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Crank arms are essential features of a bike and you need to have the right ones to make your cycling experience meaningful. Velomio can find you the right one!
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from: 26 gbp
Race Face Next R 136mm Crank Arms Only | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Race Face Next R 136mm Only Tredz
from: 399 gbp
SRAM Force D2 Crank Arm Assembly DUB Iridescent | Tredz Bikes | crank arm SRAM Force D2 Assembly DUB Iridescent Tredz
from: 212 gbp
Shimano FC-9000 left hand crank arm | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Shimano FC-9000 hand Tredz
from: 210 gbp
Shimano FC-E6100 left hand crank arm unit | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Shimano FC-E6100 hand unit Tredz
from: 30 gbp
Shimano FC-E8050 right hand crank arm unit | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Shimano FC-E8050 hand unit Tredz
from: 60 gbp
Shimano FC-M8150 Deore XT Hollowtech crank arm set | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Shimano FC- Deore XT Hollowtech set Tredz
from: 140 gbp
Birzman Crank Arm Installation Tool | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Birzman Installation Tool Tredz
from: 8 gbp
FSA Bosch CK-320 ISIS E-Bike Crank Arms | Tredz Bikes | crank arm FSA Bosch CK-ISIS Tredz
from: 43 gbp
FSA Bosch E-Bike Carbon CK-702/IS Crank Arms | Tredz Bikes | crank arm FSA Bosch CK-702 IS Tredz
from: 250 gbp
FSA Shimano Steps E-Bike CK-751 Crank Arms | Tredz Bikes | crank arm FSA Shimano Steps CK-751 Tredz
from: 69 gbp
FSA Yamaha PW E-Bike CK-220 Crank Arms | Tredz Bikes | crank arm FSA Yamaha PW CK-220 Tredz
from: 45 gbp
XLC Bosch GEN1 + 2 + 4 Pedalarme | crank arm XLC Bosch GEN1 2 4
from: 35 gbp
Miranda Gen3 Bosch Pedalarm, 170mm, Venstre | crank arm Miranda Gen3 Bosch
from: 27 gbp
Sram GX 1000 GXP Pedalarm, 175mm | crank arm SRAM GX 1000 GXP
from: 46 gbp
Zefal beskytter til pedalarme, sort | crank arm Zefal beskytter
from: 7 gbp
Hope EVO FAT Pedalarme med Double Spider til 100 mm BB | crank arm Hope EVO FAT Double Spider BB
from: 324 gbp
Hope EVO FAT Pedalarme Spiderless til 100 mm BB | crank arm Hope EVO FAT Spiderless BB
from: 293 gbp
Hope EVO Pedalarme med Single Spider til 83mm BB | crank arm Hope EVO Single Spider 83mm BB
from: 324 gbp
Quarq Red D1 DUB Crank Arm Assembly | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Quarq D1 DUB Assembly Tredz
from: 389 gbp
Race Face AEffect-R Ebike Crank Arms Only | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Race Face AEffect-R Only Tredz
from: 119 gbp
Raleigh Diamond Taper Left Hand Crank Arm | Tredz Bikes | crank arm Raleigh Diamond Taper Hand Tredz
from: 13 gbp
SRAM Force Crank Arm Assembly | Tredz Bikes | crank arm SRAM Force Assembly Tredz
from: 212 gbp
SRAM X0 Crank Arm Assembly | Tredz Bikes | crank arm SRAM Assembly Tredz
from: 160 gbp

Crank Arms

Crank arms the levers that connect your bike’s pedals. They are a section of a crankset that is comprised of arms that connect to the bike’s bottom bracket. The crankset is what keeps your bike working. Cranks are tailored with saw-like cogs known as chainrings that move the chain. As the chain moves, it drives the back wheels as you pedal.
Crank arms are the features that receive the pressure applied to the pedal and facilitate smooth cycling motion and enable sharper turns without the pedal dropping to the ground. Velomio can help you find great crank arms!

Types of Crank Arms

If you do not know the types of crank arms set available in the market, you can find crank arms bike comparisons at Velomio that can work for you.

Integrated Arm Crank

An integrated crank is a light and simple design that has features on the drive and non-drive sides. The drive side comprises the crank arm, chainring, spindle, and spider all collected in a single piece. The non-drive side consists of a spindle where the crank arm fits into and is fastened by a bolt holed into the spindle. Alternatively, the crank arm can lock around the spindle using two pinch bolts.

Cottered Crank Arms

Cottered crank arms consist of separate levers connected to the spindle using a cotter pin. The levers slip into the spindle and are held in place by fastening the cotter pin nut screw. Tightening the levers helps to prevent play and the contact area from wearing out.

One-Piece Cranks

One-piece cranks have the levers attached and cannot be detached separately. The cranks wind through the shell of the bottom bracket and are secured by threaded flanges that grip the bottom bracket more tightly.

Square Taper Cranks

Square taper cranks are made up of separate or independent crank arms secured into the spindle by use of bolts. The tapered opening on the levers creates a close-fitting and steadfast fit making it hard for the crank arms to come loose.

Choosing the Best Crank Arms

To find what works for you it is best to consult an expert fitter who is proficient with crank arms. The length of the crank arm matters because the right length will reduce stress on your hip and knee, smoothen the pedal stroke and help you maintain a good pace. If you are wondering where to find crank arms that are appropriate for your bike, check out the varieties available on Velomio.

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