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Brushes and sponges are essential when it comes to cleaning your bike. Velomio can help you find the ideal brushes and sponges.  
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Brushes and Sponges

Cleaning your bike ensures it stays in good working condition as well as keeps it looking good. It is a proven fact that keeping your components clean slows their wear and tear. This means that the more you keep your bike clean the less maintenance you will require in the future. There are several methods, tools, and products available for cleaning your bike.

Cleaning Brushes

A cleaning brush is a tool with a handle or block with bristles or other filaments. Cleaning brushes with soft bristles are ideal for removing road grime and soft mud. Brushes with stiff bristles are good for removing stubborn stains. When buying a bike cleaner kit, select one that has an assortment of cleaning brush shapes and bristle stiffness.

Sponge, Bucket, and Hosepipe

These simple and readily available items are the most important when it comes to cleaning your bike. There is no way you can wash your bike without using water either from a pressure washer, hosepipe, or a simple bucket. As a start, thoroughly rinse your bike with water to loosen any dirt.

You must be extra careful when using a pressure washer. This is because it might do much more than just washing away the stubborn stains. When using it avoid pointing it directly at the bottom brackets, headsets, and suspension pivots.

Cleaning Solutions and Products

An important component of your bike cleaner kit is cleaning solutions. This is because they help to loosen and remove stains without any damage to your bike’s paintwork and other materials. Ensure that you select a cleaner that is safe to use on carbon and metal surfaces. You can opt for green bike cleaning solutions.

You will also need to use several cleaning products to ensure that your bike is spic-and-span. Some of these products include a grease remover, brake cleaner, cleaning spray, and bike polish. The grease remover or degreaser helps break down greasy build-up in the cassette and drivetrain of your bike. The brake cleaner helps remove the grime and grit that builds up in the pads and caliper. 

Cleaning spray is ideal for a situation where your bike has a lot of dry mud or is very dirty. You need to give it a few minutes to do its magic once you apply it. The bike polish is the last portion of the cleaning activity. The spray removes any residual water on the bike thus protecting it from corrosion.

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