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The cross-bike sector is just as diverse and versatile as the whole road bike sector. Therefore, choose the right bike will take some help.
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Cannondale Topstone 0 2021 - Gravel Bike | cross bike Cannondale Topstone
save: 54 % from: 950 gbp
Ribble CGR AL e - Red - Shimano Tiagra | cross bike Ribble CGR AL e
from: 1,999 gbp
Specialized Diverge Elite E5… | cross bike Specialized Diverge Elite E5
from: 1,699 gbp
Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon 2020 Gravelbike | cross bike Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon
from: 5,210 gbp
Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4 2021 - Gravel Bike | cross bike Cannondale Topstone Carbon
from: 2,718 gbp
Principia Gravel Hybrid | cross bike Principia Gravel Hybrid
from: 929 gbp
Marin Gestalt X10 Gravelbike | cross bike Marin Gestalt
from: 1,255 gbp
Cube Nuroad Pro FE Gravel Bike 2019 Grey/Black | cross bike Cube Nuroad Pro FE
from: 950 gbp
Specialized Crux Elite Cyclocross bike 2020 Gloss Chameleon/Rocket Red | cross bike Specialized Crux
from: 2,999 gbp
Orbea Terra M20 2021 - Gravel Bike 2x11 Shimano - Sidste vi har tilbage i str. Large i Antrhacite/Sort | cross bike Orbea TERRA M20
from: 2,604 gbp
Rondo Ruut CF1 Gravel Bike - 2021 | cross bike Rondo Ruut CF1
from: 2,851 gbp
Giant Revolt E+Pro 2020 | cross bike Giant Revolt
from: 3,285 gbp
Specialized Diverge Comp E5 Black - Gravel - 2022 | cross bike Specialized Diverge Comp E5
from: 2,209 gbp
Cube Cross Race C:62 SL - Cyclocross - 2022 | cross bike Cube Cross Race
from: 1,699 gbp
Ridley Kanzo Adventure Carbon 2020 | cross bike Ridley Kanzo Adventure
from: 2,464 gbp
Giant Roam 2 Disc 2021 - Hybrid Sports Bike | cross bike Giant Roam 2 Disc
from: 612 gbp
Giant Revolt Advanced 2 Gravel Bike 2021 | cross bike Giant Revolt Advanced 2
from: 2,322 gbp
Giant Revolt Advanced 0 2020 | cross bike Giant Revolt Advanced 0
from: 2,874 gbp
Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 2022 | cross bike Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2
from: 1,971 gbp
Lapierre Crosshill 3.0 | cross bike Lapierre Crosshill 3.0
from: 1,263 gbp
Cannondale CAADX Tiagra Cyclocross Bike 2020 Emerald Green | cross bike Cannondale CAADX
from: 1,000 gbp
Holdsworth Mystique SRAM Rival 1 Gravel Bike | cross bike Holdsworth Mystique
from: 1,400 gbp
Giant Roam 3 Disc 2021 Aluminium Hybrid Bike Garnet | cross bike Giant Roam 3 Disc
from: 539 gbp
Orbea Terra H30 - 2021 Gravelbike med Shimano GRX 2x11 | cross bike Orbea TERRA H30
from: 1,698 gbp


The specializations and technology involved in designing a cross bike are impressive. As a cycling enthusiast, you need a steed to match certain challenges and riding styles. Not all types of bikes are equal. You need to take them out on the road to notice the subtle differences in their components and design

About Crossbikes

The cross-bike sector is just as diverse and versatile as the whole road bike sector. The cross-bike segment makes everything possible. This is why bike manufacturers are using all types of expressions throughout their product portfolios to attract customers. Some include all-road, adventure bike, road plus, monster cross, and more.

A mountain bike will allow you to take a path not traveled. A cross bike, on the other hand, is specially designed to allow you to take a path that is not much of a path. Bike manufacturers are pretty good at hyping their niche products.

