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Buying a cycling jacket is a big purchase. Consider the helpful tips of this buyers guide to find you the perfect deal.
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Endura SingleTrack - Black S. | bike jacket Endura Singletrack
save: 60 % from: 48 gbp
Endura Hummvee vandtæt cykeljakke - Black L. | bike jacket Endura Hummvee
save: 50 % from: 40 gbp
AGU Essential Vinterjakke - Sort - Str. L | bike jacket AGU Essential
from: 32 gbp
Assos UMA GT Ultraz Vinter Dame Cykeljakke | bike jacket Assos Uma GT
save: 64 % from: 48 gbp
ASSOS Mille GT Clima Jacket Evo - Cykeljakke Herre | bike jacket Assos Mille GT
save: 58 % from: 74 gbp
Rogelli Essential - Vinterjakke Dame - Blå pink - Str. S | bike jacket Rogelli Essential
from: 53 gbp
Endura Windchill II - Black XL. | bike jacket Endura Windchill II
save: 35 % from: 65 gbp
Castelli Women's Perfetto RoS Jacket | bike jacket Castelli Perfetto RoS
save: 37 % from: 121 gbp
Alé Solid Fondo 2.0 Jacket - Cykeljakke Herre | bike jacket Alé Solid
save: 48 % from: 63 gbp
Rogelli Pesaro 2.0 - Vinterjakke 0-10 grader - Blå - Str. L | bike jacket Rogelli Pesaro 2.0 0-10 grader
from: 47 gbp
Fox Clothing Ranger 2.5L Water Jacket | bike jacket FOX Ranger 2.5Water
save: 44 % from: 48 gbp
Rogelli Infinite - Vinterjakke - Grå sort rød - Str. S | bike jacket Rogelli Infinite
from: 57 gbp
Altura Nevis Nightvision Womens Cycling Jacket | bike jacket Altura Nightvision
save: 39 % from: 37 gbp
Sportful Fiandre Light No Rain Womens Long Sleeve Cycling Jacket | bike jacket Sportful Fiandre Light No
from: 120 gbp
Rogelli Brave - Vinterjakke - Sort grå gul - Str. L | bike jacket Rogelli Brave
from: 60 gbp
Shimano Windflex - Jakke vinter - Sort - Str. 2XL | bike jacket Shimano Windflex
from: 66 gbp
Asics LITE-SHOW Jacket | bike jacket Asics LITE-SHOW
from: 39 gbp
Jack Wolfskin Go Hike Softshell Jacket | bike jacket Jack Wolfskin Go
from: 73 gbp
Craft Essence Light Wind Cykeljakke Dame | bike jacket Craft Essence
from: 59 gbp
Endura MT500JR Kids Waterproof Cycling Jacket | bike jacket Endura MT500
save: 71 % from: 48 gbp
Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket - Cykeljakke Herre | bike jacket Sportful Fiandre Pro
save: 39 % from: 94 gbp
Endurance Verner - Cykel/MTB jakke - Herre - Blue Sapphire - Str. S | bike jacket Endurance Verner
from: 33 gbp
Fox Racing Ranger Wind Jacket | bike jacket FOX Ranger
save: 25 % from: 45 gbp
Salomon Agile SoftShell Jacket | bike jacket Salomon Agile
from: 44 gbp

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Alé Solid Fondo 2.0 Jacket - Cykeljakke Herre | bike jacket Alé Solid
save: 48 % from: 63 gbp
Fox Racing Ranger Fire Cycling Jacket | bike jacket FOX Ranger Fire
save: 24 % from: 79 gbp
Endura Hummvee Lite Womens Waterproof Jacket X Small only | bike jacket Endura Hummvee Lite
from: 45 gbp
Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket - Cykeljakke Herre | bike jacket Sportful Fiandre Pro
save: 39 % from: 94 gbp
Fox Clothing Ranger 2.5L Water Jacket | bike jacket FOX Ranger 2.5Water
save: 44 % from: 48 gbp
Sportful Supergiara Jacket | bike jacket Sportful Supergiara
save: 30 % from: 119 gbp
Castelli Squadra Stretch Jacket | bike jacket Castelli Squadra Stretch
save: 24 % from: 41 gbp
Endura Windchill II - Black XL. | bike jacket Endura Windchill II
save: 35 % from: 65 gbp
Endura Xtract II Jakke - Herre | bike jacket Endura Xtract II
save: 33 % from: 48 gbp
Castelli Women's Perfetto RoS Jacket | bike jacket Castelli Perfetto RoS
save: 37 % from: 121 gbp
Sportful Tempo Jacket - Cykeljakke Dame | bike jacket Sportful Tempo
save: 50 % from: 64 gbp
Endura GV500- Insulated Jacket - Cykeljakke - Oliven Grøn - Str. XL | bike jacket Endura GV500 Insulated
save: 25 % from: 102 gbp

Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets are specially designed jackets meant for wearing while cycling. These jackets keep the cyclist warm and dry. Cycling jackets use modern synthetic fabrics to do so. Additionally, a key specialty of a cycling jacket is that it is cut as per the human body’s position while cycling.

