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The bike frame bags allow a rider to store something effortlessly on the portion of the bike’s frame. Velomio can help you find the ideal bike frame bags.  
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Blackburn Steltaske Outpost Frame Bag - Large | bike frame bag Blackburn Outpost
from: 52 gbp
Topeak Fuel Tank Taske - Medium | bike frame bag Topeak Fuel Tank
from: 0 gbp
AGU Venture Overrørstaske Small Sort | bike frame bag AGU Venture
from: 29 gbp
PRO Discover Team Gravel Steltaske | bike frame bag Pro Discover
from: 54 gbp
EVOC Multi Frame Pack M, grå | bike frame bag Evoc Multi
from: 21 gbp
ABUS STELTASKE ORYDE ST 2200 | bike frame bag Abus ORYDE ST 2200
from: 0 gbp
AGU Venture Steltaske Large Vintage | bike frame bag AGU Venture Vintage
from: 22 gbp
Topeak Midloader Steltaske 3 L | bike frame bag Topeak Midloader 3
from: 34 gbp
AGU Venture Steltaske Large Blå/Armagnac | bike frame bag AGU Venture Armagnac
from: 22 gbp
Birzman Packman Travel Top Tube Pack | bike frame bag Birzman Packman Travel
from: 23 gbp
Brooks Scape Frame Bag Large | Tredz Bikes | bike frame bag Brooks England Scape Tredz
from: 50 gbp
Giant H2Pro Frame Bag Stel Taske - Medium | bike frame bag Giant H2Pro
from: 49 gbp
Restrap CarryEverything Steltaske Medium | bike frame bag Restrap CarryEverything
from: 52 gbp
Specialized Fjällräven Frame Bag | Tredz Bikes | bike frame bag Specialized Fjällräven Tredz
from: 50 gbp
Abus Oryde ST 2250 Steltaske | bike frame bag Abus Oryde ST 2250
from: 0 gbp
Ortlieb Frame-Pack Toptube | bike frame bag Ortlieb Toptube
from: 93 gbp
XLC Taske Til Overrør - Rask-Cykler | bike frame bag XLC Rask-Cykler
from: 30 gbp
Abus Basico ST 5200 Steltaske | bike frame bag Abus Basico ST 5200
from: 0 gbp
Topeak Fastfuel Drybag X, Overrørstaske | bike frame bag Topeak Fastfuel Drybag
from: 29 gbp
Giant H2Pro Frame Bag | Tredz Bikes | bike frame bag Giant H2Pro Tredz
from: 40 gbp
Apidura X Canyon Top Tube Pack | bike frame bag Canyon Apidura
from: 64 gbp
Ortlieb Frame-Pack RC Toptube | bike frame bag Ortlieb RC Toptube
from: 96 gbp
Vaude Cruiser cykeltaske til stel | bike frame bag Vaude Cruiser
from: 21 gbp
ABUS 2200 Oryde steltaske | bike frame bag Abus 2200 Oryde
from: 29 gbp

Bike Frame Bags

Bike frame bags from Velomio come in various shapes and sizes. The design they employ is to fit different portions of your bike’s frame. For instance, the small triangular bike frame bag fits neatly between your bike’s top and seat tube. With this in mind, there are some factors to consider when looking for bike frame bags bike.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Bike Frame Bikes

Finding an ideal bike frame bag may be a headache especially if you do not know what to look out for. Among the things to think about are bag width, color, number of pockets and zips, frame attachments, and many more. If you are new in the business, here are some things to consider:

Width of Bag

The width of bike frame bags MTB is important especially if it is to fit comfortably between your knees when riding. An empty bike frame bag commonly has a width of 8 centimeters when empty.

Where to Fit on Frame

Among the first things to think about is whether you want the bag to fit along with the frame of your bike. The two options that you have are either half or full-frame bike frame bags bike. Most mountain bikes fit well with full-frame bags. Full frame bags have large additional space where you can carry a water bottle if you want. Half-frame bags fit a portion of the frame of your bike leaving space for you to use the bottle cages.

Pockets and Zips

To elevate your experience with bike frame bags, you need to find the ideal combination of pockets and zips, these are:

  • Single zip – This bag has one large compartment with a zip. This has the advantage of fitting both your relatively large and small items. 
  • Double zip – This bag has 2 compartments with a divider on the horizontal side. It is ideal if you want to keep your items in separate compartments. 
  • Flat map Pocket – This is an additional feature to both the single and double zip frame bags. The flat map pocket is ideal for keeping maps and other slim objects like your smartphone. Most people doing bike packing use maps to navigate. 

All these bags and more are available at Velomio. You can select from the wide range of colors and materials to find what best suits your bike frame bags bike needs. 

When doing your research, you need to visit Velomio with all your bike frame bags MTB questions.

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