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Lightweight Folding bike

A folding bike is a small bike that can be folded, and thus can be easily transported when you are not riding it. A folding bike is therefore really good for campers and some are even so cheeky that they have christened a folding bike for a camping bike. If the bike needs to be transported and needs to fill as little as possible, then a folding bike is the obvious choice. If you are looking for a commuter bike, then you can advantageously choose a folding bike, it can easily be packed together if you e.g. must by bus or train.

guide to choosing a folding bike or folding bikes

Think about weight when buying a folding bike. You often buy a folding bike because it must be transported and easy to pack. But what's the point if the bike weighs too much? So when you buy a folding bike, go for a lightweight bike.

Folding bikes are available in many different designs and variants, so it is important that you get your needs covered before you swing the Visa/Mastercard. It is important that you find out how many kilometers you have to ride the bike, whether you have to carry a lot on it, and whether it is a hilly or flat terrain you have to ride in. All this has an effect on which folding bike that will be the right one to buy.

Folding bikes aluminum versus steel? Advantages and disadvantages

Folding bikes are available with both aluminum and steel frames. A bike with a steel frame is cheaper than the same bike with an aluminum frame. On the other hand, a bicycle with a steel frame weighs more than the same bicycle in aluminum. If you are looking for a cheap folding bike that you only need once in a while and weight is not the deciding factor, then a steel folding bike is a really good choice. An aluminum bike weighs less than a steel bike and is also a little stiffer in the frame. This causes more of the power transmission to the bike to be converted to propulsion. The aluminum frame also makes the folding bike more stable when you ride, and you will experience fewer vibrations in the frame.

If you want a lightweight folding bike, choose an aluminum folding bike. therefore recommends an aluminum model if you need to cycle longer distances or carry the bike around.

Folding bikes with gears

Folding bikes are available with different numbers of gears. It can be a really good idea to choose a bike with gear if you need to ride in more hilly terrain, or if you want the opportunity to ride fast on your mini bike. On the other hand, a bike with several gears weighs more than a bike without. You can e.g. choose a folding bike with 1-3 gear.

A folding bike with internal gears is often the right solution. This way you do not have to get dirty when you transport the bike, as the gear and chain are packed well in screens. At the same time, there is virtually no maintenance of a bicycle with internal gears. If you do not want to spend a long time on maintenance and would rather have a bicycle that always works without eg gear must be adjusted, then it is a good idea to choose a bike with 1 gear (the same as no gear).

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