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Bike rims are some of the most important components of a bike. At Velomio, we let you compare every rim on the market to find the one for your needs.
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Shopping Settings | bike rim Mavic Shopping Settings
from: 44 gbp
Shopping Settings | bike rim H Plus Son Shopping Settings
from: 65 gbp
Spank SPIKE Race 33 MTB Rim | bike rim Spank Spike Race 33
from: 46 gbp
WTB KOM Tough i25 TCS Rim | bike rim WTB KOM Tough TCS
from: 50 gbp
Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim | bike rim Spank 350
from: 81 gbp
DT Swiss RR 411 Asymmetric 18mm Road Rim | bike rim DT Swiss RR 411 Asymmetric 18mm
from: 66 gbp
WTB KOM Light i21 TCS Rim | bike rim WTB KOM Light TCS
from: 54 gbp
DT Swiss RR 511 18mm Road Rim | bike rim DT Swiss RR 511 18mm
from: 62 gbp
Mavic Open Pro 21 UST Road Rim | bike rim Mavic Open Pro 21 UST
from: 77 gbp
Prime BlackEdition 60 Carbon Disc Road Rim | bike rim Prime BlackEdition 60
from: 187 gbp
Stans No Tubes Arch MK4 Rim | bike rim Stan's NoTubes Arch MK4
from: 105 gbp
Stans No Tubes Crest MK4 Rim | bike rim Stan's NoTubes Crest MK4
from: 109 gbp
Spank Oozy Trail 395+ MTB Rim | bike rim Spank Oozy Trail 395+
from: 85 gbp
Specialized Traverse SL 27.5" 6 Bolt Disc Rear Wheel | bike rim Specialized Traverse SL 27.5 6
from: 650 gbp
Mavic Open Sport Road Rim | bike rim Mavic Open Sport
from: 25 gbp
DT Swiss R 460 Road Rim (18mm) | bike rim DT Swiss R 460
from: 35 gbp
Shopping Settings | bike rim Time Shopping Settings
from: 55 gbp
Spank Flare 24 OC Vibrocore Rim | bike rim Spank Flare 24 OC Vibrocore
from: 88 gbp
Specialized Traverse SL 29" 6 Bolt Disc Front Wheel | bike rim Specialized Traverse SL 29 6
from: 650 gbp
Enve 7.8 SES Clincher Disc Road Rim | bike rim Enve 7.8 SES
from: 1,000 gbp
Halo Devaura Disc 700c Aero Road Rim | bike rim Halo Devaura 700c Aero
from: 55 gbp
WTB CZR i23 TCS 2.0 Rim | bike rim WTB CZR TCS 2.0
from: 390 gbp
Stans NoTubes Arch MK4 Rim | bike rim Stan's NoTubes Stans NoTubes Arch MK4
from: 111 gbp
Roval Alpinist CLX - Front Hvid Logo | bike rim Roval Alpinist CLX
from: 1,045 gbp

Bike Rims

This bike component makes up the outer circular design of your bike’s wheel. The inside edge of your bike’s tire mounts on the rim. Essentially, it is a large hoop that attaches to the outer ends of your bike’s wheel spokes. It also holds the wheel’s tube and tire. 

The type of rims you use will have a significant effect on your bike’s ability to absorb impacts. It will also affect your bike’s speed. Instead of going round in circles when shopping for the right rims for your bike, you should consider some of the comparisons Velomio offers.

Choosing the Right Bike Rim for your Bike 

If you want to add style, stability, and speed to your bicycle, you need to invest in a new pair of bike rims. Choosing the right kind of rims, however, is a complicated business. Velomio urges you to consider the following:

  • What type of braking system would you prefer?
  • Are you looking for bike rims 26-inches, 28-inches, 27.5-inches, 24-inches, 29-inches, or 20-inches?
  • What is the rim depth you are you are looking for?
  • What type of cycling do you normally do?
  • How much money are you planning to spend? 

You also need to consider other features such as the type or model of bike rim, weight, and other characteristics. 

If you have a trail or road bike, for example, you should go for lightweight and stiff rims that will minimize rotational weight. This will help you use less effort to go faster. However, you will also find deep-section bike rims that will give you an aerodynamic advantage.

High-energy disciplines like downhill or BMX racing require bike rims that are wide and strong enough to ensure considerable punishment without damage. For more information about the different comparisons of rims that might be perfect for your bike, Velomio is the place to start looking. 

Which Bike Rim is Right for You?

Bicycle rims differ in numerous ways, from construction material and size to their intended use. Choices also range from mid-range aluminum and high-quality budget options to state-of-the-art carbon fiber options with amazing aerodynamic qualities. When shopping for bike rims, therefore, the most important things to consider are the type of cycling you typically engage in and your budget. 

All these factors make it quite difficult to choose the right type of rim for your bike. Fortunately, if you are having a difficult time making a choice, Velomio will give you some great ideas. 

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