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Brake pads are some of the most important components on your bicycle. The condition of your brake pad will determine everything. Find great quality at Velomio!
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Brake Pads

If you are shopping for brake pads, you may want to know whether all brake pads are universal. You also need to know what to consider while choosing brake pads for your bike. When looking for brake pads bike enthusiasts and riders need to know that, generally, bicycle brake pads are universal. The compound or material used to make them is what makes the biggest difference.

Some have tough metallic compounds whereas others feature soft metallic compounds. You will also find some variations in the diameter and size of the brake pad. However, these variations do not make much difference. If you are still unsure as to the brake pads to purchase, all you need to do is ask for advice from an expert on the best fit for your bike. 

If you need to replace your bike’s brake pads, you will find many comparisons at Velomio to suit your needs.

Types of Brake Pads

Disk Brake Pads

These brake pads do not use the bike’s rim as a braking surface. Rather, they use a circular metal disk attached to the hub of the bike’s wheel. This circular disk rotates through a caliper containing the brake pads. When you squeeze the brake lever, it will move the brake pads to the rotor, which will effectively cause friction that will slow down your bike. This type of braking system is quite common in mountain bikes and some road bikes. 

Rim Brake Pads

This type of braking system uses the rotating rim of your bike’s wheel as a braking surface. You mount rim brake pads at the end of two pivoted cantilevers. When you pull or squeeze the brake lever, the brake pads will press against both sides of your bike’s rim, which will slow it down. Rim brake pads are common in city bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

Replacing your Brake Pads

When your bike’s brake pads wear out past a certain point, you will start to notice wear groves on them and other signs that will tell you that it is time to replace them. Before purchasing a new set of brake pads for your bike, however, you need to determine the type you need and other additional factors.

Taking these factors into account will help you ask the right questions that will help you make a more informed decision. If you do not know where to start looking for the right brake pads for your bike, Velomio will give you some great ideas. 

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