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Endura Hummvee Transit Waterproof Trousers - Cykelbukser Herre køb online | bike pants Endura Hummvee
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Endura Singletrack Lite Shorts - Cykelbukser Dame køb online | bike pants Endura Singletrack
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Assos MILLE GT C2 Cykelbukser | bike pants Assos Mille GT
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Endura FS260 Pro cykelbukser - Black L. | bike pants Endura FS260 Pro
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Craft ADV Essence 5 "stretch shorts Damer, sort | bike pants Craft Essence
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Alé Solid Shorts Classico Women 26cm - Sort | bike pants Alé Solid
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Skins Series-1 Shorts Herrer, sort | bike pants SKINS 1
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Assos Women's UMA GT Half Shorts C2 long | bike pants Assos Uma GT
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Endura MT500 Spray Shorts - Cykelbukser Herre | bike pants Endura MT500
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Endura Xtract Biblong. | bike pants Endura Xtract
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FOX Racing Ranger Pant - Cykelbukser Dame | bike pants FOX Ranger
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FOX Racing Defend Pant - Cykelbukser Herre | bike pants FOX Defend
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ALÉ R-EV1 Nordik 2.0 Lange Cykelbukser | bike pants Alé R-EV1
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Endura Xtract Knicker II - Cykelbukser Dame køb online | bike pants Endura Xtract II
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Castelli Unlimited Trail Baggy Short | bike pants Castelli Unlimited
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Altura Progel Plus 3/4 Cargo Womens Tights | bike pants Altura Progel
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100% R-Core Trousers | bike pants 100% R-Core
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Endura Women's Xtract Lite Bib Shorts (500 Series Pad) | bike pants Endura Xtract Lite
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AGU Cykelbuks - Bib - Essential - Med Pude - Sort - M | bike pants AGU Essential
from: 39 gbp
Endurance Gorsk XQL - Cykeltights korte m. seler - Herre - Black - Str. 3XL | bike pants Endurance Gorsk XQL
from: 35 gbp
Rogelli Training - Træningsbukser lang - Sort - Str. S | bike pants Rogelli Træningsbukser
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Castelli Womens Free Aero RC Bib Shorts | bike pants Castelli Aero RC
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Endura Women's MT500 Spray Baggy Short II (Waterproof Rea | bike pants Endura MT500 II
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Giordana Fusion - Bib - Cykelshorts - Dame - Sort - Str. M | bike pants Giordana Fusion
from: 50 gbp

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Castelli Tutto Nano Bib Knicker | bike pants Castelli Tutto Nano
save: 44 % from: 59 gbp
Assos MILLE GT Bib Shorts C2 | bike pants Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts
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Endura Women's GV500 Reiver Bib Shorts | bike pants Endura GV500 Reiver
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Endura Women's Xtract Lite Bib Shorts (500 Series Pad) | bike pants Endura Xtract Lite
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Endura Gv500 Waterproof Shorts | bike pants Endura Gv500
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Endura Xtract Knicker II - Cykelbukser Dame køb online | bike pants Endura Xtract II
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Castelli Entrata Bib Shorts | bike pants Castelli Entrata
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Endura MT500 Spray Baggy II cykelbukser - Black XXL. | bike pants Endura MT500 Baggy II
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Alé K-Tour - Cykelbuks Klimatik med seler og indlæg - Sort - Str. 3XL | bike pants Alé Klimatik
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Sportful Women's Total Comfort Bib Shorts | bike pants Sportful Total Comfort
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ASSOS Equipe RSR Superléger S9 Cykelbukser Herrer, sort | bike pants Assos Equipe RSR Superléger
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Assos Cykelbukser Equipe RS Spring/Fall S9 Bibshorts - Sort | bike pants Assos Equipe RS
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Cycling Pants

Most activities and sports have special kits, and cycling is no exception. Cycling encompasses everything from riding to work to riding to the shop to racing the Tour de France. Therefore, cycling pants is just one part of specialist clothing for cyclists. If you are unsure of how to find the perfect pair, Velomio has written a guide for you.

Special Cycling Clothing 

Of course, you can ride your bike without any specialist clothing. This is something you will not hear often in specialist cycling media. In fact, Velomio is a fan of The World Naked Bike Rides that take part in various cities, this is a show that some individuals are willing to ride without any clothing! If your ride is relatively short and you are not in a hurry, you do not need special cycling gear. 

