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A bike’s chain tool is a small device that you can use to break your bike’s chain in a way that you can fix it afterward. Shop at Velomio to find the best prices!
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from: 23 gbp
XLC 6-10-Speed Kædeskiller | chain tool XLC 6-10-Speed
from: 9 gbp
Unior kædeskiller Pro | chain tool Unior Pro
from: 28 gbp
INNERGY+ Kædeskiller | chain tool INNERGY+ INNERGY
from: 7 gbp
Kædeskiller Park Tool CT-5 | chain tool Park Tool CT-5
from: 23 gbp
MUC-OFF X-3 Dirty Chain Machine | chain tool Muc-Off 3
from: 46 gbp
BBB Chainchecker - Rask-Cykler | chain tool BBB Rask-Cykler
from: 8 gbp
Finish Line Kæderenser Solo | chain tool Finish Line Solo
from: 0 gbp
Park Tool Kædeskiller CT-5 Mini | chain tool Park Tool CT-5 Mini
from: 30 gbp
Park Tool Kædemåler CC-2 | chain tool Park Tool CC-2
from: 41 gbp
BBB Nautilus II kædeskiller | chain tool BBB Nautilus II
from: 17 gbp
Shimano TL-CN28 kædeadskiller | chain tool Shimano TL-CN28
from: 44 gbp
Park Tool CM-25 Kæderenser | chain tool Park Tool CM-25
from: 145 gbp
BBB Cycling TurnTable BTL-11S Kædepisk, sølv/sort | chain tool BBB TurnTable BTL-11
from: 15 gbp
Park Tool CT5C Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool | Tredz Bikes | chain tool Park Tool CT5C Tredz
from: 24 gbp
Topeak Super Chain Tool | Tredz Bikes | chain tool Topeak Super Tredz
from: 8 gbp
Unior Master Chain Tool | Tredz Bikes | chain tool Unior Master Tredz
from: 70 gbp
XLC Basic Chain Tool (TO-S25) | Tredz Bikes | chain tool XLC Basic Tredz
from: 7 gbp
XLC Chain Tool with Pin Guide & Spare Pin (TO-S26) | Tredz Bikes | chain tool XLC Pin Guide & Spare Pin Tredz
from: 19 gbp
BBB ProfiConnect Chain Tool | Tredz Bikes | chain tool BBB ProfiConnect Tredz
from: 30 gbp
Birzman Dragonfly Chain Rivet Extractor 9/10,11 Speed | Tredz Bikes | chain tool Birzman Dragonfly 9 10 11 Speed Tredz
from: 75 gbp
Campagnolo HD Link Chain Tool | Tredz Bikes | chain tool Campagnolo HD Link Tredz
from: 200 gbp
Bike Hand Linkfix Kædeværktøj | chain tool Bike hand Linkfix
from: 9 gbp
Unior Professional Kædemåler | chain tool Unior Professional
from: 32 gbp

Chain Tools

Also known as a bike chain breaker tool, this device helps bike owners install or remove a chain. Your bike’s chain pushes out the pins since it has links and plates pinned together. When the handle on the chain breaker rotates, it effectively drives the chain tool through your bike’s connections. 
One of the most common wear components on a bicycle is the chain. Fortunately, replacing your bike’s chain is not all that difficult. All you need are the right tools and some basic knowledge from Velomio.

What is a Chain Separator?

When it comes to shopping for a chain tool, bike owners often come across the term, ‘chain separator.’ Also known as a chain splitter, this tool is one of the most important components of your biking toolkit. It allows you to shorten new chains or split/separate old chains. It also allows cyclists to join chains that use a pin instead of a quick-link, which can greatly speed things up.

Do you need to Purchase Chain Tools?

Replacing a bike’s chain is one of the most common preventative maintenance measures. In a way, it is similar to changing the oil in a car. Essentially, it will help to prolong the working life of other, more expensive bike components. However, due to the wide range of chain tools available on the market, finding the right one for your bike can be quite difficult. Fortunately, to find great comparisons and ideas, Velomio is a good place to start.

How to Use a Bike Chain Tool

The first thing you need to determine is where to break your bike’s chain. If your bike’s chain does not have a quick-release link, you will need a chain tool for both the installation or removal process. 
You need to turn the chain tool’s handle counter-clockwise until the pin backs off enough to allow you to place one of the chain links on the farthest slot from the handle. You can place a chain in two places on most chain tools. The inner slot loosens the chain links, while the outer one is for re-connecting and disconnecting the bike’s chain.
With the wide variety of chain tools available out there, you need to do adequate research to choose the right one for your needs. If you do not know where to start, Velomio will give you some awesome ideas and options.

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