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Salomon XA Pro 3D v8 Gore-Tex Shoes | cycling shoes Salomon XA Pro 3D V8
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Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe - Olive Green - 42. | cycling shoes Endura Hummvee
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Shimano RC502 - Cykelsko Road RC5 - Hvid - Str. 48 | cycling shoes Shimano RC502 RC5
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Shimano S-Phyre XC902 - Cykelsko MTB XC9 - Sort - Str. 40 | cycling shoes Shimano SH-XC901
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Shimano S-Phyre RC902. | cycling shoes Shimano S-PHYRE RC902
from: 210 gbp
Endura MT500 - Cykelsko - Burner Clipless - Sort - Str. 46 | cycling shoes Endura MT500 Burner
save: 33 % from: 80 gbp
Shimano RC702 - Cykelsko Road RC7 - Sort - Str. 42 | cycling shoes Shimano RC702 RC7
from: 101 gbp
Bontrager Evoke MTB | cycling shoes Bontrager Evoke
save: 28 % from: 67 gbp
Bontrager Circuit. | cycling shoes Bontrager Circuit
save: 18 % from: 114 gbp
Shimano XC502 - Cykelsko MTB XC5 - Sort - Str. 40 | cycling shoes Shimano XC502 XC5
from: 96 gbp
Five Ten Freerider EPS - Cykelsko Herre | cycling shoes Five Ten Freerider
save: 46 % from: 44 gbp
Shimano XC300 - Cykelsko MTB XC3 - Str. 39 - Blå | cycling shoes Shimano XC300 XC3
from: 57 gbp
Shimano GR501 - Cykelsko Gravity GR5 - Sort - Str. 37 | cycling shoes Shimano GR501 Gravity GR5
from: 50 gbp
Mizuno Wave Paradox 5 Sko Damer, blå | cycling shoes Mizuno Wave Paradox 5
from: 103 gbp
Bontrager XXX - Cykelsko Road - Sort -Str. 47 | cycling shoes Bontrager XXX
save: 79 % from: 60 gbp
Shimano RC300 - Cykelsko Road RC3 - Sort - Str. 47 | cycling shoes Shimano RC300 RC3
from: 58 gbp
Shimano XC702 - Cykelsko MTB XC7 - Sort - Str. 50 | cycling shoes Shimano XC702 XC7
from: 115 gbp
Shimano RC300. | cycling shoes Shimano RC300
save: 14 % from: 82 gbp
Five Ten Women's Freerider Pro MTB Cycling Shoes | cycling shoes Five Ten Freerider PRO
save: 20 % from: 78 gbp
Giro Cadet - Cykelsko road dame - Str. 37 - Sort | cycling shoes Giro Cadet
save: 42 % from: 66 gbp
Giro Imperial - Cykelsko Road Hr - Sort - Str. 42 | cycling shoes Giro Imperial
save: 44 % from: 180 gbp
Gaerne G.Fuga Road Sko Mat Sort | cycling shoes Gaerne G.Fuga
save: 12 % from: 192 gbp
SCOTT Road Heater GORE-TEX | cycling shoes Scott Heater
from: 192 gbp
Gaerne G.Tornado - Cykelsko Dame | cycling shoes Gaerne G.Tornado
save: 51 % from: 76 gbp

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Giro Imperial - Cykelsko Road Hr - Sort - Str. 42 | cycling shoes Giro Imperial
save: 44 % from: 180 gbp
Giro Cadet - Cykelsko road dame - Str. 37 - Sort | cycling shoes Giro Cadet
save: 42 % from: 66 gbp
Giro Empire VR90 MTB Cycling Shoes | cycling shoes Giro Empire VR90
save: 37 % from: 120 gbp
Endura MT500 - Cykelsko - Burner Clipless - Sort - Str. 46 | cycling shoes Endura MT500 Burner
save: 33 % from: 80 gbp
Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe - Olive Green - 42. | cycling shoes Endura Hummvee
save: 32 % from: 58 gbp
SIDI Alba 2 Road Cycling Shoes | cycling shoes Sidi Alba 2
save: 14 % from: 124 gbp
Giro Stylus Women Cykelsko - Sort | cycling shoes Giro Stylus
save: 27 % from: 63 gbp
Specialized Recon 1.0 MTB Cykelsko - Rød | cycling shoes Specialized Recon 1.0
save: 27 % from: 65 gbp
Giro Ranger Womens MTB Cycling Shoes | cycling shoes Giro Ranger
save: 24 % from: 57 gbp
Giro Sko Regime - Hvid | cycling shoes Giro Regime
save: 22 % from: 150 gbp
Giro Women's Savix II Cycling Road Shoes | cycling shoes Giro Savix
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Crankbrothers Stamp BOA | cycling shoes Crankbrothers Stamp Boa
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Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are different from typical shoes in terms of looks. But you will see a significant impact on cycling efficiency when you compare the function of the two types of shoes. Cycling shoes are designed to offer better support for cyclists.