You might be wondering why cyclists bother with such clothing. The simple answer is comfort. When you are not planning to cycle fast or far, your regular street clothes will do fine, especially when the weather is good. When the weather turns harsh or when you need to cycle for a long distance, you will be much more comfortable in special clothes, such as cycling pants. 

Are Cycling Pants Necessary?

If you know how they work, bike pants can help you have a better cycling experience. Do you ride in running shorts or regular street clothes and wonder if bike pants are a good idea? If you are, then you should know that you are not alone. The process of buying cycling pants, however, can be a bit tough. 

It can be somewhat difficult to walk into a bike shop and ask intimate or embarrassing questions about chafing and friction. There is a reason that racers wear cycling shorts. They allow for more pleasant and comfortable pedaling. Here at Velomio, you will find comparisons of cycling pants that are perfect for you. 

How to Choose the Right Cycling Pants 

There are a variety of cycling pants with different designs and styles on the market. There are cycling pants women should go for, and there are those designed for a man’s body. To choose the perfect cycling pants for you, you first need to decide the type of riding style you plan to do most often. This will help you choose pants designed for that purpose. 

There are so many choices out there due to varying opinions of what is best for the different types of cycling that go on. For example, you will hear different opinions about the best riding pants for commuter riding, mountain biking, trail riding, and road cycling. On the surface, these all appear to be the same; however, the clothing has distinctions that matter.

Are you a fit and serious rider who wants to look lean, or are you a casual rider who simply loves the thrill of cycling? You need to understand the options available on the market to determine the right riding pants for your specific needs.

Some of the most important factors Velomio encourages buyers to consider before making a choice include:

  • Budget: Bike pants can vary greatly in price. Therefore, it is important to set a budget before you go shopping.
  • Type of Padding generally made from a synthetic material or chamois, the padding offers important benefits. However, you should remember that chamois requires more care than synthetic material. The padding also ranges in thickness, with triathlete pants having the thinnest padding to allow athletes to run, bike, and swim in the same pants. 

Another important point to understand is there is a slight difference between cycling pants men’s chamois and chamois for women.

Since they have varying foam densities to address different points of pressure, male and female-specific cycling pants often differ:

  • Baggy or Tight: If most of the cycling you intend to do is fast cycling, consider buying tight-fitting cycling pants. They offer the most aerodynamic and comfortable fit. However, if you spend most of your time off the bike, need pockets, or commute by bicycle; baggy pants are a better idea. 
  • Bib or Waist Band: If you do not want cycling pants with an elastic band, consider buying bib cycling shorts that come with shoulder straps. According to most people, this is the most comfortable style even after hours of riding while bent forward. 
  • Inseam Length: Bike pants come in a wide range of inseam lengths. The shorter cycling shorts are ideal for a triathlon; however, most cyclists prefer a longer inseam that will prevent chaffing of the inner thighs and stay in place. 
  • Number of Panels: Cheaper bike pants usually have fewer panels of fabric. More expensive bike pants, on the other hand, are often form-fitting and can have several panels. 
  • Fabric: Bike pants fabric can be thin or thick, shiny, and sheer, or textured. Before you choose a specific fabric, you need to consider the conditions you ride your bike in most often. Choose the fabric based on your climate. 

Should you Wear Underwear Beneath your Cycling Pants? 

The first thing Velomio wanted to share is that you are not meant to wear underwear under your padded bike pants. The last thing you want is a visible pantie line. Aerodynamic and aesthetic benefits aside, not wearing underwear under your cycling pants has some comfort and hygienic benefits as well. 

The main point of a chamois is to prevent friction and provide a smoother surface. Wearing underwear, therefore, will undo these benefits. Furthermore, manufacturers of chamois design them to trap harmful bacteria. Cotton underwear, however, is not as effective at doing this. 

Finally, humidity, heat, and chafing from cotton underwear make for a soggier and warmer environment. This creates excellent conditions for saddle sores to develop, which can lead to tiny tears in your skin. 

Using Velomio To Find Your Perfect Pair

The first rule of owning cycling pants is not to wear them more than once without giving them a thorough wash. You should wash them after every ride using soap that will not irritate your skin. While washing your bike pants, ensure you put them into the machine inside-out and ensure the chamois gets as much water and soap as possible.

Since you press the fabric into your skin as you cycle, it is important to avoid using any cleaning product with skin irritants. When it comes to drying your cycling pants, most brands recommend line drying. If you do not know where to start your search for the perfect bike pants, Velomio contains some of the best options.

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