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Buff ThermoNet Halsrør, sort/grå | headwear Buff ThermoNet
from: 20 gbp
GripGrab Skull Cap Hi-Vis - Trafiksikker og varm hjelmhue | headwear GripGrab Hi-Vis
save: 34 % from: 14 gbp
Buff Coolnet UV+ Slim Hovedbeklædning, sort | headwear Buff Coolnet UV
from: 9 gbp
GripGrab HeadGlove Essentials Bundle halsedisse | headwear GripGrab Headglove
save: 42 % from: 14 gbp
Sportful Bodyfit Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey | Tredz Bikes | headwear Sportful Bodyfit Pro
save: 61 % from: 28 gbp
GripGrab Kids Termo Balaclava - Sort | headwear GripGrab Termo
save: 44 % from: 12 gbp
OnGear halsedisse. | headwear Nutcase OnGear
from: 15 gbp
Assos ASSOSOIRES Neck Foil - Sort | headwear Assos ASSOSOIRES
from: 16 gbp
Endura Pro SL Hjelmhue Sort | headwear Endura Pro SL
from: 21 gbp
GripGrab Kids Thermal Balaclava - Sort | headwear GripGrab Thermal
from: 18 gbp
GripGrab Headband Windster - Vindtæt pandebånd | headwear GripGrab Headband
save: 11 % from: 22 gbp
GripGrab Skull Cap Windster Hue | headwear GripGrab Windster
save: 16 % from: 21 gbp
Endura BaaBaa Merino Tech Multitube Gul | headwear Endura BaaBaa Tech
from: 18 gbp
Force Gem Halsedisse Pink | headwear Force Gem
from: 8 gbp
Endura FS260-Pro vandafvisende pandebånd | headwear Endura FS260-Pro
from: 17 gbp
Specialized New Era Pom Specialized Beanie | headwear Specialized New Era Pom
from: 21 gbp
GripGrab UPF 50+ Summer Skull Cap, Black | headwear GripGrab UPF 50
from: 23 gbp
Force Spike Halsedisse Sort / Fluo | headwear Force Spike
from: 8 gbp
GripGrab Classic Hovedbeklædning, sort | headwear GripGrab Classic
from: 9 gbp
Sportful Matchy Pandebånd, sort | headwear Sportful Matchy
from: 13 gbp
Castelli Premio 2 Cap - Blue | headwear Castelli Premio 2
from: 35 gbp
GripGrab Aviator. | headwear GripGrab Aviator
from: 24 gbp
Castelli Pro Thermal Womens Cycling Headband | Tredz Bikes | headwear Castelli Pro Thermal Tredz
from: 13 gbp
Endura BaaBaa Merino vinter hjelmhue II | headwear Endura BaaBaa II
from: 25 gbp

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GripGrab Skull Cap Hi-Vis - Trafiksikker og varm hjelmhue | headwear GripGrab Hi-Vis
save: 34 % from: 14 gbp


If you are looking for stylish biking headwear, you have come to the right place. Velomio has an expensive product offering as well as a comprehensive buyer guide that outlines the most important factions to consider when searching for your next purchase.

What is a Headwear?

Bicycling headwear is worn on the head for various purposes. These uses may be related to sporting activities, fun/leisure, protection, style, etc. Apart from your budget, the type of headwear you want to buy may also depend on your taste (aesthetic sense) at the initial stage.

Choosing the Right Headwear

Depending on the reason you need to purchase a headwear; the criteria for choosing may include the season, material, style, shape, and size, etc. As you go through the options available to you online (e.g. at Velomio), you should take your time in comparing the products based on those factors and your intended use.

The Right Headwear Depends on the Season

Just as there are different jackets for different seasons, the same thing also applies to headwear. A winter headwear is meant to have thermal features that will help to keep you warm whether it is snowy, windy, or some degrees below zero in temperature. Often, the design will include water- and wind-resistant properties.

For warmer seasons (summer), the right headwear will provide protection for your eyes under the sun. It should also be able to shield you from sweat droplets. In other words, the product should be able to provide shade (the one that comes with a bill or peak) and effective wicking (the ability to keep your skin dry).

Headwear Materials

Materials that headwear can be made from include fleece microfiber, wool, merino wool, acrylic, polyester, cotton, fur/faux fur, etc. The material of the product will determine how well it can provide protection, comfort, warmth, support, and other benefits. You should be cautious about the materials that you may be allergic to. The natural materials (e.g., cotton and merino wool) are good for use during cold temperatures.

Style, Shape, and Size

Headwear are made in different styles, shapes, and sizes. You should consider aesthetics when it comes to this aspect whether you want to buy a cycling cap, neck warmer, bandana, or face cap. The size and shape of the product should make you feel comfortable while wearing it.

Lastly, before you decide, ensure that all your desired criteria are met. If you are looking for where to purchase a headwear, then it would be a good idea to check the high-quality products available on the Velomio comparison site.

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