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Electrolyte tabs are essential supplements that contain beneficial compounds. They are crucial for all types of cyclists. Velomio can help you narrow down your options and find the best one.
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High5 ZERO eletrolyte tabs | electrolytes tabs High5 Zero
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PowerBar 5 Electrolytes Zero Calories Caffeine - Rør med 10 tabs | electrolytes tabs PowerBar Electrolytes
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SIS GO Hydro Tabletter Jordbær + Lime - 20x4g | electrolytes tabs SIS Go Hydro
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PurePower Hydro Plus 20x4g - Citrus | electrolytes tabs PurePower Hydro Plus
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PurePower Hydro - Elektrolyt tabs - Bær - 20 tabs | electrolytes tabs PurePower Hydro
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Science In Sport Go Hydro Tablet Tube - 20 Tablets Per Tube | electrolytes tabs SIS Go Per
from: 7 gbp
GU Hydration Tabs - Tri-Berry - 1 x 12 stk. | electrolytes tabs GU Hydration Drink
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Kink Removable Gyro Tabs | electrolytes tabs Kink Removable Gyro
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Jet BMX Gyro Tabs Schwarz | electrolytes tabs Jet BMX Gyro
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Subrosa Removable Gyro Tabs (pair) - Black | electrolytes tabs Subrosa Removable Gyro
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PUREPOWER Electrolyte tab Red… | electrolytes tabs PurePower hellip
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Enervit Sport Salt Caps 120 tabletter à 0,58g | electrolytes tabs Enervit Sport 120 à 0 58g
from: 14 gbp
In2Zym - Elektro tabs Zero - Koffein - Berry - 20 stk. | electrolytes tabs IN2ZYM Elektro Zero 20 stk
from: 5 gbp
Jet BMX Tabs gyroscopiques noirs | electrolytes tabs Jet BMX gyroscopiques noirs
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Enervit Sport Chew Carbon Lemon tablets 24x4g | electrolytes tabs Enervit Sport Chew 24g
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Torq dFND Ultra 90 Tablets | electrolytes tabs Torq dFND Ultra 90
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Jet BMX Gyro Tabs Negro | electrolytes tabs Jet BMX Gyro Negro
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Atnu Refuel Elektrolyttabs - Appelsin - 20 tabs | electrolytes tabs ATNU Refuel Elektrolyttabs Appelsin
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Atnu Refuel Elektrolyttabs - Lime - 20 tabs | electrolytes tabs ATNU Refuel Elektrolyttabs Lime
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Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Droplets (2 x 30ml) | electrolytes tabs Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Droplets
from: 7 gbp

Electrolyte Tabs

Any Velomio cyclist can attest to the fact that hydration is of the utmost importance when riding. Also known as hydration tablets, electrolyte tablets are supplements that ensure your body is well-hydrated when riding. Each tablet contains electrolytes such as potassium and sodium which hydrate your body. 

The electrolytes in the tabs are also commonly found in sports drinks alongside sugars and carbs that help to energize your body when riding. However, these electrolyte tabs do not contain any calories or carbs since they are meant purely for hydration. You only have to drop a tablet in water and let it fizz for a while then drink up.

What to Consider When Getting Electrolyte Tabs

According to Velomio, one of the main advantages of electrolyte tabs over electrolyte powders is their ability to dissolve more easily. They are also easy to carry.

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping electrolyte tabs at Velomio:

  • Calories and Sugar – It is essential to note that unlike sports drinks or supplements, electrolyte tabs do not contain sugars and calories.
  • Other Additions – Some electrolytes have additional ingredients such as caffeine for an extra boost. If you are not a big fan of such additives, look carefully at the ingredients before buying.
  • Electrolytes – A lot of electrolytes can be lost when you sweat. This can result in reduced bodily function and performance. When shopping for the best electrolyte tabs, look for one that contains magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients work together to regulate your blood pressure and control fluid balance.

Importance of Electrolyte Tabs

Electrolyte for cycling purposes is important and the tabs are designed to replace essential electrolytes that are lost when you sweat. Since around 60 percent of the body comprises water, keeping your fluid levels up when riding your bike is important. If you are not properly hydrated, you can develop physical as well as mental fatigue.

Optimizing Your Performance

While plain water is important, it does not have electrolytes. By adding tablets such as the High5 tab into the drinking water, your body gets the optimal amounts of electrolytes and water it requires. When you ride for about 60 to 90 minutes, it is important to replenish these nutrients. However, if you cycle for shorter periods, you can get the nutrients from your next meal.

Next time you go out to ride your bike, ensure you have your hydration tabs to replenish your energy. Here at Velomio, we have the best electrolyte tabs for you to compare.

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