A bicycle’s groupset consists of the rear cogs, cranks, brakes, chain, front cogs, shifters, and derailleurs. Finding the right one is simple at Velomio.
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Campagnolo Ekar 13 Speed Rear Derailleur | groupset Campagnolo Ekar
save: 90 % from: 27 gbp
SHIMANO R7000 105 11 SPEED GEARGRUPPE | groupset Shimano PD-R7000
from: 492 gbp
from: 503 gbp
SRAM NX Eagle DUB Groupset - 12 Speed | groupset SRAM DUB
from: 345 gbp
SRAM Force eTap AXS 2x 12Sp Groupset | groupset SRAM 2
from: 959 gbp
SRAM Red Etap AXS 2X D1 Electronic Groupset | groupset SRAM 2D1 Electronic
from: 1,500 gbp
SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS DUB MTB 1×12 Speed Geargruppe | groupset Dub
from: 1,716 gbp
SRAM Red eTap Wireless Groupset | groupset SRAM Wireless
from: 1,419 gbp
SRAM GX Eagle DUB Boost Groupset | groupset SRAM DUB Boost
from: 495 gbp
from: 446 gbp
Ribble CGR AL - Gravel - Shimano GRX | groupset Ribble CGR AL Gravel
from: 1,583 gbp
Gruppe Sram Eagle Guld bb30 | groupset SRAM Eagle bb30
from: 721 gbp
Gruppe Sram X01 Red GXP | groupset SRAM GXP
from: 904 gbp
Gruppe Sram X01 Red BB30 | groupset SRAM BB30
from: 938 gbp
SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD FM 1x 12Sp Groupset | groupset SRAM HRD FM
from: 1,087 gbp
SRAM Red Etap AXS 2X HRD FM Groupset | groupset SRAM 2HRD FM
from: 2,300 gbp
SRAM Force eTap AXS 2X D1 HRD Wireless Groupset | groupset SRAM 2D1 HRD Wireless
from: 1,115 gbp
SRAM Force eTap AXS 2X D1 Wireless Groupset | groupset SRAM 2D1 Wireless
from: 940 gbp
Campagnolo Potenza Direct Mount Brakes - Black | groupset Campagnolo Direct Mount Brakes
from: 77 gbp
SRAM Red eTap AXS 2x D1 Electronic Hydraulic Groupset | groupset SRAM 2D1 Electronic Hydraulic
from: 2,146 gbp
GRUPPE DURA ACE 9170 DISC | groupset Shimano 9170
from: 2,574 gbp
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9150 Groupset | groupset Shimano 9150
from: 2,239 gbp
SRAM Force eTap AXS 1X D1 Electronic Road Groupset | groupset SRAM 1D1 Electronic
from: 1,050 gbp
Box 2/3 Prime 9 X Wide Groupset | groupset Prime 3 9
from: 277 gbp


If you are a bike enthusiast or planning to purchase your first bike, you will come across terms such as groupsets SRAM and groupset Shimano. These are two of the most popular brands on the market. Often referred to as “Gruppo,” this mechanism refers to any electronic or mechanical bike components designed to facilitate changing of gears, braking, or operating the drivetrain. With the help of Velomio, you will find different comparisons or options to fit your bike.

Choosing the Right Groupset

You need to understand a few things about your bike’s engine room while shopping for the right groupset. Some of the most important things to consider are the mechanical and/or electrical drivetrain features. With the help of Velomio, you can easily choose the right groupset.

Electronic Versus Mechanical Shifting

Electronic Shifting

Each major groupset manufacturer offers a wide range of electronic and mechanical options. Each of them comes with different operating procedures and names. When it comes to electronic options, the Campagnolo brand, for example, has EPS. This acronym stands for Electronic Power Shift.

You might also come across Di2 when shopping for groupset Shimano. It stands for Digital Integrated Intelligence. Groupset SRAM has eTap, which means Electronic Tap. These electronic variants use wires to activate the rear and front derailleur using the shifter triggers. Electronic groupsets use wires attached to the derailleurs and shifters to transfer a signal.

Some of the benefits of using this type of groupset include:

  • Easier shifting at the lever
  • Precise shifting
  • Less difficulty when it comes to cable routing
  • Lack of deviation from the adjustments you set
  • Downloadable information on shifting efficiency and habits
  • Programmable shifting

The disadvantage of this type of shifting is that the system can break down if you fail to charge your batteries. It is also heavier and costs more when compared to mechanical groupsets. 

Mechanical Shifting

With this type of groupset, shifting works through cables attached to your bike’s shifters. The cables run through the bike frame, either externally or internally, to the rear and front derailleurs. When you move the shift lever, it will release or pull cables, which will then activate the derailleurs to shift down or up. 

The benefits of this type of groupset include:

  • Lower cost 
  • Less weight
  • Natural shift feel

However, mechanical shifting is not flawless. To work perfectly, the cables need to be in good working order. Additionally, bikes with acute angles and long frame tubes can make the process of installing cables more difficult. 

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right groupset for your bike, Velomio will give you some great options.

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