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A good cycling vest is worth it is weight in gold. From safety to comfort, consider these tips to find the best one.
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CASTELLI PERFETTO RoS JAKKE Rød - Køb dit Castelli cykeltøj her | cycling vest Castelli Perfetto RoS
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Endura FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race cykelvest II | cycling vest Endura FS260-Pro
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Abus Lumino Urban Refleksvest - Sølv | cycling vest Abus Lumino
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Endura Pro SL Lite cykelvest | cycling vest Endura Pro SL Lite
from: 78 gbp
Endura Pakagilet - Black L. | cycling vest Endura Pakagilet
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Endura Pro SL PrimaLoft cykelvest II | cycling vest Endura Pro SL PrimaLoft II
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Endura MT500 Freezing Point Gilet Vest - Sort | cycling vest Endura MT500 Freezing Point
save: 54 % from: 62 gbp
Rogelli Essential Cykelvest, Army Green | cycling vest Rogelli Essential
from: 31 gbp
Rogelli LED Vest | cycling vest Rogelli LED
from: 15 gbp
Assos Cykelvest Mille GT Spring/Fall Airblock Vest, Blå | cycling vest Assos Mille GT
from: 27 gbp
POC Spine VPD Air Vest Slank Damer, sort | cycling vest POC Spine VPD Air
from: 108 gbp
Assos MILLE GTS Spring Fall Vest C2 - Gul | cycling vest Assos MILLE GTS C2
save: 36 % from: 95 gbp
Endura Windchill cykelvest II | cycling vest Endura Windchill II
from: 62 gbp
Castelli ARIA VEST - Sølv | cycling vest Castelli ARIA
from: 62 gbp
Proviz Reflect360 Cykelvest, Grey | cycling vest Proviz Reflect360
from: 46 gbp
Castelli SQUADRA STRETCH VEST - Sort | cycling vest Castelli SQUADRA STRETCH
from: 25 gbp
Endura Hummvee Vest med Vindstop Sort | cycling vest Endura Hummvee
from: 41 gbp
Morvelo Women's BLUNT Haze Gilet | cycling vest Morvélo BLUNT Haze
from: 37 gbp
2XU Ignition Insulation Vest Women, sort | cycling vest 2XU Ignition Insulation
from: 80 gbp
2XU Perform Tri singlet Damer, sort | cycling vest 2XU Perform
from: 29 gbp
dhb Aeron Packable Gilet Men, sort | cycling vest Dhb Aeron Packable
from: 38 gbp
Sportful Supergiara Layer Vest Damer, sort | cycling vest Sportful Supergiara Layer
from: 62 gbp
Sportful Giara Layer Vest | cycling vest Sportful Giara Layer
from: 69 gbp
Alé Vest Guscio Vento 2.0 - Sort | cycling vest Alé Guscio Vento 2.0
from: 0 gbp

Cycling Vests

At Velomio, we consider cycling vests are especially important in cycling. They are easy to take on and off, provide ample airflow, and make you more visible to drivers. There are also reflective vests that make sure you are clearly visible even in low-light conditions such as early dawn.

It is pretty important to be visible by a car on the road. It has also been proven many times that cyclists without vests can be hard to see during dark or rainy nights. Which can lead to devastating accidents.

Cycling vests are also low-maintenance and good for windy weather. Most vests come with adjustable Velcro straps or belts, which makes them extremely comfortable.

In fact, a major selling point of cycling vests is that they enable the cyclist to properly cycle in windy or chilly weather. The only time a cycling vest is not recommended is during winter or in cold regions, unless if it is something you wear below your cycling jacket. Jackets are especially important in those situations.

When Should you go for a Cycling Vest?

Usually, people pick up a cycling vest when they are just starting cycling for long durations. Vests are low maintenance, make you more visible, and most importantly, provide relief from wind, which can dry your lungs.

Reflectivity is perhaps the most important reason why cyclists buy cycling vests. If that is your requirement too, here are a couple of tips from Velomio:

  1. Yellow, white (non-translucent), light pink, bright red, and sky-blue cycling vests are the most reflective. This is more appropriate if you mostly cycle in low-light conditions (such as early dawn and dusk).
  2. The other type of reflectivity is when you are in broad daylight. In this case, you need a dark color. Black, navy blue, or combinations such as black and white-colored vests work the best in daylight.

It is generally a good practice to get a vest and arm warmers. In chilly weather, you can get your arm warmers up along with the vest for wholesome protection against the cold.

A vest is also the entry point into the larger world of cycling outer garments. Vests might be a good starting point to practice wearing something tight before you move on to a tight racing-style cycling jacket. However, that is rarely the case as the vest suffices in most cases in and of itself.

Conflicted between the various qualities and attributes? Do not fret. Here at Velomio, our product comparisons are based on meticulous research that allows you to choose among the best options for you. No need to start from scratch when you have us. Check out our product comparisons and reviews for cycling jackets.

Cycling Vests vs. Cycling Jackets

The biggest question we ask customers at Velomio is whether you should go with a vest or a jacket. A jacket is going to be much hotter, especially on longer cycling sessions. Jackets indeed come with airflow features, but those are premium ones. On the other hand, if you are not living in very cold weather or cycling during the winter, you can get by just as well with a vest.

Vests do not make you so hot. In case you feel chilly, you can always get yourself a couple of arm warmers and be good to go.

A vest is a perfect garment for you if your arms do not usually go cold or if they do and it does not happen to bother you. However, if you would rather keep your entire body warm (and risk overheating your arms or sweat buildup that ultimately soaks your gloves), then a jacket might be a better option.

Unlike a jacket, you can keep your cycling vest on at all times.

What Should you Look Out For?

Cycling vests do not pack many features. Perhaps the only features you should be looking at are reflectivity and effectiveness against the wind.

Some fabric materials used in cycling vests are exceptionally good in keeping you protected against windy weather.

Wind-blocking quality differs from vest to vest and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Another important use of a cycling vest is to keep your core warm in moderately cool temperatures or during spring and fall – times when the difference between temperatures of direct sunlight and shade can be significant. A vest will keep your core consistently warm throughout the day.

Cycling vests also protect from light showers, though you need something better for heavy rains.

But do not worry. At Velomio, we do the research and product comparison, so you do not have to start from scratch. Choose from the best cycling vests that we have prepared for you.

Features of a Cycling Vest

Cycling vests for men and women come with several features that make them better than t-shirts, cycling jerseys, or jackets:

  1. Cycling vests are lightweight and highly portable, which makes them easy to carry, put on, and put off than jackets. Many cycling vests can easily pack inside jersey pockets.
  2. They provide a lot of flexibility to the wearer. A jacket is more limited in what you can wear with it.
  3. Vests are reflective and good for protection against direct wind.
  4. Cycling vests are multi-purpose. If you want to combine cycling with running, swimming, or fitness exercises, you will not need to get out of the vest.
  5. Vests are more convenient and better than cycling jerseys or cycling with just a normal t-shirt on.

Velomio Can Find You the Perfect Cycling Vest

There are cycling vests available for both, men, and women. You can run a search for cycling vests men or cycling vest women to find out the best options on our comparison site.

Cycling vests are also known as windproof vests or windbreakers.

These sleeveless outer garments provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can wear beneath them. Cycling vests are typically reflective or have reflective parts that provide a layer of much-needed safety when cycling.

Whatever your needs are, search through Velomio’s products and you will find one that is right for you.

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