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Energy bars provide an easy and effective way to get some extra energy into your body. Velomio can help you find the perfect energy bar to suit your needs.
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PurePower Energy Snack | energy bar PurePower Energy Snack
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High5 Energy Bar 55g - Berry | energy bar High5 Energy Bar
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PurePower Recovery Drink Bær/Citrus 1000g | energy bar PurePower Recovery
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PowerBar Ride Bar - Peanut karamel (18 stk.) | energy bar PowerBar Ride Bar
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PowerBar True Organic Oat Bar - Banana Hazelnut - 40g | energy bar PowerBar True Organic Oat Bar
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PowerBar Energize Berry Blast Energibar | energy bar PowerBar Energize
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PowerBar 10 Tabs - Hindbær og Granatæble 40 gram | energy bar PowerBar 10
from: 3 gbp
Pure Snack - Chokolade & Kokos 40 g | energy bar PurePower Pure Snack &
from: 2 gbp
Pure Snack - Hindbær 40 g | energy bar PurePower Pure Snack
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PowerBar Orange vingummi | energy bar PowerBar vingummi
from: 2 gbp
Powerbar True Organic Oat Bar Chocolate Chunks | energy bar PowerBar True Organic Oat Bar Chunks
from: 0 gbp
PowerBar Elektrolyt Black Currant | energy bar PowerBar Elektrolyt
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PowerBar Elektrolyt Mango/passion | energy bar PowerBar Elektrolyt Mango passion
from: 0 gbp
PowerBar Ride Energy Peanut Caramel | energy bar PowerBar Ride Energy
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PowerBar Recovery Active Chocolate 1210g | energy bar PowerBar Recovery Active 1210g
from: 0 gbp
PowerBar Ride Bar Cocunut Caramel - 55g | energy bar PowerBar Ride Bar Cocunut
from: 3 gbp
PowerBar True Organic Protein Bar - Hazelnut Cocoa - 45g | energy bar PowerBar True Organic
from: 3 gbp
PowerBar Magnesium Liquid Ampuller, 25ml | energy bar PowerBar Liquid 25
from: 1 gbp
PowerBar Caffeine Hydro PowerGel, Cola | energy bar PowerBar Hydro
from: 2 gbp
PowerBar Original Chocolate Energize Bar, 55g | energy bar PowerBar Original Bar
from: 2 gbp
PowerBar Lemon Tonic Elektrolyttabs, 10stk | energy bar PowerBar Tonic 10stk
from: 3 gbp
PowerBar Chocolate Caramel Fudge RideBar, 55g | energy bar PowerBar RideBar
from: 2 gbp
Atnu Oatmeal Cookie Energybar, 40g - Hel kasse | energy bar ATNU Oatmeal Cookie Hel
from: 17 gbp

Energy Bars

An energy bar is a nutrition pack that is loaded with energy-rich nutrients. It has a perfect balance of fructose to glucose and a good proportion of proteins. If you are in the business of pushing your body to the limits, energy bars from Velomio can be very handy. 

An ideal energy bar contains all the nutrients necessary not only to boost your energy but also to balance your body’s chemical and hydration levels.

Features of Good Energy Bars

There are many types and brands of energy bars bike enthusiasts can choose from. However, there are some key factors to consider.

Ingredients of the Energy Bar

A good energy bar (those listed here at Velomio) includes healthy ingredients such as seeds and nuts (for protein and fiber), dried fruits like raisins (for natural sweetening), and whole grains (for fiber and carbs). 

On the other hand, avoid energy bars that contain ingredients such as partially hydrogenated oils, ordinary sugars, and other artificial additives used for flavoring, sweeteners, coloring, and preservatives.

The Taste of the Energy Bar

As the old cycling saying implies, you should drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry. If you already feel hungry then you are too late. This means by then; energy stores will have been depleted. To avoid this, you have to eat nutritional foods before getting hungry. This process is significantly improved when the food is tasty. 

Since energy bar manufacturers know this, they have several flavor options for you to choose from such as oatmeal raisin, chocolate, and pumpkin pie, to name a few. They are also vegan options for you to choose from.

Energy Bar Types

  • Protein Bars – While proteins are quite important for every rider, they are equally important during and after riding your bike. Proteins prevent blood sugar spikes by slowing down digestion resulting in the use of more fat to generate energy.
  • Carbohydrate Bars – These bars are designed to provide your energy with as much energy as they can, in the shortest time, and smallest package. Generally, a carbohydrate bar packs about 200 to 300 calories.
  • Meal Replacement Bars – These bars are extraordinary since they are designed to replace an actual meal. For any energy bar to qualify as a meal replacement, it has to give at least 300 calories and have nuts, whole-grain oats, vegetables, and fruits.

Here at Velomio, we have researched some of the best energy bars for you to compare. Do not hesitate to have a look around.

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