Bontrager - Ion Pro RT Flare RT2 Lightset 1300 90 Lumen

Bontrager Ion Pro RT / Flare RT2 Lightset - 1300/90 Lumen | Light Set
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Light Set
Introducing the Bontrager Ion Pro RT and Flare RT2 Lightset is the ultimate smart light set that you can control from your devices. The front Bontrager Ion Pro RT, is a light with a massively bright output, with 1300 Lumens, giving you to ability to ride day or night, whatever the weather. At the rear is the Flare RT2, featuring 90 lumens of lighting power, it can be seen from upto 2km away out on the road. The compact design, is entirely waterproof with its USB seals to prevent water getting in. It features an integrated light sensor, where the light will auto adjust to the brightness surrounding you.
145 GBP