There are cycling jackets for both men, and women. You can search for those by using simple terms such as cycling jackets men and cycling jackets women on Velomio.

What are the Features of Cycling Jackets?

Cycling jackets mainly differ from typical jackets in terms of their cut ergonomics and material. However, there are several subtler differences:

  1. Cycling jackets have a longer “drop tail”. This protects your backside from the rear wheel’s spray in wet conditions.
  2. A cycling jacket is highly likely to have a waterproof and zipper pocket to keep the keys or other essential items.
  3. They have high collars that prevent the wind chill.
  4. Storm flaps might be present on all the zips and pockets to keep the water out.
  5. Cycling jackets can contain hand-warming pockets and removable hoods or sleeves.
  6. Sealed seams and air vents to let your body cool down are both common in cycling jackets.

The bottom line is that cycling jackets are designed to be the perfect wear and weatherproofing for cyclists. And at Velomio, we test and review the jackets on all these qualities and parameters, so you only have to choose from the best of the lot.

What Are the Different Types of Cycling Jackets?

There are a couple of major cycling jacket types: racing and MTB.

  • Racing jackets are more stylized, have a tighter fitting, and a more aerodynamic cut.
  • MTB or casual cycling jackets are more general and closer to normal jackets.

Racing jackets, thanks to their tightness, are not recommended for general use. They are supposed to be used while racing only. They also limit you as per what you can wear as a base layer. Thicker base layers will be more difficult to wear under racing cycling jackets.

Apart from this major distinction, you will find a few more types of cycling jackets out there. Let us have a look at some common types.

Waterproof cycling jackets: As the name suggests, these are fully waterproof cycling jackets, and you can carry essentials such as monitoring devices or your phone with yourself. These are more premium. Waterproof jackets include a special layer called “DRW” or Durable Water Repellency. This outermost layer enables you to cycle through the worst conditions including rain and snow. Velomio reviews the best affordable waterproof jackets for cyclists – check our product comparisons.

Rainproof shells have a fabric that repels light showers. These are not meant for the winter. These are more summer or autumn-friendly options that you put on or pack alongside just in case. You have more options to wear as the mid- or baselayer with a rainproof shell.

Lastly, softshell cycling jackets are both, water-resistant and windproof. They typically have a warm fleece inner and smooth outer fabric. They fit loose, are more breathable than waterproof jackets, and warmer than rainproof shells. They are a more general-purpose jacket than others.

Staying Dry with a Cycling Jacket on

Staying dry is one of the most important considerations for cyclists who visit Velomio. Longer races can take a toll on your body and too much moisture buildup can hamper your performance, not to mention it can also make things quite uncomfortable.

Not all cycling jackets will keep you dry under all conditions. It is important to stay dry and cooled off while cycling for long durations or while racing.

Many jackets come with special features such as removable sleeves, armpit zippers, or backside yoke vents to let cool air in.

Breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex and eVENT are fairly new fabrics that keep the rain out but enable your body moisture to evaporate. These materials make for a great range of lightweight and effective jackets that better manage to keep you dry.

You need to strike the perfect balance between waterproofing and evaporation for the best experience.

Features to look out for

There are many features that cycling jackets come with. Knowing these will help you make a more informed decision based on your requirements or weather conditions you usually cycle in. When looking at Velomio, closely compare the following:

  1. Waterproofing: This is perhaps the most important quality. Waterproof jackets are rated based on two factors – waterproofing (the ability to repel rain) and breathability (water vapor transmission rate). The more waterproofing a jacket has, the less water vapor transmission rate it will have and vice versa.
  2. Lining: Jackets can be lined or unlined. Lining usually adds weight to the jacket but allows the fabric to breathe more. There are also half-lined jackets.
  3. Mesh layer: Some jackets (especially waterproof ones) come with a middle mesh layer between your body and the exterior. This mesh helps prevent moisture buildup.

There are many more features all with their separate benefits: high collars, thermally welded, laser-cut, fleece-lined collars, storm flaps, and so on.

What features you need in your ideal cycling jacket are solely determined by the weather conditions and your comfort.

Velomio Can Help You Find the Right Jacket

Cycling jackets are of many types. Cycling jackets for men and cycling jackets for women differ but only marginally. The major distinction among these jackets is in the racing and non-racing variants.

Knowing what jacket, you need is a straightforward process. You need to understand your priorities and then use our cycling jacket buying guide above to figure out which type will suit you best.

Velomio specializes in reviewing cycling jackets as per the requirements of cyclists. Peruse through our selection to find the top deals online!

Pro tip: If you are going to be cycling during early dawn or dusk when visibility is low, go for a jacket that is light-colored or highly visible.

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