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Are you planning on getting new chainrings for your bike? If you are, you need to read this super informative guide from Velomio
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Shopping Settings | chain ring TA Shopping Settings
from: 25 gbp
Race Face DM Cinch Klinge 10/11/12-hastighed, sort | chain ring Race Face Cinch
from: 20 gbp
AbsoluteBlack Chainring Direct Mount Singlespeed 34T - Oval - SRAM (Boost) - Lilla | chain ring AbsoluteBlack Direct Mount Oval SRAM
from: 46 gbp
Shimano Klinge FC-M785 | chain ring Shimano FC-
from: 15 gbp
Shopping Settings | chain ring THE Shopping Settings
from: 40 gbp
SRAM X-Sync Klinge 11-speed, sort | chain ring SRAM Sync
save: 78 % from: 15 gbp
ABSOLUTEBLACK 36T KLINGE - 36T 10-11-12 SPEED - SORT | chain ring AbsoluteBlack 10-11-
from: 52 gbp
Shimano SLX M7000 2x11 speed Klinger | chain ring Shimano SLX
save: 42 % from: 22 gbp
Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Ydre Klinge | chain ring Shimano PD-R8000
from: 15 gbp
Absolute Black Oval Klinge 34T til BCD 96 mm Guld | chain ring AbsoluteBlack Oval BCD 96 mm
from: 52 gbp
Shimano Deore 2x10-Speed Klinge, 36T | chain ring Shimano Deore
from: 14 gbp
Shimano FC-M9020 chainring | Tredz Bikes | chain ring Shimano FC- Tredz
from: 9 gbp
FSA Pro MTB Chainring | Tredz Bikes | chain ring FSA Pro Tredz
from: 20 gbp
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-Speed Klinge, 36T | chain ring Shimano Ultegra 6800
from: 13 gbp
KLINGE absoluteBLACK OVAL SORT 34T. | chain ring AbsoluteBlack OVAL
from: 53 gbp
Bike Partner Driveline 9/10-Speed Klinge | chain ring BikePartner Driveline 9
from: 17 gbp
SRAM Eagle Klinge til Boost (3 mm) 34T Direct Mount 12-speed | chain ring SRAM Eagle Boost Direct Mount
from: 87 gbp
FUNN Solo Narrow Wide Klinge | chain ring Funn Solo Narrow
from: 28 gbp
Shimano 105 5750 10-speed Klinge, 34T | chain ring Shimano 105 5750
from: 17 gbp
Klinge 34T. Shimano 12 speed Dura Ace FC-R9200 | chain ring Shimano Dura Ace FC-R9200
from: 31 gbp
Shimano 105 5800 11-Speed Klinge, 34T | chain ring Shimano 105 5800
from: 14 gbp
Shimano XT M785 10-Speed Klinge, 38T | chain ring Shimano XT
from: 46 gbp
AbsoluteBlack klinge 34t ø104 single oval Rød | chain ring AbsoluteBlack ø104 single oval
from: 52 gbp
AbsoluteBlack Oval 34t klinge til direkte montering (Raceface) Guld 3 mm offset | chain ring AbsoluteBlack Oval 3 mm offset
from: 57 gbp


A chainring from Velomio is arguably the most important part of your bike. It is the part that transmits the energy you create when pedaling to the rear hub via the chain.

How does it Work?

In layman’s terms, it is the round, spiky part on your bike that is connected to the cranks and pulls the chain when you are riding. The size of the chainring directly impacts your bike’s gearing. 

Smaller rings mean smaller gears that are easier to push while bigger rings mean higher gears that are harder to push. This size is usually expressed in terms of the number of teeth the ring has. For instance, a normal leisure bike has a 50T (50 teeth) ring while a road racing bike has a 53T ring.

Bolt Circles and Spiders

When shopping for bike parts, two main factors determine the size of the chainrings bike you should go for. These are the Bolt Center Diameter (BCD) and the spider type. Your bike’s crank has either a four or a five-bolt chainring attachment called the spider. 
The BCD is the diameter of the circle that would be made if you joined the bolt holes on the chainring. This diameter is different between standard and compact chainrings. For replacements, you can read the BCD on your chainring to get the exact dimensions. 

Chainring Limitations

The chainring you use will be directly determined by the type of chainset you use. here are the different types:

  • The standard double cranks – This is a chainset that has two chainrings. The most common grouping is a 53T outer and 39T inner rings. However, it can go up to 55T for the largest outer chainring and 38t for the smallest.
  • The single ring cranks – While single chainrings are available in sizes from 38T and above, they must use a devoted single ring crank. Not only do they have longer teeth, but they also do not have pins and shifting ramps. Get the right one for your bike. The chainrings MTB riders use differs from those used on road bikes.
  • The triple ring cranks – This chainset consists of three chainrings with the most common combination being a 30/39/50T grouping. These are sold as a prepositioned unit that cannot be changed due to the pin positioning unique to each of them.
  • The compact double cranks – This is a chainset that has two compact chainrings usually 50T outer and 34T inner rings in size.

For easier comparison of these bike parts, we at Velomio have found chainrings for you to explore. Take a look around you will not be disappointed.

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