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Shimano Nexus BL-C6010 Bremsegreb venstre, sølv | brake lever Shimano Nexus BL-C6010
from: 12 gbp
Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Hydraulic Disc Brake | brake lever THE Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Hydraulic
from: 279 gbp
Magura HS33 Bremsehåndtag, sort/sølv | brake lever MAGURA HS33
from: 35 gbp
Shimano M4100 Deore Complete Brake Lever | brake lever Shimano Deore Complete
from: 22 gbp
Shimano GRX BL-RX812 Sub Brake Levers | brake lever Shimano GRX BL-RX812 Sub
from: 45 gbp
Shimano XT M8100 Complete Brake Lever | brake lever Shimano PD-M8100
from: 50 gbp
XLC BL-V01 Bremsehåndtag Sæt, hvid/sort | brake lever XLC BL-V01
from: 11 gbp
Avid Speed Dial 7 Bremsegreb (par) | brake lever Avid Speed Dial 7
from: 23 gbp
Tektro TS325A MTB V-bremsehåndtag (par) - Barn | brake lever Tektro TS325A
from: 7 gbp
Cane Creek 200TT Time Trial Brake Levers | brake lever Cane Creek 200TT
from: 30 gbp
TRP RRL Alloy Road Brake Levers | brake lever TRP RRL
from: 30 gbp
SRAM S500 Aluminium Brake Lever Set | brake lever SRAM Set
from: 54 gbp
Avid FR 5 Bremsegreb (par) | brake lever Avid FR 5
from: 12 gbp
Magura MT5e Bremsehåndtag, sort | brake lever MAGURA MT5e
from: 47 gbp
Cane Creek Crosstop Bremsegreb | brake lever Cane Creek Crosstop
from: 30 gbp
Shimano BL-T4010 Bremsehåndtag Sæt, sort | brake lever Shimano BL-T4010
from: 8 gbp
Tektro RL520 Drop Bar Brake Levers | brake lever Tektro RL520
from: 15 gbp
Shimano Bremsegreb Venstre BL-MT201 | brake lever Shimano BL-MT201
from: 12 gbp
Shimano GRX BL-RX810 Bremsegreb Venstre, sort/grå | brake lever Shimano GRX BL-RX810
from: 146 gbp
Shimano Saint BL-M820 Bremsehåndtag Forhjul, sort | brake lever Shimano Saint BL-
from: 66 gbp
Shimano Sora BL-R3000 Bremsehåndtag forhjul til flade styr, sort/grå | brake lever Shimano Sora BL-R3000 flade
from: 12 gbp
Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8150 Gear/bremsehåndtag Venstre 2-trins | brake lever Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8150 Gear 2-trins
from: 130 gbp
XLC BL-V04 Bremsehåndtag til V-Bremse, grå/sort | brake lever XLC BL-V04
from: 14 gbp
Shimano MT420 Deore Complete Post Mount Brake | brake lever Shimano MT420 Deore Complete Post Mount Brake
from: 95 gbp

Brake Levers

When you are riding, brakes provide the power to slow down or come to a complete stop in a controlled and safe manner. The braking system refers to both the levers located on the handlebars and the mechanism that prevents the bike wheels from turning. Brake levers are the mechanisms on the handlebar that transmits the force to stop the bike when you apply pressure on them. It is essentially what activates your brakes.

At Velomio, there are different options of brake levers for you to choose from depending on the type of riding you wish to undertake and the type of your bike.

Types of Brake Levers

The brake levers MTB and road bikes use can either have a cable or hydraulic fluid system to bring the bike to a halt. There are several reliable bike levers available in the market. However, they can be grouped into two broad categories:

Drop-Bar Brake Levers

  • Cross-top (Interrupter) levers – Unlike levers mounted on the drops, these brake levers are clamped onto the drop-bar. Although they can work alone (not recommended), they can be used in conjunction with integrated levers and other standard drop-bar brake levers.
  • Integrated levers - These are a combination of shifters and brake levers into one mechanism. Braking is actuated when you pull the lever towards the bar while pushing it to the side actuates the derailleur.
  • Standard drop-bar levers – These brake levers are the most common and come in many different styles and shapes. Their design accommodates accessibility to the levers when your hands are either on the top portion of the handlebars (riding the hoods) or on the lower portion of the handlebars (in the drops).

Upright or Flat-Bar Brake Levers

  • Short-pull brake levers – These levers have a short distance between the end of the cables and the pivot point. As a result, they pull a shorter length of cable when you move the lever. They are ideal for Cantilever Brakes and Road Caliper Brakes.
  • Long-pull brake levers – These levers have a great distance between the end of the cable and the pivot point. This results in pulling a longer cable length when you move the lever. They are optimal for Disc Brakes and V-Brakes.
  • Flat-Bar levers – These types of brake levers are sometimes clamped on the same mounting bracket that holds the shifter.

Regardless of the type of bike part you require bike levers bike riders should ensure they are safe.

Here at Velomio, you can find a collection of some of the best bike brake levers for you to compare.

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