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As the name suggests, the handlebar end plug are the plugs that stop-up the exposed ends of the handlebar. Use Velomio to find the perfect one for your bike.
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Cinelli Milano Road Handlebar End Plugs | handlebar end plug Cinelli Milano
from: 4 gbp
from: 6 gbp
Supacaz Star Plugz Anodized styrpropper, sort | handlebar end plug Supacaz Star Plugz Anodized
from: 9 gbp
Nukeproof Neutron V2 End Caps | handlebar end plug Nukeproof Neutron V2
from: 10 gbp
ODI BMX Push In Plugs Black | handlebar end plug ODI Push In
from: 3 gbp
Dynaplug Bullet Tip Plugs | handlebar end plug Dynaplug Bullet Tip
from: 7 gbp
Ergon GD1 Endplug | handlebar end plug Ergon GD1
from: 4 gbp
Puncture Plugs Refill Pack | handlebar end plug Muc-Off Puncture Refill Pack
from: 3 gbp
Bike Attitude Styrprop sæt Ø22mm sort | handlebar end plug Bike Attitude Ø22mm
from: 2 gbp
Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs Matte Black | handlebar end plug Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture
from: 30 gbp
WeThePeople Key Wedge BMX Bar Ends - Black (3 Pack) | handlebar end plug Wethepeople Key Wedge
from: 5 gbp
Bar Plug Værktøjsindsætningssæt, sort | handlebar end plug Lezyne Værktøjsindsætningssæt
from: 33 gbp
Knog Plug USB Rechargeable Front Light | handlebar end plug Knog USB Rechargeable
from: 22 gbp
Topeak Tubi Pod | handlebar end plug Topeak Tubi Pod
from: 21 gbp
WeThePeople Supreme Alloy BMX Bar Ends - Black | handlebar end plug Wethepeople Supreme
from: 22 gbp
Styrprop Bike Attitude sæt Ø19mm sort | handlebar end plug Bike Attitude Ø19mm
from: 1 gbp
BBB Styrprop / Endcap - BHT-91S | handlebar end plug BBB BHT-91
from: 2 gbp
ODI Aluminum End Plug | handlebar end plug ODI End
from: 18 gbp
Dynaplug Megaplugs | handlebar end plug Dynaplug Megaplugs
from: 7 gbp
Dynaplug Soft Nose Tip Plugs | handlebar end plug Dynaplug Soft Nose Tip
from: 7 gbp
Bar Plug Dual Værktøjsindsætningssæt Medium | handlebar end plug Lezyne Dual Værktøjsindsætningssæt
from: 50 gbp
Campagnolo Power-Torque Crank Plug Tool | handlebar end plug Campagnolo Power-Torque Tool
from: 21 gbp
Muc-Off Puncture Plug Repair Kit | handlebar end plug Muc-Off Puncture
from: 13 gbp
S&M Push-in End BMX Bar Ends - Black (Pair) | handlebar end plug S&M Bikes Push-in End
from: 4 gbp

Handlebar End Plug

Although a handlebar end plug may seem like a bike part that ended up on the bike as an afterthought, it has an essential role to play. These little parts made of metal or plastic protect your handlebars from crush or impact damage if you get into a crash. With the help of Velomio, you can find the perfect fit.

More importantly, an end plug significantly reduces the chance of getting serious injuries from an exposed handlebar end. Exposed handlebars can be deadly if they puncture the abdomen in the event of a crash. For this reason, they have made it mandatory for all handlebar ends under their jurisdiction to be solidly plugged.

Types of Handlebar End Plugs

Although most road bars and MTB differ in diameters, most of the “push-in” plugs are designed to accommodate various sizes. This could be through an expansion mechanism or by using easily compressible plastic materials. 

Common Types of Handlebar End Plugs:

  • Bar-end caps - These types of plugs are meant to go over the ends of the handlebar instead of getting inserted into them. They are then tightly secured using tiny grub screws.
  • Extender plugs - These handlebar end plugs for road bikes extend the length of the handlebar by a few inches. This gives the rider more options for better comfort and hand positioning.
  • Lockrings - These are “Snap-On” end caps and replacement alloy rings used on lock-on grip tech.
  • Push in plugs - Due to its simplicity, this type of plug is the most popular. They are made of plastic or nylon, and all you must do is push them in. The handlebar end plugs MTB riders prefer are made from more durable alloys.

What to Consider in a Handlebar End Plug

No matter what type of bar end plugs you prefer or are specific to your bike, it is important to go for a product that is not only durable but also affordable. For instance, here at Velomio, you can find remarkable comparisons for the Doctor Bar push-in plugs and many other products that are perfect for you.

You should also consider other factors such as the color and creativity in design that the handlebar end plugs bring to your bike. As much as the functionality of the plugs is the most important consideration, a good overall look for your bike goes a long way.

If you are looking to replace your handlebar end plugs out of necessity or just for a change, look at Velomio for all the best options.

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