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If you are going by bus or train, a folding bike is the ideal solution. You can easily have it with you all day where it will not disturb your surroundings. It is also light in weight and easy to store at home. Find the folding bike that meets all your desires between the brands: Montague, Dawes, Bickerton, Tern, Dahon, Falter, Giant, Barracuda and Botteccia. will find the retailer that can give you the best price.
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Tern Vektron S10 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Tern Vektron S10
from: 3,670 gbp
Tern HSD S8i Active Plus 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Tern HSD S8i
from: 4,200 gbp
Tern HSD P9 2023 - Electric Cargo Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Tern HSD P9
from: 3,700 gbp
Dawes ARC II Folding - Nearly New - 20" 2022 - Electric Folding Bike | folding bike Dawes ARC II Folding
from: 1,049 gbp
Dawes ARC II Folding - Nearly New - 20" 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | folding bike Dawes ARC II Folding 2023
from: 999 gbp
Dawes Diamond 2023 - Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Dawes Diamond 2023 Tredz
from: 460 gbp
Dawes Jack 2023 - Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Dawes Jack 2023 Tredz
from: 500 gbp
Outlet D-WIZ | folding bike Dig D-WIZ
from: 2,210 gbp
Cube Fold Hybrid 500 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Cube Fold 500 2023 Tredz
from: 2,999 gbp
Brompton H6R Explorer Black 2023 - Rask-Cykler | folding bike Brompton H6R Explorer 2023 Rask-Cykler
from: 1,681 gbp
Tern HSD S+ 2023 - Electric Cargo Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Tern HSD S+
from: 4,900 gbp
Tern NBD P8i 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Tern NBD P8i 2023 Tredz
from: 4,000 gbp
Cube Fold Sport Hybrid 500 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Cube Fold Sport 500 2023 Tredz
from: 2,699 gbp
Dawes Kingpin 2023 - Folding Bike | Tredz Bikes | folding bike Dawes Kingpin 2023 Tredz
from: 580 gbp
Tern NBD P8i - Nearly New - 20" 2023 - Electric Folding Bike | folding bike Tern NBD P8i 2023
from: 3,600 gbp
Brompton M6R Explorer Black 2023 - Rask-Cykler | folding bike Brompton M6R
from: 1,547 gbp

Folding Bikes

These days, foldable bikes are growing in popularity. Bicycle manufacturers are making better and better models, leading to increased sales. This segment of the bike industry, according to analysts, will continue to expand for several years to come. Many biking enthusiasts and commuters are realizing that there are certain advantages to owning a bike designed to fold while one is not using it.

Folding bikes are perfect for use in a city. Their unique features also make them ideal for many types of riding, such as group rides, bike touring, and world travel. There is a common misconception that folding bikes are for kids. Others think they are slow and require more pedaling because of their small wheel size. All these assumptions are wrong.

Just because a bike’s wheels are small does not mean that it is inferior. Sometimes, smaller wheels are better than larger ones. What you need to understand is that this type of bike is amazingly versatile. It is perfect for people whose daily commute involves a train, an elevator, or many flights of steps. It is also ideal for those with limited storage space.

Foldable bikes are a problem-solver for many cyclists. They are a bundle of fun packed into a convenient and small package. You will find cruisers and single-speed foldable bikes to folding electrical bikes. Essentially, there is one out there to suit your needs. Thanks to technological advances, modern foldable bikes are stronger and lighter, and they fold up even smaller.

Benefits of a Foldable Bike

You might be wondering whether a folding bike is worth it. To decide whether it is, you need to consider its functionality. If you are a commuter, such a bike is perfect for your needs. This is because it is easily transportable via public transportation systems. Furthermore, such bikes fold into a convenient compact shape that is easy to carry and store in your office, home, and other places.

Other benefits of owning a folding bike include:


It is very upsetting to have your bike stolen. Theft is one of the most disturbing issues for many city-dwelling cyclists. This is why they purchase multiple locks and sophisticated security systems to secure their bikes. If you own a full-sized bike, you may not have the luxury of bringing it into your office to keep an eye on it while you work.

You may also have to leave it outside at night due to a lack of space in your home. You need to understand that even the best locks will not prevent a determined thief from stealing your bike. This is where a foldable bike comes in handy. You can take it anywhere with you, even if you have a tiny living space. Simply place it under a table or tuck it in a corner.


Each bicycle manufacturer has a specific method and design for folding their bikes. However, the result is very similar. Basically, a foldable bike transforms from a fully-operational bike to a compact size and shape, which allows for easier storage when not in use. 


When many people first hear about a foldable bike, they tend to assume it is a gimmick. They think it is an idea some guy came up with to sell tons of products. This, however, is a false perception that makes many people think that folding bikes are poorly manufactured. A folding bike is not different from any other type of bike in terms of quality. It all depends on the materials used to make the bike, such as aluminum, titanium, and carbon.

Easily Foldable

One of the main purposes of this type of bike, apart from transporting a person from one place to another, is to fold easily into a compact form. Different manufacturers take different approaches when it comes to the folding design. However, all approaches are easy to learn and do. You will not need to use magic to fold and unfold your bike. You can do it within a few seconds.

Easy to Transport

Folding bikes are opening up the possibility to bike commute in the city for thousands of people. This is especially true for commuters who need to travel long distances and use the metro, train, or bus. They simply need to fold it up into a compact shape and size and bring it on board. It is difficult or impossible to do this with a full-sized bike.

In addition to carrying your folding bike by hand, train, bus, or metro, you can also transport it in the trunk of your car. If you are going on a business trip in another city, for example, you cannot cycle there or take a full-sized bike with you. If you have a foldable bike, however, you simply need to fold it up and you will be able to cycle while you are on your trip.

Things to look out for when choosing a Folding Bike

The type and size of wheels, which will make a huge difference in the type of terrain you plan to ride and the folded size

  • The folding bike prices
  • Its folding mechanism, weight, and size
  • Folding electric bike options
  • Efficiency
  • Gearing
  • Maneuverability and acceleration
  • Strength
  • Center of gravity

When it comes to choosing a foldable bike, you also need to think about the low step-through that it provides. A low step-through helps to keep the bike balanced, and it refers to the rider’s ability to step through the middle of the bike’s frame.

A regular bike will not allow you to do this. Most traditional bikes have a top tube that attaches to the bottom of the seat. This forces riders to tip the bike to one side and kick a leg over the rear of the bike. This is pretty difficult to do with a bike loaded with heavy stuff. You can easily knock it over or injure yourself. If you are looking to buy a foldable bike, here are some of the best options out there.

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