamp­ing plate, this elegant stem looks quite interesting. With an angle of 17°, you get a comfortable riding position without having to compromise on road behaviour. For those who prefer an athletic riding position, the stem can also be used with -17°.
· Handlebar clamp: Ø 31,8 mm
· Material: aluminium 6061 T6
· Clamping height on steerer tube: 42 mm
· Screw-on 4-point handlebar clamp
· Angle: ±17°
· For threadless forks with shaft outer Ø 28,6 mm*
· Weight: approx.140 g (100 mm)
· Available in 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or 120 mm length
Please specify length!

· Category: 3 (please click on the button for more information)
The stem may be used on paved roads, gravel paths and demanding trails with jumps and steps up to a height of 61 cm.

25 GBP