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Cycling gloves differ from traditional gloves in a few unique ways. Read our buying guide and expert product comparison to find the right pair for you.
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GripGrab Ride Waterproof Hi-Vis - Winter Gloves | bike glove GripGrab Ride
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GripGrab ProGel cykelhandsker - Black - L. | bike glove GripGrab Progel
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Endura FS260-Pro Nemo Glove II Black | bike glove Endura FS260-Pro
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Endura Kids Hummvee II Gloves Black | bike glove Endura Hummvee
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GripGrab Shark Woman | bike glove GripGrab Shark
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GripGrab Windster. | bike glove GripGrab Windster
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GripGrab Aerolite InsideGrip - Bike Gloves | bike glove GripGrab Aerolite
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FOX Head Ranger - Kid's MTB Gloves | bike glove FOX Ranger
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GripGrab WorldCup - Bike Gloves | bike glove GripGrab WorldCup
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Endura Strike Glove. | bike glove Endura Strike
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GripGrab SuperGel. | bike glove GripGrab Supergel
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GripGrab Hurricane - Midseason Gloves | bike glove GripGrab Hurricane
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Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves | bike glove Troy Lee Designs Air
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Endura SingleTrack Windproof Gloves Navy | bike glove Endura Singletrack
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OnGear - Cykelhandske - MTB - Sort - L | bike glove On Gear OnGear
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Bontrager Velocis - Large | bike glove Bontrager Velocis
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Specialized Men's Trail-Series Thermal Gloves cykelhandske - Sort | bike glove Specialized Trail
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Endura Women's Hummvee Lite Icon Gloves | bike glove Endura Hummvee Lite
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GripGrab Aero TT - Cykelhandske - Hvid - Str. M | bike glove GripGrab Aero TT
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100% Brisker MTB Gloves | bike glove 100% Brisker
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GORE® WEAR C5 GORE® WINDSTOPPER® - Gloves | bike glove Gore Wear C5
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Endura Windchill Glove HiViz Yellow | bike glove Endura Windchill
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100% Airmatic - Gloves | bike glove 100% Airmatic
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Ranger Gel Handsker Herrer, farverig/orange | bike glove FOX Ranger Gel
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Endura Women's Hummvee Lite Icon Gloves | bike glove Endura Hummvee Lite
save: 45 % from: 10 gbp
Endura SingleTrack Windproof Gloves Navy | bike glove Endura Singletrack
save: 44 % from: 15 gbp
Altura Nightvision Windproof Gloves | bike glove Altura Nightvision
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Altura Liner Gloves | bike glove Altura Liner
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Pearl Izumi Elite Gel - Women's Bike Gloves | bike glove Pearl Izumi Elite Gel
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GripGrab Aerolite InsideGrip - Bike Gloves | bike glove GripGrab Aerolite
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Giro Siv cykelhandsker | bike glove Giro Siv
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Giro Monaco II Gel - Gloves | bike glove Giro Monaco II Gel
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Endura Women's Xtract Lite Mitts | bike glove Endura Xtract Lite
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Fox Dirtpaw Kids Gloves Black/White | bike glove FOX Dirtpaw
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Altura Airstream Cycling Gloves | bike glove Altura Airstream
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Cycling Gloves

At Velomio we know cycling gloves are important for cyclists. These gloves help soak up the sweat that trickles down from the arms or the moisture that builds up as a result of the grip. Keeping the hands dry is critical to good cycling. In extension, cycling gloves help the cyclist have a safe grip on the handlebars.

Some cycling gloves come with padded palms. This padding provides more comfort, but the primary benefit is the cushioning you receive. The vibrations as a result of cycling can be mitigated to some degree with padded cycling gloves. In some conditions, it can be vital for safety, control, and performance. Therefore, reading this guide from Velomio will be greatly beneficial.

When to Wear Cycling Gloves?

Some cyclists, from amateur to pro levels, avoid gloves altogether for that “feel” of the handlebars. Although it is perfectly understandable, a pair of cycling gloves does provide some mechanical improvement when cycling, mostly in terms of keeping your hands dry and increasing stability.

Grip and crash protection are vital for any cyclist and cycling gloves, in conjunction with other items, provide wholesome protection on those fronts.

There are also times when gloves improve the control of your cycling – especially true with silicone grip ones.

What Makes a Good Cycling Glove?

  1. Good cycling gloves keep drying your hands. They do it quickly. Keeping the moisture away ensures a better grip on the handlebars.
  2. The padding in cycling gloves helps mitigate the vibrations, which in turn increases your riding stability.
  3. If your hands go numb, cold, or sweaty during cycling, then gloves are a must for you.
  4. Good cycling gloves fit snug but do not restrict the movement of your fingers and palms. Avoid tight cycling gloves.
  5. Cycling gloves need to be comfortable to wear, breathable, and slightly warm.
  6. Windy, rainy, or cold conditions require thicker cycling glovers with plenty of padding.

Here at Velomio, we put a large variety of cycling gloves to test. We review the most important qualities that cycling gloves should have to give you the best comparison.

Use Velomio To Find a Great pair of Cycling Gloves

There are many cycling gloves to choose from. Running queries such as cycling gloves winter, cycling gloves men, or cycling gloves women will give you the best results on Velomio. Our comparison site works solely on testing. We thoroughly test a great variety of cycling gloves on parameters such as performance, comfort, breathability, padding, and moisture-wicking quality.

Cycling gloves come in multiple types: lightweight, short finger, windproof, etc. Pick what suits you the most.

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