If you own a bike, one of the most important accessories you need are cycling horns. Velomio can help you find the one you have been dreaming of.
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Bluegrass Big Horn Knee + Shin - Protektor køb online | horns Bluegrass Big Horn Knee Shin Protektor
from: 34 gbp
XLC Horn / Båthorn | horns XLC Horn
from: 6 gbp
XLC Bulb Horn (DD-H01) | horns XLC Bulb Horn
from: 6 gbp
XLC Post Horn Bulb Horn (DD-H02) | horns XLC Post Horn Bulb Horn
from: 8 gbp
Cykelhorn i plast frø-motiv | horns Point frø-motiv
from: 6 gbp
Bumper Bugle Bulb Horn | horns Horn Bumper Bugle Bulb
from: 8 gbp
Horn Bike Attitude Lige Model Chrom Metal mGummibold | horns Bike Attitude Horn Lige Chrom mGummibold
from: 9 gbp
XLC cykelhorn krokodille | horns XLC krokodille
from: 7 gbp
XLC cykelhorn giraf | horns XLC giraf
from: 7 gbp
Cykelhorn til børn - Frost motiv | horns Horn motiv
from: 8 gbp
bluegrass Big Horn Benskinner, sort | horns Bluegrass Big Horn Benskinner
from: 43 gbp
BUZZRACK E-Hornet 3 Cykelholder | horns Buzz Rack E-3
from: 311 gbp
Horn B17 Monteringssæt 220 mm til Chain Guard Catena 17, sort | horns Horn B17 Monteringssæt 220 mm Catena 17
from: 11 gbp
Bumper 9" Bulb Horn | horns Horn Bumper 9 Bulb
from: 7 gbp
Raleigh Bulb Horn | horns Raleigh Bulb Horn
from: 9 gbp
Horn Bike Attitude Posthorn Chrom Metal mGummibold | horns Bike Attitude Horn Posthorn Chrom mGummibold
from: 12 gbp
Disney Biler Lynet McQueen cykelhorn | horns Disney Biler Lynet McQueen
from: 12 gbp
Cykelhorn i plast hval-motiv | horns Point hval-motiv
from: 5 gbp
DARTMOOR Geardrop til Hornet / Hornet 4X | horns DARTMOOR 4
from: 11 gbp
Horn Længde adapter til Catena 05-3/05-0/06, sort | horns Horn Længde adapter Catena 05-3 05-0 06
from: 8 gbp
XLC DD-H03 Horn for Handlebar Mount Kids, gul | horns XLC H03 Horn
from: 7 gbp
OnGear - Båthorn - Krom og gummi | horns On Gear OnGear Krom gummi
from: 3 gbp
XLC Posthorn DD-H02, sølv/sort | horns XLC Posthorn H02
from: 8 gbp
XLC cykelhorn hval | horns XLC hval
from: 7 gbp

Cycling Horns

Do you ride your bike to work every day? Are you tired of the chaotic traffic in your area? If so, you need to look for a good cycling horn to help you get to your destination safer and sooner. When it comes to navigating through dense traffic, a cycling horn is an essential component. It may not be cool-looking; however, it is an essential part of your cycling toolbox.  
Choosing a good bike horn or bell, however, is not as easy as it sounds. You need to compare several cycling horns and do adequate research to make the right choice. Fortunately, at Velomio, you will find comparisons of cycling horns to suit your needs.

Choosing the Right Cycling Horn

For whom does the cycling horn make a sound? It is for you. This is the most important thing you need to understand. When you purchase this bike accessory, you will have several benefits. For starters, the jaywalker in front of you will take notice of you. You might even make him/her jump out of his/her skin. Also, that careless driver talking or texting on his/her phone will notice you. You will not need to yank his/her phone away and smash it.

Why you Need a Cycling Horn

Are you a cyclist? Do you wish you had a device that would make some guys jump out of your way? This is where moderation comes in. A bike horn from Velomio will help you achieve your goals. Actually, in certain countries, a cycling bell or horn is mandatory to guarantee maximum cycling safety. For instance, a hearing-impaired person will respond to a cycling horn faster than he/she would respond to a cheery hello. 
You also need to understand that drivers do not always see you when you are riding your bike. Therefore, you need to find a way to make your presence known with a loud beep or honk. This is why you need to choose the right cycling horn. Your choice, however, will depend on its power and pitch. 

Factors to Consider when Buying a Bike Horn

  • Your riding skills
  • Loudness
  • Ease of installation
  • Fit
  • Durability and quality

The main purposes of a cycling horn are to ward off accidents and make other people aware of your presence. If you frequently cycle on a busy street, path, or city, a bike horn is an indispensable component.

If you are having a difficult time finding the right bike horn, Velomio will give you some great ideas and options here.

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