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Finding cycling body armor is an important task. Follow this guide and comparison to find the best deal.
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Body Armor

Cycling is a safe sporting activity, but it is possible to get into terrible accidents. To help reduce the effect in cycling accidents, riders need to invest in protective body armor. It is better to be safe than sorry and nursing an injury. At Velomio we suggest all serious riders have body armor.

Riding a mountain bike is a rough high-speed sport over challenging terrain. To reduce the risk of injury, it is important to wear body armor. It not only protects you from injury but also boosts your confidence when riding. Keep in mind that body armor does not offer you absolute protection from injury. Ideal body armor protects you in minor accidents and minimizes injury in major ones.

Types of Body Armor

At Velomio, body armor comes in 4 types depending on its coverage area. These are the torso, spine only, full-upper body, and torso with short sleeves. A spine or back shield offers protection to your spine in major accidents. Full-upper body armor is an ideal body armor Mtb as it protects the full length of your arms. Torso armor consists of a layer of padding that protects your chest, spine, and collarbone areas. Torso armor with short sleeves adds protection to your upper arms and has plastic shoulder caps.

What is the Ideal Amount of Body Armor?

The amount of body armor Mtb to wear depends on where you are riding your bike and the overhead weather. As a start, you need to find a balance between comfort and protection. You can wear a full-face helmet, goggles, back shield, gloves, elbow, and knee guards. This is a good combination though may be uncomfortable when riding in warm or hot weather. Wearing all this body armor may boost your confidence when riding.

As you gain self-confidence, you can reduce wearing what keeps you comfortable instead. You can opt for a helmet, full-finger gloves, knee pads, and goggles. You can find all these lightweight and comfortable gear at

What to Look for in Mountain Biking Body Armor

As a new mountain biker, you find mountain biking fun and amazing. With this comes the other side of biking which involves falling on the hard ground and other accidents. You may wonder why you should wear all the protective gear while other riders wear just the necessary ones. To adequately protect yourself you will need some of these.

Full upper body armor though restrictive is important to avoid chest and back injuries. A back shield from Velomio falls under this category. Look for one which is slim, flexible, and covers your chest, spine, and shoulders. For elbow and knee pads, you should get ones that cover the areas and sticks to the areas they cover.

How to Find Ideal Body Armor Using Velomio

Many global cities are getting rid of motor traffic in favor of cycling on roads. As a result, sales of cycling gear are at an all-time high. Before buying any gear, do some research and read product reviews. Velomio cycling equipment has great reviews.

Our body armor prices are competitive, and you have a wide range of items to select from. Our cycling armor combines the latest technologies, materials, and protection to keep you safe as you ride your bike at any level.

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