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Compressport Trail Postural Womens Short Sleeve Top | compression Compressport Trail Postural
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Compressport Women's Run Under Control Shorts | compression Compressport Under Control
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Under Armour HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression Top | compression Under Armour HeatGear
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2XU Core Compression Long Sleeve Top | compression 2XU Core
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2XU Women's Motion Mid-Rise Compression Short | compression 2XU Motion Mid-Rise
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Zone3 Women's RX3 Medical Grade Compression Tights | compression Zone3 RX3 Medical Grade
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Compressport Women's Performance Overshorts | compression Compressport Performance Overshorts
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2XU Light Speed Compression Tights | compression 2XU Light Speed
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2XU Compression Sleeved Top | compression 2XU Sleeved
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CEP Run Compression Low cut Socks | compression CEP Low cut
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CEP Run Compression No Show Socks | compression CEP No Show
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Compressport Trail Postural SS Top Damer, sort | compression Compressport Trail Postural SS
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CEP Women's Run Compression Mid cut Socks | compression CEP Mid cut
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Compressport Tri Postural Short Sleeve Womens Compression Top 2022 | compression Compressport Postural
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Compressport Aero Sokker, sort | compression Compressport Aero
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CEP Women's Run Compression Calf Sleeves | compression CEP Calf Sleeves
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UYN Run Compression Fly Strømper Herrer, grøn | compression UYN Fly
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Compressport Pro Marathon Socks | compression Compressport Pro Marathon
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Compressport Trucker Cap Black | compression Compressport Trucker
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Compressport Thin Headband On/Off | compression Compressport Thin On Off
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2XU Recovery Compression Sock | compression 2XU Recovery
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M2O Merino Knee High Compression Socks | compression M2O Knee High
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Compressport Armforce Ultralight Green XL | compression Compressport Armforce Ultralight
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Compressport Full Recovery Socks | compression Compressport Full Recovery
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Compression Clothes

At Velomio Compression clothes fall under a general umbrella of clothes that are very tight and sometimes quite revealing. The truth of the matter is that compression tights have a purpose. They help in increasing the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids to the limbs. They also improve performance and shorten recovery time.

According to Velomio compression clothing helps to reduce the levels of lactic acid. They also increase the intake of oxygen in the muscles. Compression tights are helpful if you spend most of your days standing.

When not to wear Compression Clothes

Some medical conditions may make wearing compression clothing harmful to you. Some of these medical conditions are:

  • Diabetes – This brings about other complications such as peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial sickness. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves in your legs, feet, arms, and hands.
  • Ischaemia – This is the lack of oxygen in your hands and feet as a result of peripheral arterial sickness. The lack of oxygen is a result of thinning or blockage of the arteries that supply blood. 
  • Cellulitis – This is edema that comes from an infection deep in your skin.
  • Congestive Heart disease – This is when edema develops as a result of insufficient blood. 
  • Allergies – Compression clothes are bad if you are allergic to the components in them.

When wearing Compression Clothes is Harmful to You

While compression clothing can help, Velomio is the first to highlight it can be harmful. Wearing compression clothing is risky for you if you are suffering from a previous medical condition. If you are suffering from ischemia, compression clothes will make it worse. This is because your limbs are already suffering from insufficient oxygen. Wearing tight clothing will restrict the supply of oxygen further. If you are wearing compression tights for medical reasons, ensure that they fit your specific measurements.

Benefits of Compression Clothes

Compression clothing benefits are much more than maintaining a specific structure as you stretch. This is because they help maintain the temperature of your muscles when running or riding your bike. They also help reduce muscle damage, pain, and inflammation. Compression shorts help to reduce groin pain.

Directional compression shorts help support your hip adductor muscles. They are also helpful when you are recovering from an injury to your hip area.

What to Consider when Buying Compression Clothing at Velomio

The first thing to consider when buying compression clothing is size. Your ideal size should be comfortably tight and not restrictive. The type of compression tights you buy depends on the goal you want to achieve by wearing them.

For instance, compression tights for your legs can help you achieve maximum benefits since they have the largest muscle groups. You can find a large selection of these on

Buying a compression top can be a good investment. The support it provides may help you last longer during your workouts. Compression tops at Velomio come in long sleeves, sleeveless, and short sleeves.

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