Bike headsets are some of the popular accessories for serious bikers and casual bikers. Velomio has put together this informative guide to help all riders find a good fit.
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Styrfitting top cover 1 1/8" | headset Elvedes cover 1 1 8
from: 11 gbp
XLC A-Head Alloy Headset (HS-A03-1) | headset XLC A-Head
from: 15 gbp
Cane Creek 40-Series Integrated Headset | headset Cane Creek 40-Integrated
from: 26 gbp
Cane Creek 40-Series IS41 Top Assembly | headset Cane Creek 40-IS41
from: 28 gbp
Deda In-5 Int Alloy Headset | headset Deda In-5 Int
from: 27 gbp
Ritchey Comp Drop In Styrfitting | headset Ritchey Comp Drop In
from: 14 gbp
XLC A-Head Int Headset (HS-I05-1) | headset XLC A-Head Int
from: 43 gbp
Cinema Lift Kit Integrated Headset | headset Cinema Lift Kit Integrated
from: 19 gbp
Cane Creek 40-Series IS42 Top Assembly | headset Cane Creek 40-IS42
from: 29 gbp
Cane Creek 40 ZS49 Top Conversion | headset Cane Creek 40 ZS49 Conversion
from: 40 gbp
FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Reducer Headset | headset FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5 Reducer
from: 75 gbp
FSA Orbit MX Headset - Black | headset FSA Orbit MX
from: 37 gbp
Miiego Axtive M2 | headset Miiego Axtive
from: 57 gbp
XLC A-Head Semi Headset (HS-I09-1) | headset XLC A-Head Semi
from: 13 gbp
Styrfitting Token 1-1/8" | headset Token 1-1 8
from: 28 gbp
Cane Creek Slamset Headset | headset Cane Creek Slamset
from: 50 gbp
Orbit Equipe headset | headset FSA Orbit Equipe
from: 20 gbp
Cane Creek 40 Series ZeroStack Styrfitting (1-1/8 tommer) | headset Cane Creek 40 ZeroStack
from: 46 gbp
Nukeproof Horizon Top Headset Cup | headset Nukeproof Horizon Cup
from: 21 gbp
FSA Orbit I Carbon Integrated Bicycle Headset | headset FSA Orbit I Integrated
from: 45 gbp
ACROS Ai-42 Headset Upper Part IS42/28.6 | headset Acros Ai-42 Upper Part IS42 28.6
from: 33 gbp
Specialized HDS MY14 Epic SW / Marathon / Expert / Comp Carbon Headset | headset Specialized Comp
from: 37 gbp
FSA Orbit ZS-3 Sort styrfitting | headset FSA Orbit ZS-3
from: 46 gbp
Hope Space Doctor Styrfitting spacere | headset Hope Space Doctor spacere
from: 10 gbp

Bike Headset

A bike headset allows the fork in your bike’s head tube to turn. Therefore, you need to choose a good one and maintain it or replace it when necessary. The last thing you want to do is purchase one that is not right for your bike. If this is your first time purchasing, continue reading. Velomio has made things super easy.

When to Replace your Bike Headset

The typical headset for a bike includes two bearings. You fit one to the bottom of the head tube and the other one to the bottom. It allows your fork, in addition to your bike’s front wheel, to turn. Over time, however, the bearings will wear down, especially when dirt and water get inside. Bike bearings tend to get wet and deteriorate due to the problems that affect most things made of metal. 

There are many bike headsets types on the market. Sooner or later, no matter the type installed on your bike, you will need to purchase a new one. You will notice a problem with your bike’s headset when you feel a small bump when you use its front brake.

Bike Headset Types

When choosing a bike headset for your bike, you need to pick one that will meet your specific needs. It should bring your wishes into the realm of possibilities. It should bring them onto your favorite biking trails.

Some of the common bike headset options out there include:

  • Tapered
  • Threadless
  • Integrated
  • Internal cable routing
  • Semi-threaded
  • Threaded
  • Reducers and spacers
  • Headset top caps

Here at Velomio, you will find comparisons of bike headsets that are perfect for you. If you are looking for bike headsets 1 1/8, for example, you need to understand that they are suitable for mountain bikers and other freeride biking disciplines. When it comes to choosing a good headset for your bike, you should go for one that will not trouble you for an awfully long time. 

If you choose one that works as it should, you probably will not notice it too much. You will only become aware of it when it starts to wear out or needs re-greasing. Essentially, your steering will start becoming more difficult. In the world of bicycles, there is no unified standard when it comes to bike headsets.

To find the right headset for your bike, you need to know where to start. Velomio some awesome options for you.

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