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Every cyclist needs to carry some essentials during their ride. To do so, you require means to do this. Velomio can help you to get the best handlebar bags for your bike.
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Evoc Handlebar Pack BOA® (5,0L) Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Evoc BOA
save: 23 % from: 71 gbp
Klickfix Reisenthel Oval S Styrtaske 34 x 31 x 17,5 cm | handlebar bag KLICKfix Reisenthel
save: 25 % from: 50 gbp
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Plus - Styrtaske - 7 liter - Rød | handlebar bag Ortlieb Ultimate Six Plus
save: 16 % from: 55 gbp
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic - Styrtaske - 7 liter - Sort/Rød | handlebar bag Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic
save: 17 % from: 49 gbp
Topeak TourGuide Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Topeak TourGuide
from: 41 gbp
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free - Styrtaske - 5 liter - Turkis / sort | handlebar bag Ortlieb Ultimate Six
from: 57 gbp
Agu Venture Handlebar Pack | handlebar bag AGU Venture
from: 38 gbp
Pro Discover Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Pro Discover
from: 46 gbp
Vaude Aqua Box Styrtaske - 6l | handlebar bag Vaude Box
save: 9 % from: 60 gbp
Topeak Frontloader Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Topeak Frontloader
from: 49 gbp
Ortlieb Ultimate Six High Visibility - Styrtaske - Sort - 7 liter | handlebar bag Ortlieb Ultimate Six High Visibility
from: 85 gbp
Shelter Clean Styrtaske M, sort | handlebar bag AGU Shelter Clean
from: 43 gbp
Topeak FreeLoader Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Topeak FreeLoader
from: 20 gbp
Performance DWR Styrtaske Klickfix 4l, sort | handlebar bag AGU Performance DWR Klickfix
from: 31 gbp
Basil Sport Design - Styrtaske - 7 liter - Black | handlebar bag Basil Sport Design
from: 42 gbp
Ortlieb Handlebar Mounting-Set E-Bike - Styrtaske køb online | handlebar bag Ortlieb Mounting-Set
from: 11 gbp
Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag - Styrtaske | handlebar bag CHROME Helix
from: 50 gbp
LifeLine Adventure Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag LifeLine Adventure
from: 20 gbp
Puky - LT 1 - Taske til styr - Pukylino, Wutsch & Fitsch - Rød | handlebar bag PUKY Pukylino
from: 9 gbp
Pro Gravel Styrtaske, 8L | handlebar bag Pro Gravel
from: 42 gbp
Norco Taymore styrtaske | handlebar bag Norco Taymore
from: 59 gbp
Roswheel Off-Road Handlebar Bag - 15L | handlebar bag Roswheel Off-
from: 87 gbp
UP-TOWN CITY Handlebar Basket | handlebar bag Ortlieb UP-TOWN
from: 51 gbp
Vaude eBox - Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Vaude eBox
from: 81 gbp

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Evoc Handlebar Pack BOA® (5,0L) Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Evoc BOA
save: 23 % from: 71 gbp
Topeak TourGuide Handlebar Bag | handlebar bag Topeak TourGuide
from: 41 gbp

Handlebar Bags

Handlebar bags are basically a rider’s handbag. Though not as fashionable, they facilitate the carrying of essentials and valuables that you may need when riding. You may use them to stash your passport, camera, and sun cream, to name a few. 

You can easily remove them and carry them into the house or to a shop. Additionally, you can use them to display your roadmap as you ride. However, since there are many different handlebar bags in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky.

What Should You Look for in a Handlebar Bag?

The best handlebar bags bikes should have must include good features that are beneficial to the rider. Some of the things to look out for include:

The Closure

The closing mechanism of the handlebar bag is of the utmost importance. Whether it uses zips, snaps, or others, it should serve its purpose effectively. Go for one that is not only tight enough to keep out dust and water but is also easy to shut and open.

The Bag’s Inner Features

A good handlebar bag should not only be able to hold all your essentials but also be compartmentalized in an organized and effective manner. Small items such as pocket change should be held in place firmly without jangling about. 


Another feature that good handlebar bags MTB riders should look for is the availability of side-pockets. These pockets are quite handy if you want to stash some snacks and energy bars in an easy-to-reach location.


This is a vital feature for any handlebar bag. The ideal one should have some type of reflective piping to alert others of your presence when it is dark. More expensive models even have a mounting mechanism where you can fix a light.

Quality of the Bag

Always check to see that the handlebar bag is made with expertise and uses top-notch materials. Ideally, it should be water and dust-proof, well made, and should not sag. Others have padding as an added advantage.


Aerodynamics plays a big role in your overall riding experience. Finding a bar bag that has good aerodynamic properties can make your ride easier and more enjoyable. 

Always remember to pack your items in order of priority. Rarely used items should go further into the bag while the others should be at the top. At Velomio, we have an assortment of amazing handlebar bags that best fit your needs.

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