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Whether you are planning to purchase a new bike or working on one you already own; it is important to be familiar with the Front Derailleur.
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Front Derailleur XTR FD-M9025 2x11 Direct Mount Low | front derailleur Shimano XTR FD-
from: 40 gbp
Shimano Ultegra R8000 Forskifter 34,9 mm | front derailleur Shimano PD-R8000
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Shimano Sora R3000 2x9-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur Shimano Sora R3000
from: 28 gbp
Shimano Altus M371 3x9-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur Shimano Altus
from: 13 gbp
Shimano Tiagra 4700 forskifter dobbel pålodning | front derailleur Shimano Tiagra 4700
from: 19 gbp
Shimano FD-M2000 Altus 9-speed MTB front derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur Shimano FD- Altus Tredz
from: 22 gbp
Shimano Claris R2000 3x8-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur Shimano Claris R2000
from: 22 gbp
Forskifter Acera M3000 | front derailleur Shimano Acera
from: 21 gbp
Shimano DURA-ACE FD-R9150 Di2 front derailleur | front derailleur Shimano DURA-ACE FD-R9150
from: 278 gbp
SRAM Rival Wide eTap AXS Braze-on Front Derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur SRAM Rival AXS Braze-on Tredz
from: 135 gbp
from: 12 gbp
Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed front derailleur | front derailleur Campagnolo Super Record
from: 146 gbp
Sram Rival 11-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur SRAM Rival
from: 12 gbp
Shimano Ultegra FD-R8000 2x11 Forskifter 2x11 loddet | front derailleur Dig Shimano Ultegra FD-R8000
from: 43 gbp
Shimano XT Di2 Front Derailleur 2x11 | front derailleur Shimano XT
from: 41 gbp
Shimano Deore M6000 Triple Front Derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur Shimano Deore Tredz
from: 15 gbp
Shimano FD-M9070 XTR Di2 Double Front Derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur Shimano FD- XTR Tredz
from: 53 gbp
Shimano Deore M6025 2x10-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur Shimano Deore
from: 27 gbp
Sram XX 2x10-Speed Forskifter | front derailleur SRAM XX
from: 109 gbp
Shimano Tiagra FD-4700 2x10 speed Forskifter | front derailleur Shimano Tiagra FD-4700
from: 32 gbp
Forskifter GRX FD-RX810 | front derailleur Shimano GRX FD-RX810
from: 49 gbp
SRAM Force D2 Wide Braze-on Front Derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur SRAM Force D2 Braze-on Tredz
from: 198 gbp
SRAM Force Wide eTap AXS D1 Braze-on Front Derailleur | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur SRAM Force AXS D1 Braze-on Tredz
from: 198 gbp
Shimano 7-Speed Front Derailleur Double FDA070A | Tredz Bikes | front derailleur Shimano FDA070A Tredz
from: 17 gbp

Front Derailleur

When it comes to choosing a front derailleur from Velomio, bike enthusiasts need to consider several important factors. The purpose of this bike component is to shift the bike chain on bikes with more than one chainring in front. You will find many different models and makes on the market; however, they all share the same functionality and basic design.

Things to Consider when Buying a Front Derailleur

Are you looking for a front derailleur MTB or a road bike or wondering whether the front derailleur on your bicycle is the right one? If you are, you need to consider several factors, such as:

  • Interface or clamp diameter of the front derailleur
  • Whether it is compatible with your crankset
  • The direction of your bike’s cable pull

You also need to ensure that your bike’s front shifter is working properly. An indexed shifter, for instance, should click a few times as you push its lever backward or forward. A friction shifter’s lever, on the other hand, simply needs to glide backward or forward freely. It should also stop at either end of its range. A place like Velomio will have shifters for all sizes.

Mechanics of a Front Derailleur

A front derailleur bike comes with a cage around its chain. This cage or box attaches to a parallelogram, or linkage system, which is similar to the one in a rear derailleur. If you are planning to purchase a bike with a mechanical-type derailleur, for example, it will have a cable that will hold and move the linkage.

When you release the cable, a wound spring located in the linkage will move the cage in the opposite direction. Bikes with an electric derailleur, however, come with a motor designed to move the cage. While riding a bike with a front derailleur, you will be able to shift only when you are pedaling.

When you shift outward, for instance, your bike’s chain will flex to the right and start to rise from your pedaling. Most modern chainrings come with features and shift ramps to pick up the bike’s chain as it moves outward. Similarly, the inward shift action works in the same manner. The cage will push the chain from behind and continue pushing inward until it starts to fall off the larger ring. The smaller ring then catches the chain and engages it.

If you are having a difficult time finding the right front derailleur for your bike, Velomio will give you some awesome ideas.

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