Think about the fat-tire bikes that were all the rage. However, cross bikes are durable enough to handle some modestly difficult terrains, such as fire roads, gravel trains, and more. Better yet, they are nimble and light enough to efficiently ride on the pavement as well. 

Rising Popularity of the Cross Bike

Are you looking for a bike that you can ride in all types of terrains, in addition to giving you an edge while racing? If you are, a cross bike should be at the top of your list. Over the past few years, there has been somewhat of a revolution in the biking sphere. Formerly, crossbikes, sometimes called gravel bikes, were the toys of biking enthusiasts who spend their free time running around and riding around muddy fields.

Today, gravel bikes, or CX bikes as most people call them, are the preferred choice for many commuters looking for a bike that can handle the most difficult riding conditions. Coupled with the unprecedented rise in popularity of the cross-bike scene, this effect is forcing manufacturers to focus on versatile bikes that people can use for bike-packing one weekend and racing the next.

Nowadays, businesses are striving to cater to all customer pursuits. Consequently, bike manufacturing brands are now offering specially designed bikes for each discipline. However, certain things make a cross bike special, compared to any other type of riding machine.

Things to Consider when Looking for a Cross Bike

Nowadays, cross bikes are very popular. Few other bike categories are as beginner-friendly and versatile as crossbikes. This type of bike will allow you to rediscover your turf and explore the world. If you want to ride to work every morning, it will help you enjoy your daily commute. It can even spice-up your dull workout plan. This article will tell you more about cross bikes to help you make a more informed decision when buying one.

Of course, there is a wide range of cross-bike applications. Therefore, for each selection of comparable cross-bikes, certain standard guidelines define a bike’s features in all of its different facets, irrespective of the specific function or niche.


When you look at a cross bike, you will probably think that it looks like a road bike. You have the shifters, classic drop bars, and cool rims. However, there are small upgrades and tweaks sprinkled throughout a cross bike that help it handle rougher conditions. Whereas the focus is on comfort in a standard road bike, cross bikes have a somewhat aggressive position.

It has a longer wheelbase and slightly lower bottom bracket, which allow it to be more stable over rough terrain, even at higher speeds. The wheels also have bigger tires, which do not require tubes. Therefore, you can ride on lower tire pressures for better control on a wide range of surfaces. All cross-bikes have one thing in mind, which is allowing riders to move fast in all terrains.


When tackling different riding-based events such as adventure-cycling and racing, it is important to have a wide range of options. When it comes to cross bikes, this is not a problem. They are extremely versatile, which means that a rider has a wide range of gear setup options.

Before you purchase a bike, you need to understand that some bikes are ideal for fast on-road or off-road rides. Others are perfect for long-haul adventures and carrying luggage. When looking for a cross bike, you need to consider the components that match meet your needs. If you plan to try out more difficult off-road climbs, you will need a bike with more than a 50/34t compact chainset.

Nowadays, more biking enthusiasts are moving towards lower gearing for cross bikes. As this type of bike grows in popularity, manufacturers are introducing terrain-specific models with gravel-friendly gearing options. Therefore, you can always find a cross bike to suit your specific requirements.


Manufacturers of most adventure-focused bikes pay a lot of attention to the overall weight of a bike. If you are looking for a good bike, you probably want to do more than cycle up and down the street. You also want to be able to go around obstacles and jump off some of them. This is where a cross bike can come in handy.

Other factors to consider which choosing a cross bike include:

  • Whether you need a used or a new bike
  • Its size, including the frame size, handlebar height, pedal position, and saddle
  • The braking system
  • The appropriate wheel sizes
  • The suspension system
  • Its durability
  • The ideal type of handlebars for you
  • Where you plan to ride your cross bike

If you obsessively monitor the biking industry, you may feel like a new type of cross bike is appearing every other week. To make it worse, each new type seems to interpret what an all-terrain bike frame means.

These bikes power the cross-bike sector into a position of prominence. Even if other people think of it as just a bike, you can use your cross bike for almost anything. Furthermore, you will improve your physical fitness in the process. 

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