Just because you can ride in regular shoes does not mean they are the best option. A cycling shoe helps a cyclist by increasing pedaling efficiency, especially during upstrokes.

According to Velomio the other benefits of using a cycling shoe instead of a regular one (for cycling) are:

  1. These shoes are built for cycling and offer better comfort, support, and efficiency while cycling, just as running shoes offer more comfort and endurance while running.
  2. One of the key features of cycling shoes is their rigidity. More rigidity ensures a better and more economical transfer of power from your legs to the pedals.
  3. Cycling shoes usually have a method for attaching your feet to the pedal. A firm grip between the shoe and the pedal is extremely important and cycling shoes are designed for that.
  4. Various high-end cycling shoes also enable the rider to adjust them while in use. This is facilitated by a specific adjustment system and not laces.
  5. There is also a weight difference between normal shoes and cycling shoes.

What Are the Types of Cycling Shoes?

There are many kinds of cycling shoes. According to Velomio some of the most common forms are:

1.      Road racing cycling shoe: Road cycling shoes are the most popular variant of a cycling shoe. They have a rigid and inflexible sole that is slightly bent at the ball of the foot. A cleat is attached to the bottom. Together, they make a clicking sound when coming together. Road cycling shoes are not designed with walking or off-road usage in mind. They might have additional ventilation (holes on the outsoles).

2.      Track racing cycling shoe: Track racing cycling shoes are also known as triathlon shoes, as that is where they are used. You do not have the time to fasten laces, wear socks, or get in and out of the shoes during a triathlon. That is why track racing cycling shoes offer a quick entry and exit for your feet. Apart from that, they are also sockless and offer good drainage. Switching between swim, biking, and run is important. These shoes offer a great way to switch between these modes. Track racing cycling shoes do not have laces. They come with a single Velcro strap to get you set up to race quicker.

3.      Winter cycling shoe: These cycling shoes for men and women both come with insulations and over-the-ankle coverage. As the name suggests, these are shoes for cycling in winter or colder regions. Winter cycling shoes are available in both formats, road and off-road. In addition to the cold, these are also designed to offer protection from wind and excessive moisture.

4.      Casual cycling shoe: A casual cycling shoe comes with a softer outsole. Additionally, casual cycling shoes have a molded midsole to protect the foot from the pedal and a less inflated rocker for a more natural gait. These are good for casual cycling as they effectively mitigate the pressure on your feet while cycling. Casual cycling shoes come with a cutout in their outsoles to bolt the cleats.

5.      Touring cycling shoes: Traditional touring shoes had toe clips and straps but nowadays it is common to find tour shoes meant for clipless pedals. Touring shoes enable you to smoothly transition between cycling and walking.

6.      Off-road or mountain biking cycling shoe: Mountain bike shoes or off-road shoes are meant for off-road cycling. These shoes have a two-slot cleat system just like casual ones but come with a more aggressive outsole for when you have to get off the bike or push it up. These cleats are sunk below the sole’s tread for protection from ground contact. The midsoles are reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, or nylon material depending on the manufacturer.

7.      Indoor or spinning cycling shoes: These shoes are meant for indoor cyclists. Indoor cycling or spinning is usually a fitness activity and not a professional or racing one. Indoor cycling shoes are not in popular consumer demand but improve the efficiency of fitness-based cycling. Indoor cycling or spinning is also known as stationary cycling.

Velomio Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cycling Shoes

How Much of a Difference Do Cycling Shoes Make?

Stiffer soles maximize energy transfer to the pedals, making you peddle faster, which is important for any race. There are both, cycling shoes for men and cycling shoes for women, and both increase the efficiency by a lot. Other subtle features of a cycling shoe can also provide marginal improvements depending on your usage.

Can You Walk Wearing a Cycling Shoe?

Some shoes are meant for both, walking, and cycling while others are not. Some might produce a clicking sound as you walk with them on. All in all, it is not impossible or uncomfortable to walk in any cycling shoe, so you are in the clear.

Do you wear socks with cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes offer a snug fit so your feet do not slip off the pedals. You are recommended to wear cycling socks with them. Cycling socks are thinner in general and provide the much-needed usefulness while cycling. These socks do not ruin the fit by stretching them.

How Velomio Helps Find the Right Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes provide several benefits for cyclists. Whether you are a professional or a casual cyclist, there is always an option for you at Velomio

Popular manufacturers of cyclists include Lake, DMT, Sidi, Riivo, Bont, Suplest, EZNI, Nike, Exustar, Adidas, Northwave, Gaeme, and so on.

As a comparison site, Velomio ranks and tests cycling shoes on all the qualities that a good cyclist need. Find out what we have in store for you by looking at the products on this page.

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