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Energy drinks and powders are sought after for cycling. Velomio can help you get some of the best ones to suit your needs.
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PurePower Carbo Race Hyldeblomst Elektrolyt, 1 kg | energy drink PurePower Elektrolyt 1 kg
from: 16 gbp
Carbo Race Elektrolyt Appelsin 1 kg | energy drink PurePower 1 kg
save: 7 % from: 18 gbp
PurePower Carbo Race Elektrolyt Hindbær 50g | energy drink PurePower 50g
from: 2 gbp
High5 Energy Drink Caffeine Hit - 12x 47g Sachet Pack | Tredz Bikes | energy drink High5 1247g Sachet Pack Tredz
from: 15 gbp
PurePower Carbo Race 1kg - Appelsin | energy drink PurePower 1kg
from: 16 gbp
Purepower Energidrik Blåbær 50 gram | energy drink PurePower 50 gram
from: 2 gbp
ATNU Carbup Energipulver med Lemon Smag | energy drink ATNU Carbup Smag
from: 17 gbp
PurePower Carbo Race Electrolyte 1 kg. | energy drink PurePower Electrolyte 1 kg
from: 19 gbp
Powerbar IsoActive - Energipulver - Orange 1.320g | energy drink PowerBar 1.320g
from: 30 gbp
Powerbar IsoActive - Energipulver - Red Fruit Punch 1.320g | energy drink PowerBar Fruit Punch 1.320g
from: 30 gbp
SIS Beta Fuel 80 Energipulver - Orange 82g | energy drink SIS Beta Fuel 80 82g
from: 3 gbp
SIS Go Electrolyte - Appelsin - 1.6kg | energy drink SIS Go Electrolyte 1.6kg
from: 31 gbp
High5 EnergySource 1 kg - Kulhydrats energidrik | energy drink High5 EnergySource 1 kg Kulhydrats
from: 15 gbp
PurePower Carbo Race 12 x 50 g - Citrus | energy drink PurePower 12 50 g
from: 21 gbp
SiS Go Citron & Lime Energy + Electrolyte, 500g | energy drink SIS Go & Energy Electrolyte 500g
from: 12 gbp
High5 Citrus Energy Drink, 1 kg | energy drink High5 1 kg
from: 14 gbp
High5 Citrus Energy Drink, 2,2 kg | energy drink High5 2 2 kg
from: 28 gbp
Bodylab Carbs Energidrik 1 kg | energy drink Bodylab Carbs 1 kg
from: 8 gbp
Carbo Loader Neutral 500 g | energy drink PurePower Carbo Loader Neutral 500 g
from: 10 gbp
High5 Energy Drink 1.0kg | Tredz Bikes | energy drink High5 1.0kg Tredz
from: 19 gbp
High5 Energy Drink with Protein 1.6kg | Tredz Bikes | energy drink High5 1.6kg Tredz
from: 42 gbp
Namedsport Isonam Energy Drink Powder - 480g | Tredz Bikes | energy drink NAMEDSPORT Isonam Powder 480g Tredz
from: 22 gbp
SIS Energy 500 gram energidrik Solbær smag - Tilbud 99,- | energy drink SIS Energy 500 gram smag 99
from: 12 gbp
Noutron Premium Endurance 1 Kg Energipulver Ananas | energy drink Premium BMX Noutron Endurance 1 Kg
from: 23 gbp

Energy Drinks and Powders

An energy drink is a beverage that packs a powerful and effective combination of nutrients that boost your energy levels. Energy powders are just the powder version of energy drinks and can be taken on their own or be diluted in water. They have become the preferred beverage for many cyclists who shop at Velomio.

Consider their Composition

Before ingesting anything, it is always prudent to know the ingredients of the foods or drinks. Energy drinks and powders contain ingredients designed to give you extra energy. They contain ingredients such as:


Caffeine is arguably the most important ingredient in energy drinks and powders. It contains the energy-giving properties that you experience when you ingest them when working out or riding. However, too much intake of caffeine is unhealthy. The FDA recommends a maximum of 400mg per day. Taking caffeine in moderation not only boosts your energy significantly but also gives you other health benefits. Also, coffee, tea, sodas, and chocolate are other sources of caffeine. 


Taurine is a synthetically manufactured compound that is found in most energy drinks and powders. It helps your body in:

  • Balancing the electrolyte and hydration levels in your body
  • Regulating minerals in your body
  • Supporting your central nervous system
  • Supporting your digestive system by creating bile salts

For these reasons, taurine is quite helpful to your overall health if you indulge in rigorous physical activities like cycling.

B Vitamins

In your search for good energy drinks at Velomio, go for one that is rich in B vitamins. B vitamins such as vitamins B2, B3, and B12 play an important role in your body. They help in breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates while preserving your body’s energy banks. Additionally, antioxidants such as Niacin help in the production and repair of DNA cells as well as protection the cells from harmful compounds.

Other Things to Consider

In addition to the above-named ingredients, good energy powders cycling supplements also include artificial sweeteners, sugar, inositol (mood booster), and preservatives.

The cost of energy drinks or powders is also important. Ensure you are getting your money’s worth by reading consumer reviews on the product.

Your aims and goals also determine what kind of energy powders and drinks best suit you. If are a runner, a cyclist, or just enjoy working out, find out which one is the most suitable for your needs. 

Here at Velomio, we have a collection of some perfect energy drinks and powders for you.

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